Suede and "suede" related stuff, including venues, pubbing, gigs and posts about suede.If you have anything to offer regarding suede that I have not covered here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding my family tree, local pubs or other places, home automation suede experiments, home brew, ale, or cider. Cheers.

Fan club gig, played the new album, then a hits set, then a "wheel of fortune" set including best songs "My Dark Star" and "The Living Dead"... Camden, London NW1 8QP [2002-07-16 2002]

Suede are playing their first three albums back to back over three successive nights, ace! We're going to the first two...
Suport comes from Chapel Club.
Stockwell Road, Brixton, London SW9 9SL [2011-05-19 2011]

Suede, Public Enemy, Bodycount Bootsy Collins, George Clinton Warren G? The Verve, Bob Dylan, Faith No More, The Wedding Present, Terrorvision, The Fall Longmarston, Stratford Upon Avon [1995-07-14 1995]

Another fan club job I think. Not in the fan club, but someone got me in. 275 - 277 Pentonville Road, London N1 [2002-09-03 2002]

XFM related show. Leicester Square, London [1999-08-09 1999]

Suede, REM, Radiohead, and The Darkness opening the main stage on the Friday morning... Worthy Farm, Somerset [2003-06-26 2003]

Plus Suede and Divine Comedy. It booted it down with rain, but we had a great time. Lancashire County Cricket Club, Talbot Road, Manchester M16 0PX [2002-07-10 2002]

Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler, weren't they in a band together before? One of the NME gigs, support included The Magic Numbers I think but we stayed in the pub and missed them all. 157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN 020 7434 9592 [2005-02-16 2005]

Teenage Cancer Trust gig. The long awaited Suede Reunion, without Bernard Butler though unfortunately. Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AP [2010-03-24 2010]

Last gig ever! Played some great sets, the gig seemingly got chopped short, we left to the ghostly strains of We'll Meet Again... I hope we do.

UPDATE: we did, Suede reformed.
157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN 020 7434 9592 [2003-12-13 2003]

MTV Five Night Stand, would have been a few other bands on the bill... broadcast on MTV from May 17 to May 23, 1999. Shepherds Bush Green, London W12 8TT [1999-05-09 1999]

Suede Holiday (part 2) Friday daytime we walked back in to town again via loads of brilliant charity shops near... [Wed 30 August 2017]

Do old copies of NME and Melody Maker ever sell on ebay? I have a MASSIVE stack of NME and Melody Maker here, what do I do with them I see a tonne of... [Mon 12 January 2015]

Round up of the best London pubs Saving this one for later , 's ten best craft beer pubs in London. So not all... [Thu 30 January 2014]

My top ten artists of 2013 Hmm according to my listening log on anyway ☠ Belle and Sebastian ☠... [Thu 2 January 2014]

Suede charity barfly gig Suede are doing a charity gig at the Barfly . Back in the day I'd have been in there like a... [Wed 27 February 2013]

The final countdown Today is the last day of January abstinence... [Fri 27 January 2012]

Wear your old band t-shirt to work day It's Wear your old band t-shirt to work day tomorrow, I think all of mine are in the loft. All... [Thu 1 December 2011]

Lol Tolhurst is back for this Cure show A different lineup of the band for each album, reflecting how the band were at the time. I'm not... [Fri 30 September 2011]

RE: Also on the topic of Phoenix 1995 Hi Pauly hope you are very well, if you have chance to get in touch, it would be great to catch... [Sun 11 September 2011]

Also on the topic of Phoenix 1995 It was missing from my gigography but I remembered being there so did a bit of research and... [Sun 11 September 2011]

Suede copyright infringement Bah We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from... [Wed 17 August 2011]

Mark is selling comics: IN OTHER NEWS I am going through one of my periodic COMICS PURGES over on Ebay at the moment,... [Tue 31 May 2011]

Some Suede videos from the shows we went to Not watched any of these yet: Moving : Black Or Blue My Dark Star This... [Tue 24 May 2011]

A Suede holiday Two days in London, lovely [Mon 23 May 2011]

Yeah that's where we were hiding from the Rapture Did it happen or not? I'm not sure, how would we know? We were up in London for a couple of days... [Mon 23 May 2011]

