Lego and "lego" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and blog posts about lego.If you have anything to offer regarding lego that I have not covered here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have something to offer concerning my tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation lego experiments, homebrew, ale, or appley goodness. Thank you.

Quite a full day Went to Hythe to get food for tea, their Mumbai Street Co frozen curry dishes for me, and... [Sat 7 April 2018]

A nightcap I went to The Walrus And The Carpenter and it was good but very very quiet. While I was having... [Thu 22 March 2018]

Burgers (honest) The boys wanted burgers for one of their meals, and we wanted to go somewhere different, not the... [Thu 22 March 2018]

Next I chose Pain Quotidien Next to a cafe stop, nothing so big as to spoil our tea, as we already had a huge breakfast. I... [Thu 22 March 2018]

A bit of a tricky walk to the London Eye It was a little further than Thing 2's little legs would have liked, and the snow was blowing... [Thu 22 March 2018]

London weekender day two Up a bit too promptly on Saturday morning, as Thing 2 was wide awake and chattering at six-ish,... [Thu 22 March 2018]

Ninjago movie is the third best Lego movie EVER ... there has only been The Lego Movie and Lego Batman hasn't there? We enjoyed this film... [Mon 16 October 2017]

Great day at the Olympic Park yesterday Clare wanted to shop, she has exhausted all the shops in a fifty mile radius so we had to go to... [Sun 1 October 2017]

AAARGH no more free Legoland tickets I have been the hero of the PTA for the last three years as I have always got free Legoland... [Tue 19 September 2017]

NELSON WEEKEND! Everyone drop all the plans to slouch in front of the TV all weekend! We have a surprise visit... [Mon 18 September 2017]

Turkish restaurant from day one was called Konak It's on Academik Metodi Popov Street . We considered going back into Konak on the final day,... [Mon 10 July 2017]

Jolly to Sofia part two The rest of our trip to Sofia was a lot more sedate... The two who got very drink did recover by... [Mon 10 July 2017]

*got a full body scan from security Just realised I put a little asterisk next to got a full body scan from security in that... [Sun 9 July 2017]

Work Jolly to Bulgaria I have been in Sofia , Bulgaria , here are some notes I made along the way: Sofia here we... [Sat 8 July 2017]

Think we might actually complete the Sainsbury / Lego card collection The boys have been into the lego trading cards we got from Sainsbury , and we got loads of... [Mon 3 July 2017]

Legoland day two Another placeholder, day two of our trip to Legoland had much better weather, but we didn't... [Thu 8 June 2017]

Overnight in Slough My thoughts and experiences of our overnight stay at a Holiday Inn in Slough as part of our... [Thu 8 June 2017]

Legoland day one Firstly, dreadful weather for our trip to Legoland . It has been glorious for about two weeks... [Thu 8 June 2017]

Happy Birthday to ya Another big important birthday here today, it seems to be nothing but birthdays round here at... [Thu 8 June 2017]

Tried to cycle to Sandgate Too windy for the boys to cycle so we went once round the block and then home. They're having... [Mon 1 May 2017]

Soup maker is fine Must have just overfilled the soup maker which made it cut out. We have too much soup now,... [Mon 13 February 2017]

Soup maker is up the creek A weekend of making soup , or trying to. Clare has been ill, the same sickness bug that the... [Sun 12 February 2017]

Number one son's big half term homework project is... Bring in three rocks. No, my mistake "up to" three rocks. Your task over the half term is to... [Thu 9 February 2017]

Lego Ninjago movie on the way I think number one sone is going to love this lego ninjago film, hope it's not too confusing... [Thu 9 February 2017]

Last pub of the weekend: The Ice Wharf There was a humungous Wetherspoons right by our hotel. Not like other Wetherspoons , quite a... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Pub five of the weekend: The Queen's After the Hawley Arms I took a stroll up towards Chalk Farm . Clare had already told me the... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Pub, uh, four of the weekend? The Hawley Arms We went back to the hotel after dinner and put the boys to bed again. Actually Clare went off for... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Early dinner at Zizzi We museumed our way through lunch, but didn't really plan to stop for dinner quite so early. We... [Mon 6 February 2017]

London Transport museum was good Had some two for one tickets, but forgot to bring our train tickets with us that we needed to... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Caffe Nero This was the scene of the crime as it turns out... Just seen the Lego Disco Batman sets that we... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Lego store is ace We didnt' tell the boys far in advance that we were going to the new Lego shop in Leicester... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Great weekend in London: day two Lots of things to say, so posting day two of our Great weekend in London separately. As ever I... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Work is good Went to thank one of the PA's for some legoland tickets that she had got me for the school pta... [Thu 2 February 2017]

First attempt at a lego mosaic No I have not made this out of real lego ... going to pick a clearer picture that needs less... [Fri 13 January 2017]

Can't quite believe it is December now The advent calendar brought it home to me, christmas is pretty close now I'd better get on... [Thu 1 December 2016]

