PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ WEIRD gig Friday night

McAlmont and Butler plus Space @ The Marquee...

I went to the new Marquee for the first time on Friday, a good size and shape of venue, little bit odd though, and the bar isn't good - no pints, only 3.50 bottles, how's a guy supposed to get really squiffy on just one pocketful of cash?

The gig was a competition winners thing for some Northern radio station, the original prize was to see Paul Weller at the legendary Marquee, I'd imagine most of them weren't jumping for joy when it turned out to be a couple of indie acts in a shopping centre.

Still, we enjoyed it, even Space, though I was surprised to see the fat bloke who dressed as Ali G in The Office has replaced Jamie the other vocalist. They did all the hits, and sounded good.

McAlmont and Butler were headliners, and were also ace, first time I've seen them live, and especially enjoyed Bernard rocking out and swinging his barnet. Bonus for me, as a 60ft Dolls fan of yore, Richard Parfitt also features in "McAlmont And Butler, the full band".

And they played Back For Good, and it was smashing.

💬 McAlmont and Butler

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