Blog2010 ≫ Are we due some big style snow?

Sounds like we might be snowed in over xmas... will we make it to Uncle Bob's?

Both mums are warning of big snow any time soon, though BBC weather says no. Clare's mum and my my both think we will be snowed in over christmas and should not travel! This will seriously mess with plans.

Right now BBC is saying heavy rain (6 degrees), Sunny (-2), Light rain (3), White Cloud (2), and White cloud (4) for the next five days, BBC also says the odds of a white christmas are still 4/1, but that was on Monday. All sounds a bit vague and wooly anyway:

Monday 20 December 2010 to Sunday 26 December 2010 More of the same

The pressure pattern remains the same: High pressure to our north; low pressure to our south with a resultant northeasterly airflow. So still cold. With frost by night, severe where snow lies and lasting all day for large parts of the UK. Quite a few snow showers are indicated this week leaving a few centimetres wherever they fall. Models suggest at least average (rainfall equivalent) snowfall wherever you live but I think the wind direction will determine where significant falls occur. Sunshine should be above expectations in western Britain so you can assume that snowfall will be rare in the same areas.

As for this week's weather:

Confidence is rising that on Thursday night significant snow will fall in eastern England and during Friday significant snow is possible in Northern Ireland, Wales and western England.

So this may affect our plans to be in London this weekend, though we have already booked the hotel and I could really do with doing a bit more shopping! Looking forward to Uncle Bob's. I see Thee Faction1 are playing live, as suspected despite the pseudonyms it is Billy Reeves (who you will hear doing traffic alerts as you drive near London) out of off of theaudience, inventor of Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Where was I? Oh yeah weather. I blame it for me having trouble starting our car this morning. Maybe it's time to sign up for some breakdown cover? Will it cover me for extreme snow affects?

Here is Thee Faction on video so you can sign along at Uncle Bob's:

💬 Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception

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