Blog2005 ≫ Keeping my head down

Not actually much to report this week, just keeping my head down to get through the week, really looking forward to 5.30 on Friday. This weekend Clare's bro is over from the Americas, where he lives, so it should be a right royal piss up.

Our living room carpet is now IN apparently, though I've not seen it yet. This means having to take extra care when we do the rest of our decorating, because we're STUPID and want everything NOW, and couldn't wait until after we'd painted before putting that in...

The trailer for the new Hitchhikers Guide is online courtesy of amazon.com1... all a bit booming and American I think.

Oh, we're off to see The Tears tonight now, at the Astoria. Should be going to Bloc Party instead, except that I have a kind of vested interest in this gig. As a Suede fan I feel I've already invested in these chaps, and I really want them to be good, so going and supporting them is kind of a part of that. Also the venue will be less crowded, is only one bus ride to get home from. How pathetic is that? It's taking a real effort to get us out for the evening at all...

💬 The Tears

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