Lego 37 I found a 1970s Lego catalogue , . You don't see lego red indians so much these days. [Thu 17 November 2016]

Phew, no more free lego for my boys Lego have stopped working with the Daily Mail . So no more free lego from Harry and Tommy from... [Sat 12 November 2016]

Frank Lampard your books are not very good Harry keeps bringing home Frankie's Magic Football books from school, the latest is Rowdy... [Tue 1 November 2016]

Amazing Lego Robot Wars [Fri 14 October 2016]

Back to Stokey on Sunday! We packed up our stuff and had a lighter breakfast on Sunday, hopefully to leave some room for a... [Tue 4 October 2016]

Yes really dinner at TGI Friday It was always going to be another chain, we thought this would be a big noisy treat for the boys.... [Mon 3 October 2016]

The boys loved Hamleys We got a few ideas for Christmas, and for number two son's birthday. Also figured out that Harry... [Mon 3 October 2016]

After the Tower to Whole Foods for a cafe stop Met our friend Geraldine at Whole Foods Market near Picadilly for a coffee and cake break. I... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Big Premier Inn breakfast and off to the Tower of London We didn't get moving too early, it was a relaxing trip, and we had a large relaxing breakfast. We... [Mon 3 October 2016]

I found a better pub, The Old Fountain Nearby down Baldwin Street there was a big crowd outside a pub. Was very popular, very trendy... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Went for a beer in Hill and Szrok If I'd known it was a butchery themed bar I might not have done, but it was the nearest pub to... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Premier Inn Old Street a bit noisy Think this was the noisiest we've stayed in, but it is in the busiest area. We were up on the... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Dinner at a buzy Prezzo in Kings Cross Planned to head into Kings Cross station to eat, as I knew there were options there, and... [Mon 3 October 2016]

We got the train up after work on Friday number two son had mini movers earlier in the day, and Harry has gymnastics . So instead of... [Mon 3 October 2016]

We are back from London we had a great weekend Lots of fun to report back on. I got that bonus from work so we went to London for a couple of... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Day off! Clare's working tomorrow, so I've got the day off with the boys! Not sure what we're going to do... [Wed 31 August 2016]

Number one son's birthday tomorrow We've got him a new bike . If he's still up somehow and reads this then the surprise is spoiled!... [Tue 7 June 2016]

Fancy a trip to Birchington? Hmm, we have a couple of these Habitat Radius shelving units, I have one as a bedside... [Mon 25 January 2016]

Premium bonds win I won 瞿25 today on the premium bonds . Could really have done with that being bigger, that would... [Mon 14 December 2015]

Taking lego too far Hmm a Jimmy Car minifig ... it's not official lego but do unofficial... [Thu 12 November 2015]

Saturday birthday fun day was great We went to Tenterden yesterday, so we could go to the fun pool there with slides and all sorts... [Sun 8 November 2015]

Planned to go out this bank holiday monday The weather saw to that though. Clare is at work, the boys and me are at home. We've done... [Mon 31 August 2015]

Number one son's new lego arrived number one son wanted some more lego and we wanted to spend some of his birthday money on... [Fri 31 July 2015]

Bunk beds are nearly done Did a little more on the bunk beds this morning while the boys played lego . Was a lot easier to... [Sat 11 July 2015]

The start of lego trains We put together Harry's birthday present of the lego high speed train set, here's the first... [Mon 15 June 2015]

Have not unwrapped all Number one son's presents yet He's opened all the cards and unwrapped presents from the family, there's a slight Star Wars... [Tue 9 June 2015]

Cool lego trains All automated with arduino . [Tue 14 April 2015]

Good clear cctv footage of someone wanted for stealing Lego Here in the Echo , police have released this image of a man suspected of stealing THOUSANDS of... [Tue 17 February 2015]

Swimtastic weekend Achieved quite a lot this weekend really, lovely. Clare was out with Jim trying to buy new duvets... [Mon 12 January 2015]

Vintage Lego technic for sale Not ours but someone's selling a similar kit to ours but in worse condition for over a hundred... [Mon 24 November 2014]

Lego and chocolate, together at last Lego chocolate ! Via @jodiedoubleday [Thu 14 August 2014]

Lego space shuttle Definitely not bidding on this as I have picked up some lego recently from the boot fair... [Tue 27 May 2014]

Hot Hot Hot Lie in, then Boot fair this morning, and it's a hot hot hot day. I have got a bit sunburnt, but... [Sun 25 May 2014]

Fareham station in Lego Very cool via Andy, cheers. [Thu 22 May 2014]

We went to Chatham Dockyard Quite an action packed weekend really, Saturday we went to Chatham Dockyard , and it was good.... [Sun 18 May 2014]

I did not win this Bidding on lego did not win this one , looked interesting, and big and heavy and possible for... [Fri 4 April 2014]

