PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ JJ72 Live at Bath Moles

An REVIEW, from an PUNTER, Graham Pancott...

For a band of JJ72's rising stature in the music press, this gig is surprising low key. However, you just can't hide from the abundance of talent that will no doubt burst on to the scene and blossom sooner rather than later.

Tonight it is evident that JJ72 HAVE got what it takes. From the singer's soaring effeminate voice to the bass players heaving bossom, everything about them oozes class.

Opener and recent single Snow shimmers along beautifully before exploding into a raucous chorus of 'Why won't it snow?'. OK the lyrics leave something to be desired, but you'd kill to be able to write a melody like that. 'Oxygen' and new single 'Long Way South' follow effortlessly, spinning into the realms of lost loves and teenage angst.

And that voice - it has to be heard to be believed, but its a killer. The show draws to a close with new track 'Undercover Angel' and debut single 'October Swimmer'. Both combine exquisite song writing with energy and gusto throughout the performance. And yes, the guy does think he's Thom Yorke, he's got the voice, he's got the look, and he's got the lyrics. So does the world really need another band like this? Well on the evidence of tonight, Yes. It's the songs that shine through and that's what REALLY counts...

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Wed May 24 2000

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