France and "france" related things, including places, pubs, gigs and posts about france. If you have something to offer concerning france that I have not covered here, please contribute. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding local pubbing or other venues, home automation france experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Cheers.

This is my , so if you search here for pubbing or other venues it will only return france pubs / places I was at or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you want a more broader search please try france on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and even international places...

As it turns out there are no pubs / places regarding france anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? please please give me a shout!

Genealogy / family tree

Clare Frances MAHON

Bjork Canned in France Björk has the acting world sewn up by winning Best Actress at Cannes... [Monday 22 May 2000]

frank skinner st tropez, france [Friday 15 September 2000]

Hannah, Paul and john CHamonix, France [Friday 12 January 2001]

Keith Richards Papagayo Club, Saint- Tropez, France [Thursday 13 September 2001]

Too... many... links... [Friday 3 December 2004]

That Auction City idea is a good one, although I'm sure using them would squeeze your margins massively.

Are you away for a long weekend...
[Monday 6 December 2004]

Yeah was away [Tuesday 7 December 2004]

Frances The Mute... [Friday 10 December 2004]

I don't have it [Saturday 11 December 2004]

Mouse Price [Monday 7 February 2005]

Try this site for unusual properties for sale

[Monday 7 February 2005]

If you buy one in France [Tuesday 8 February 2005]

wow! that mouseprice is great! well, apart from the fact I've now seen the true price the previous owners of this place paid for ours! w*nkers! [Saturday 12 February 2005]

Yep, still too scared to look at it myself... [Monday 14 February 2005]

current valuations [Tuesday 21 June 2005]

RE: current valuations [Tuesday 17 January 2006]

Not sure I can help you there! [Wednesday 18 January 2006]

Tour de France [Wednesday 17 January 2007]

France Got Talent [Monday 25 June 2007]

There was me worried about embarrassing myself... [Thursday 13 September 2007]

Site's been away for a few hours The blog is back, dressed in black... [Friday 21 September 2007]

If a picture paints a thousand words... [Wednesday 19 December 2007]

Maille Mustard [Sunday 23 December 2007]

St Tropez of culture [Monday 9 June 2008]

Remember: Eurotunnel is not as good as you think it is going to be [Tuesday 9 December 2008]

Clare MAHON | Clare MAHON genealogy / family tree | Clare Frances MAHON [Monday 12 July 2010]

Not only did I watch a film I read a book, The Collaborators [Wednesday 21 July 2010]

Here you go birds Got a bird feeder and some herbs, a nice relaxing weekend... [Sunday 13 March 2011]

Fast weekend [Tuesday 18 October 2011]

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