Black Christmas

Black Christmas

Move over Christina Aguilera and Cliff Richard with your rubbish festive schmaltz - The Benson are coming...

DJ Scissorkicks is producing Ten Benson's forthcoming platter, and in a move that's sure to shake the shelves of Woolies, it's going to be a Christmas Single.

The tracks are "Black Snow", featuring "evil Sabbath-esque riffs" and "lyrics about an evil xmas where black snow was all around"), frosty love song "Snowman and Snowgirl" and a cover of the Plastic Ono Band's "Listen, The Snow Is Falling".

"Don't let the Xmas theme put you off" says Scissorkicks, "it's rocking!"

💬 Spearmint

💬 Camdemonium

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Thu Oct 19 2000

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