RE: Best western victoria palace Was this where you went to prepare for Judgement Day? [Sun 22 May 2011]

Best western victoria palace We are there, or rather in an "annexe" nearby. Our room is not good, very small. I will photo... [Thu 19 May 2011]

Richard Herring is in Folkestone on Saturday It's the Christ on a Bike tour, very possibly the last day of it. We would normally go but... [Tue 17 May 2011]

A day of proper work Been optimising my sql today, exciting stuff. Yet again I have found you get better performance... [Mon 16 May 2011]

Plant Fair at Dover White Cliffs Clare is working the plant fair today, well counting the takings in the back room or something,... [Sat 7 May 2011]

Cool Suede reissues Nice lot of extra trackson these! [Tue 8 March 2011]

Badger and apple sauce Saw a badger, and Harry is talking A LOT now. [Thu 27 January 2011]

Just bought me 2 tickets for Suede at Brixton There's a presale link up on the official website, GET IN! [Wed 26 January 2011]

I thought 10 O'Clock Live was great ooh and the Suede / Brixton Academy news is out! [Fri 21 January 2011]

Cage Against The Machine BUY IT! [Mon 13 December 2010]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history I can confirm that Jimi Hendrix played at the small club near the top of what we knew as Grace... [Sun 17 October 2010]

Suede are back Not going to the O2 to see Suede , I'm not planning on going back there until the Smiths... [Thu 22 April 2010]

haha glad you're paying attention Kez spotted this too... [Mon 12 April 2010]

RE: Full audio of that Suede gig at the Royal Albert Hall 400th!!!! Pops [Sun 11 April 2010]

Full audio of that Suede gig at the Royal Albert Hall Here, to download. Plus Magic Numbers. [Sat 10 April 2010]

One off reunion for charity my arse Suede are playing a Danish festival . And it's not Roskilde : smukfest , skanderborg,... [Wed 31 March 2010]

The Living Dead / Brett Anderson / Suede / Royal Albert Hall / Teenager Cancer Trust gig My bootleg video from the crowd... [Sat 27 March 2010]

I went out two nights in a row! Suede Teenage Cancer Trust gig @ Royal Albert Hall rocked. [Thu 25 March 2010]

Might have a spare Suede ticket for tomorrow night Please RT [Tue 23 March 2010]

That's a good set list I get the feeling it should be a longer set at the Albert Hall though anyway. [Mon 22 March 2010]

RE: NME review of the Suede 100 Club gig What ! No Drowners, Lazy, By the sea. My dark star.........Right, I'm not going. Anyone want my... [Mon 22 March 2010]

NME review of the Suede 100 Club gig Where is your review @emmaelwood ? [Sun 21 March 2010]

Just been offered an Editors ticket Aren't I too old for that sort of thing? Also it's the day before Suede, so not only will this be... [Thu 18 March 2010]

Our Suede tickets are on the way I shouldn't be tracking their progress like this, it's just a gig, but when you only go to one or... [Wed 17 March 2010]

Suede tickets High prices for the suede tickets on ebay already... no sign of the warmup gig tickets yet. [Tue 23 February 2010]

Tickets for the Suede warmup gigs at the 100 Club and Manchester Ritz Fingers crossed at least Clare gets tickets for this, we couldn't both go anyway... DAMN I am so... [Tue 23 February 2010]

Still Suede tickets available Albert Hall / TCT gig, "package" tickets only though [Tue 9 February 2010]

Suede at the Albert Hall tickets Were there really only 100 standing tickets? [Sun 7 February 2010]

Suede Albert Hall gig sold out in 20 minutes apparently The rumour Bernard will be there really might have accelerated things... [Fri 5 February 2010]

Suede tickets on sale now Are they really playing Boston in April? [Wed 3 February 2010]

Suede gig to be at the Royal Albert Hall I have seen another website say this now so I'm happy to repeat it. [Fri 15 January 2010]

Brett Anderson's let himself go Odd choice of picture to illustrate the search result... [Fri 15 January 2010]

Suede reuiniting for one night only ONE NIGHT ONLY??? [Fri 15 January 2010]

