Blog2010 ≫ Suede Albert Hall gig sold out in 20 minutes apparently

The rumour Bernard will be there really might have accelerated things...

Hearing that maybe Bernard Butler WILL now be at the Suede gig, hopefully joining the "new" lineup to do a song! Things seem all amicable across all the ex-Suedes so he's likely to be present at the gig, can only hope he joins them on stage, as I don't think I saw them with Bernard. There was that one time, not at band camp but at Phoenix festival that I can't really remember.

In case there is something amazing going on at the gig, then we can't risk having to leave before the end at this one (like we did for last night's brilliant David Devant gig at the 100 Club) so guess I will have to drive.

Can't type much now the boy is on my lap diving for the keyboard. Bath and bed I think!


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