Boot fair on Hythe green on Sunday (6th April) Will have to see if I can drag the boys around it. Not sure we really need anything, and Harry... [Fri 4 April 2014]

Someone is selling the lego kit we are building I was after some spares this looks like a good deal ... Hooray Harry we'll have that car built... [Mon 31 March 2014]

Amazing walking lego ship A walking pirate ship made out of lego : [Sun 30 March 2014]

Watching lego Watching this lego set "vintage" lego technic . I didn't even know they did that in 1979 ,... [Fri 28 March 2014]

This is clever I brought back some lego from Mum and Dad's and found the proper box and most of the bits for a... [Wed 26 March 2014]

Doing Lego with number one son I'm trying hard not to be Lord Business ... nnnnn must follow instructions... [Sun 2 March 2014]

Folkestone Lego challenge (Folkestonian) Saw some posters up around town about a Lego challenge aha this is it build a Folkestone... [Mon 24 February 2014]

The Lego Movie Had my quinquennial trip to the cinema yesterday to see The Lego Movie (well that's my best... [Wed 19 February 2014]

Should we get this advent calendar? We got the playmobil one last year and it was good, a bit of fun each day. I always look at the... [Wed 25 September 2013]

Lego movie teaser trailer [Thu 8 August 2013]

Shoulda gone into Fareham during our Hampshire House Swap week More Lego at the Westbury Manor museum ... [Tue 4 June 2013]

Lego Landrover Defender This is cool ... Clare found this but it was too complex for her and Harry to make for me... [Sun 19 May 2013]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Lego Turtles! Lego turtles ! This looks good... [Tue 9 April 2013]

Lego Portchester Castle Someone's made Portchester Castle out of lego says the News ... how can that story have no... [Tue 26 March 2013]

Lovely weekend Mum and Dad visited and we've done very little but sit about and eat. Clare made a great roast... [Sun 24 March 2013]

Lazy day We were thinking of only going as far as Hythe today, but we can't even be bothered with that... [Sat 16 March 2013]

The pool table is gone! Now what do I talk about? My ebay buyer came to collect last night, luckily with a big van, and a... [Wed 13 February 2013]

Great Scott! Clare is right, this will go on my wish list... they're making Back To The Future Lego ! [Fri 21 December 2012]

Bat-tastic Massive Lego Batcave , via . [Mon 15 October 2012]

Legos! Can I buy these please the wife? [Mon 24 January 2011]

House latest Things have picked up pace a bit, nice! [Thu 1 July 2010]

It's Lego not Meccano I will look after it until the boy is old enough to appreciate it... [Mon 28 June 2010]

RE: Hot boot fair action he's not old enough for mecano yet!! Pops [Mon 28 June 2010]

Hot boot fair action I bought legos. [Sat 26 June 2010]

Hot links of the day lego rubiks robot (via @hpoom) and Folkestone urban skiing [Fri 19 February 2010]

Blur in Lego Rock Band Woo-hoo [Mon 19 October 2009]

A Mindblowing Stop-Motion Lego Homage to Games via @beamadelica and the ace [Mon 24 August 2009]

There you go, who says degrees are not worth the paper they're written on? It's probably clear, but that other poster is my dad, he has the VW Beetle that I once owned ,... [Fri 7 March 2008]

RE: YOU could learn to fix it yourself! Ha, great stuff :) Just after my rant I remembered I fixed some portable speakers the other day... [Fri 7 March 2008]

YOU could learn to fix it yourself! I fixed it a bit! When the fan belt broke, I fixed that (with shoelaces). You never have to take... [Thu 6 March 2008]

RE: Should everything be a black box though? And WHY can't you fix my IPAQ? "but if you had a VW Beetle or a Landrover or something you could learn to fix it yourself." I... [Thu 6 March 2008]

Should everything be a black box though? And WHY can't you fix my IPAQ? It's just the battery I think, it won't keep a charge now... OK not everyone is building a clock... [Wed 5 March 2008]

RE: Ever feel lacking in skills? That's crazy talk, and quite an arrogant viewpoint for Wired - screw building a clock out of... [Wed 5 March 2008]

Ever feel lacking in skills? I do, all my skills are in software, if the power went off tomorrow I'd be SUNK! I wish I had... [Wed 5 March 2008]

Lego VW Beetle Pictures here , nice, get one . [Mon 3 March 2008]

Wagamama today Going to spend a fairly lazy day around the pubs of Canterbury , starting with a lunch at... [Sat 12 May 2007]

Thriller Ah it's because it's not available at the site that's linked to anymore ( Original Site ). BUT... [Wed 22 December 2004]

Lego Thriller Think it must be a problem at their end as I can't get there from work either and normally I can... [Wed 22 December 2004]

Carol singers Had some carol singers outside the house last night, but they weren't collecting for anything,... [Tue 21 December 2004]

It's a game! It's not Lego! It's Pixelblocks! Cool, eh? [Tue 27 July 2004]

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