Blog2018 ≫ Swimming is going to get easier soon...

Swimming tonight, first time of number one son being in the lengths. This is the competitive bit, no more lessons, just improving and racing. He doesn't want to do this and we don't want to push it, BUT we have already paid up to the end of term. So slightly longer sessions for the next two times (today and Thursday) where we have one lesson at 6 and then another lesson at twenty past. But then next week is half term, so no swimming for a while, and then he's not going back after half term. So just a single lesson, which we can take turns to go to. Only one boy to shout into his clothes in the changing rooms from then on! What club will he pick next? Something cheap I hope.

Oh also something that doesn't need a 5am registration hopefully. I will be queueing outside the sports centre at this time - in the snow no doubt - again this week.

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