Brett Anderson - The Next Life - Live acoustic studio performance 2009 New version of an old Suede song on youtube [Thu 14 January 2010]

"Rumours are circulating that a Suede, sans Bernard, reunion and Albert Hall gig are about to be announced" via @popbitchnews [Thu 14 January 2010]

What bands would you like to see play Folkestone? Interesting and mysterious, someone has a reason for asking in this thread what bands would you... [Fri 28 November 2008]

This page only gets responded to every few months, but I could run a poll on the home page if you're interested... Who should play Folkestone? Who I would like to come to Folkestone (again in some cases): The Cure (ha!) The Magic... [Fri 28 November 2008]

RE: Thanks for chipping in on the site anyway Sorry to jump in but I'm seeing some valuable input here. You're all clearly live music fans so... [Fri 28 November 2008]

Thanks for this Chris, love this gig history Got all of these gigs in the Metronome history page, don't suppose you have the actual dates of... [Wed 26 November 2008]

RE: now all we need is the date... sorry to come to this really late...but the Metronome was a great venue...and indeed, i can... [Wed 26 November 2008]

Glastonbury pictures Thinking about Glastonbury, Mum asked at the weekend if we had any pictures of us there, bearing... [Fri 11 April 2008]

Thanks for chipping in on the site anyway Not been to many gigs in this area myself, only The Darkness and Dirty Pretty Things I think,... [Mon 25 February 2008]

RE: now all we need is the date... Nope, Manics were the only gig I saw there. Rest where all at Canterbury Uni, the Leas and... [Mon 25 February 2008]

now all we need is the date... did you see any other bands there? I've heard of a few others playing there, it was on the indie... [Tue 19 February 2008]

RE: Thanks for that, think it's the Metronome you mean Yip was the Metronome, forgot its name as it was a very short lived venue, pity had a nice... [Tue 19 February 2008]

Thanks for that, think it's the Metronome you mean Have you seen it recently? It's derelict, but been bought by the NHS I think. Still got no idea... [Thu 7 February 2008]

RE: Ride, Verve, Mercury Rev, and The Manics in Folkestone I saw Ride in Folkestone in 1992 , I believe at the Leas, used to have the ticket stub for... [Thu 7 February 2008]

"Caught By The Fuzz" for the "Who were Supergrass, Grandad?" generation Lethal Bizzle 's "Police On My Back" is a bit flippin' good isn't it? Who says I don't like new... [Wed 3 October 2007]

Farewell then The Metronome In the Herald last week it said it's opening as some sort of medical / health centre. Where now... [Thu 22 February 2007]

Ride, Verve, Mercury Rev, and The Manics in Folkestone Hmm, bit more gig history confusion... This Ride gigography says Ride played Folkestone on... [Thu 30 March 2006]

What bands did you see there Bruce, anyone good? [Sat 19 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history Wasn't Tofts nearly opposite the old Gasworks on Bournemouth Rd just west of the Scew(sp?) Arches... [Fri 18 November 2005]

This is great, I don't suppose you have any memorabilia from that time do you? Photos, posters, ticket stubs, anything like that? I'd love to know when some of those bands... [Tue 8 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history When I used to go to Tofts in 1968/69, it was on Grace Hill. It had a coffee bar but served no... [Tue 8 November 2005]

Bernard Butler The Phoenix Theatre Bar [Thu 17 February 2005]

New Home Of Me and My Monkey New Home Of Me and My Monkey [Wed 16 February 2005]

M.A.S.S @ Metro Club Feb1 9th Proceeds to Tsunami relief. See you there? [Sat 12 February 2005]

I can't pass the invites on unfortunately I could maybe pass the Tears tickets on, but that would be out of order... They know me at the... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Tear vs Bloc Party Simple solution. You go to Tears. I'll go to Bloc Party and let you know how good it was. This... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Dilemma Bloc Party or The Tears ? The Tears or Bloc Party ? I can go to either, on the 16th of Feb,... [Mon 7 February 2005]

haha, can't believe clare got id'd!!

