Blog2011 ≫ Boot fair this morning, so up early!

Not as early as one of my cow-orkers who responded to my Google Latitude1 friend request at TWO THIRTY this morning. Not sure about Google Latitude but now I have my modern smart phone I am looking for a location based service that I can get something out of it. If not this one, then one?

Andy recommends c:geo which I will give a go. Taking the phone otu with me now, got to drop Clare off at the cliffs (not off the cliff, she is working there) then to the lego stalls!

UPDATE: the boy puked in the car on the way back from Clare's work, poor boy. He perked up after I cleaned him up, but still was not completely happy at the boot fair so I didn't go right round. If there was any bargain lego I missed it.

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