Blog2011 ≫ Lovely weekend, with snow

Great to have the day off Friday and make a nice long weekend with mum and dad. We did have snow, several times, though only wet slushy flurries really.

Friday Morning the boy went off to nursery just fine, no upset at all. I took him on my own while Clare got on with household chores. We had a little gift for his key person Emma at nursery, so the boy was primed with what to say as he handed it over. When we got there he thought about it for a while, what am I supposed to say, is it "yes please", is it "sorry"? He settled on "Happy Birthday", which everyone loved. It's not just me, he really is the loveliest boy in the world and everything he does is just great.

Mum and Dad got here without getting stuck in any snow, they did see some on the hill somewhere though. They brought us A LOT more presents than we sent them back with, the boy will truly be deluged with gifts this year.

Friday night Clare and I went out for a meal with NCT friends, while Mum and Dad sat in. A shame to have to do this, but we don't really get many opportunities to go out at all so this worked out well. Saturday we went to Canterbury and had lunch in Wagamama. Was nice to wonder around, without pressure of shopping. Canterbury was unsurprisingly very busy indeed. We did the park and ride for the first time in ages, we really should try and do this every time to do our bit to unclog the city centre.

Saturday tea was a treat, a chinese takeaway. This is a rarity, kind of. I have probably had three in the last six weeks, though on average I only have one or two a year. When we lived in New Cross I think I used to have this two or three times a week...

Mum and Dad brought me a box of old comics, including my 2000ad issue one. Shame it's still not worth anything, but nice to see some of my old treasures again, including a load of signed comics. I have some original sketches somewhere. I might try and frame these comics, if I can do it in some way that stops them fading, so at least I can enjoy them on the walls. Question is, will Clare allow me to actually hang them anywhere? Probably not.

We watched Strictly Come Dancing for most of Saturday night, Clare's choice. Then I fell asleep during the last episode of The Killing. I am caught up now. We called that outcome at a very early stage (among many incorrect predictions). Still not sure why exactly Bilal did what he did though, I must look it up.

Sunday we ate again, a big cooked dinner, and it was nice. Shame to not see mum and dad again over christmas this year, but we will try and skype while the boy is opening his presents. After lunch we had a kids party at The Grand hotel, I think I got some OK photos1, though also the camera broke, a little button popped out, and if I can't find it and fix it then I'm nto sure I can use all of the cameras features...

Super frosty this morning, if it had been this cold and frosty during the precipitation, we'd have had a white weekend for sure.

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