Nice here and now mention there...
haha, can't believe clare got id'd!! Nice here and now mention there... [Fri 17 December 2004]

Tears before bedtime (I think already used "Tears in Heaven") So, I went to see The Tears last night, at... [Fri 17 December 2004]

Looking forward to The Tears We're off to see The Tears tomorrow night, if the tickets ever show up... got a call from SMS... [Wed 15 December 2004]

Some in the studio snaps Some pictures of Brett and Bernard working together on Bernard's site , apparently... maybe... [Mon 18 October 2004]

Oh my GOD! OK now I am excited. Really excited.....

It would be a massive Morrissey back track if they did support him however,...
Oh my GOD! OK now I am excited. Really excited..... It would be a massive Morrissey back... [Wed 13 October 2004]

It's definitely happening The reunion is definitely happening, but it might be that it's just Anderson and Butler getting... [Wed 13 October 2004]

God wouldnt that be fab?!?!

Not sure about the Morrissey thing though, after what he said about Brett "He will never forgive God ...
God wouldnt that be fab?!?! Not sure about the Morrissey thing though, after what he said... [Wed 13 October 2004]

Suede reunion Article in the Indie here ... not sure how much of a Suede reunion it's going to be, I hear on... [Wed 13 October 2004]

miriam [Mon 28 June 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly Wallpaper Sparrow can slide down the rope with both hands bound together even though both ends are fixed as... [Sat 19 June 2004]

The Others I like the sound of The Others , they did a gig on a tube a couple of weeks back.... [Wed 9 June 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history IT WAS THE SUNDOWNER CLUB MY DAD WAS THE BOUNCER BACK IN THE DAY.. [Fri 26 March 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history I think the name of the club on Grace Hill was the Sundowner Club . [Sun 21 March 2004]

No no no no no no... ooh close! This headline: Libertines Joined By Very Special Guest At Love Music Hate Racism Gig just... [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pirates of the Caribbean MISSTEAKS (and spoilers) 1) they turn into skellitons when they are in the moonlight, and are actually not breathing air,... [Wed 3 March 2004]

Cheers for that! There's a lot of confusion surrounding Tofts , I think I have it covered though - after the... [Mon 23 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history My mum used to go out with Noel Redding way back in the 60's so I can confirm that Hendrix... [Mon 23 February 2004]

Good work fact man! Don't worry about that Vic and Bob thing, we'll catch the repeats now I think... cheers though. [Fri 20 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history irrelevant fact: The New Cross Venue used to be called The Harp Club . [Thu 19 February 2004]

Updated Folkestone gig history From someone on mr gig : Toft's Jazz Club was just down the hill from the Harp Club .... [Thu 19 February 2004]

Essential Suede Got that fascinating slice of Folkestone History from... [Fri 6 February 2004]

Tripwire says Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler are working together again, how... [Sat 31 January 2004]

2000AD Who'd have thought Metro would do something that I approve of, what's happening to the world?... [Tue 27 January 2004]

Mortgage Broker After hearing from a mortgage broker every hour on the hour all week, today, not a peep... I... [Fri 23 January 2004]

Keira Knightly Wallpaper paper-flower has some Keira Knightly Wallpaper (not nude) here , as well as loads of Buffy... [Thu 8 January 2004]

Pirates of the Caribbean game There's a Pirates of the Caribbean for the PC starring (at least the voice of) Keira Knightly ... [Sat 3 January 2004]

Mike Leigh Charing Cross Road [Mon 15 December 2003]

Suede were amazing So glad we went to the Astoria to see Suede on Saturday, they were fantastic. They played two... [Mon 15 December 2003]

Suede @ London Astoria Man I'm spending too much on gigs, but it's turning into a really good year for good bands... [Sat 13 December 2003]

Day of flat viewing I'm a bit nervous about seeing the flat , what if it's perfect and then I have to REALLY commit?... [Sat 13 December 2003]

Suede onstage at 7.30pm Suede are onstage very early indeed, as suspected, so as to clear everyone out in time for the... [Wed 10 December 2003]

Suede Official site . RIP Suede. [Mon 1 December 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Out Monday! [Sun 30 November 2003]

