Blog2003 ≫ Suede were amazing

⬆️Suede onstage at 7.30pm

So glad we went to the Astoria to see Suede on Saturday, they were fantastic. They played two sets, the first being all the non singles that they say they wanted to play - coincidentally it was all their best songs, all the songs they've been ignoring at most of their gigs, all the songs that we wanted to hear... then they did a set of all the singles, a Suede fan couldn't really ask for more.

I think they planned to come back on and play The Wild Ones to end with, but there was some problem, so the gig left on a bit of a not-quite-ending, to the ghostly sounds of We'll Meet Again over the PA...

Thought we might see more celebs swanning about the place, but as we were downstairs we missed all the action in the Keith Moon Bar which is the best place for spotting... did see Mike Leigh in The Phoenix, very bizarre to see an achiever, and not just a frivolous pop B-lister.

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