Blog2004 ≫ Looking forward to The Tears

We're off to see The Tears tomorrow night, if the tickets ever show up... got a call from SMS who are delivering them today to say they're going to try again tomorrow... USELESS BASTARDS! Anyway, Nic went yesterday to the warm up in Oxford and says:

i thought they were ace - best bits of old suede + mcalmont & butler, great harmonising by butler and anderson on lots of songs and a lot of the songs are catchy poppy things which you will be humming all day!

Pictures from the gig and a setlist on The Tears forum... Setlist says: "Brave New Century", "Refugees", "Imperfection", "2 Creatures", "Autograph", "Co-star", "Fallen Idol", "Feels Like Monday", "Beautiful Pain", "Apollo 13", "Lovers", and an encore of "A Love As Strong As Death"... no Suede, and short shrift for the audience member shouting out for "Animal Nitrate"...

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