Leaky roof The letting agency sent someone round to look at the flat, and he says we need a new roof, wonder... [Wed 26 November 2003]

Where does all this water come from? Water is still streaming into the flat, seems to be running down the wall today, like it's coming... [Wed 26 November 2003]

Suede split Looks like they're splitting after this tour ... I hope it's after the tour anyway! [Thu 6 November 2003]

Suede Split Probably for the best. [Thu 6 November 2003]

Ricky Gervais Suede Gig @ ICA [Tue 23 September 2003]

Keira Knightly Masturbation Stories No, not really, but I just got a search referral saying that, nice! [Mon 1 September 2003]

Stoke Newington Cinema While I'm in this thread I should give a mention to the Rio Cinema , 103-107 Kingsland High... [Mon 1 September 2003]

Suede Suede play London, 12th of December, bit steep though... do I do nothing but complain about... [Tue 26 August 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean MISSTEAKS (and spoilers) I thought of a few of things about the film - if "Bootstrap" Bill Turner was tied to an anchor... [Mon 18 August 2003]

Really pissed off Been looking forward to getting these Suede tickets all week, when I finally got through it... [Mon 18 August 2003]

Ah, forget those Suede tickets Forget about those Suede tickets , it's an ICA Members Only Event I've just been told - after... [Mon 18 August 2003]

BACK in BLACK Well, back in beige really, back in the office, back to the grind, back to the heat... Thought... [Mon 18 August 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean is ace Well worth going to see, and Warner Village Islington was a great place to see it. Apart from... [Sun 17 August 2003]

Warner Village Islington Going to the cinema tonight to see Pirates of the Caribbean , to the Warner cinema (Parkfield... [Sun 17 August 2003]

Suede tickets Remember to call the ICA (020 7930 3647) about these Suede gigs ... [Sun 17 August 2003]

PEACE! The nephews have gone home, it's been a fantastic week, but tiring... haven't spent that much... [Sat 16 August 2003]

How upsetting for Suede When they notice the first gigs selling out in one second flat, and the latter not selling at all! [Mon 11 August 2003]

And back to work ☠moved desk ☠cleared 1200 odd mails, mostly spam ☠Caught up with popex admin,... [Mon 30 June 2003]

Glastonbury 2003 Back from Glastonbury , glad I didn't hang around for Moby and The Manics , tempting... [Mon 30 June 2003]

Introducing the band Ace new Suede DVD. [Tue 3 December 2002]

WEIRD gig Friday night McAlmont and Butler plus Space @ The Marquee... [Mon 4 November 2002]

Suede Marquee Bar & Grill [Mon 7 October 2002]

Obsessive Suede fans wanted Free on October 5th? [Wed 2 October 2002]

Positivity in the UK Suede do more shows! ACE! [Tue 27 August 2002]

Stuff I have learned about Suede Suede rock, here's some interesting things about them. Oh, and they're on tour. [Mon 19 August 2002]

The rumours were true... Bowie's doing another gig! [Tue 7 May 2002]

Secret Suede Gig! Ah, unfortunately it was Saturday night. [Tue 7 May 2002]

Anyone got Bowie tickets yet? I'm in the queue... [Tue 23 April 2002]

Suede Winners Did you win one of the "Simon" promo CDs..? [Mon 3 December 2001]

ACE Suede competition! Win a cool new Suede promo CD here... [Tue 20 November 2001]

Suede 'Lost In TV' Suede release a DVD, and it sounds ACE! [Tue 13 November 2001]

Suede Carboot Clearout Suede are having a big clearout of STUFF, at the VIP International Record Fair... [Tue 23 January 2001]

Suede Competition Winners... You lucky people... [Fri 19 January 2001]

Hero of the Year #10 Another result... [Sat 30 December 2000]

Badly Drawn Boy RIP We loved the album, nice knowing you feller... [Wed 13 September 2000]

Suede @ Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall Suede played Leas Cliff Hall this day in history... Clare was at it, I'm sure she has some... [Tue 4 February 1997]

Suede @ Folkestone Metronome Was searching for mentions of The Metronome a famous music venue of Folkestone , was hoping to... [Tue 19 May 1992]

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