Blog2018 ≫ Got a dodgy text supposedly from Sainsburys

we were unable to take payment for your Sainsburys order. Please call 0800 587 4024 urgently with payment details.

How suspect does that sound? Is it really from Sainsburys?

In its defence, I do have a Sainsburys grocery delivery this afternoon, but there's nothing to say this text is really from Sainsburys. I'm not calling that number and handing over payment details anyway. So half hour on hold to Sainsburys main home delivery support number and transferred around departments. Seems they genuinely did have problems taking a payment from our joint acount card, though the account is fine and in the black. They tried to take payment again, and again declined. Each time I'm having to speak to the guy in Sainsburys central and then he's speaking to the store that is handling the delivery (Ashford I think). I gave him my card number, also fine and in the black, but again declined. So I gave him the joint account card again, and this time it went through 🤔...

Not a fan of being kept on hold to be honest.

ALSO I think the Lego card promo is now over, so even when the shopping does arrive, no new Lego cards.

ALSO Clare's flight home is delayed, like it was on the way out, she's going to be home after the boys go to bed.

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