PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Introducing the band

Ace new Suede DVD.

THIS is more like how a music DVD should be... Suede have a new televisual treat for us, a DVD called Introducing the Band... the title may be odd for a combo who've been with us ten years, and the packaging looks a bit cheap, but once the disk's in the player, you're taken on a poptastic trip.

Most of the live footage is from Glasgow Barrowlands, but it also features clips from around the UK, Paris and Amsterdam. Not been through all the "behind the scenes" footage footage, or the NFT video archive yet1, but it's clear there's plenty here for all Suede Fans

My only criticism of this is that it's not older footage; the material is Anderson / Butler classics all the way through (including Killing of a Flash Boy, Animal Nitrate, So Young, Heroine...), but there's not a Bernard to be seen on the whole disk2.

Got a copy to actually give away to the lucky randomly picked answerer of this question [was a poll on popex, gone now, sorry]...

[s]Damn, can't find it on Amazon to do the link / commission thing, but check out wienerworld.co.uk for more info...[/s]

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Tue Dec 03 2002

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