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171 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5RT 01303 239024

26 Horn Street, Seabrook, Near Folkestone, Kent CT19 4JL 01303 238502

Seabrook, Acrise, Folkestone, Kent, UK

Spice Cottage / Raj Bari / Raj Villa is being cleared out The lights were on in the old Seabrook curry house and the fixtures and fittings were being... [Wed 10 May 2017]

Still really really busy Been going live wwith all our PCI stuff at work so no time for frivolous web updates. It's... [Thu 23 February 2017]

House the same as ours down the road is sold Details here , not many the same as ours come up. I thought this one was exactly the same... [Thu 26 January 2017]

We're definitely seeing an increase in vanpackers round here Not heard the term vanpacking before but I have now . This is what we see in Seabrook and... [Mon 12 December 2016]

Number one son has won Nelson Nelson is for special achievement, it's a big soft toy that someone gets to take home for the... [Fri 21 October 2016]

UFO on the beach this morning! Looking out of the window this morning there seemed to be quite a few people on the beach... [Tue 6 September 2016]

Neighbourly planning notice posted through the door Got a note through the door today warning us of a planning notice, it's from "The Residents of... [Thu 1 September 2016]

Hoping the weather is good for school summer barbecue tomorrow It's the Seabrook school PTA summer barbecue tomorrow, and I'm helping out. Not with the... [Thu 30 June 2016]

Our house is right by Sandgate train station Watching a bit of a programme about Doctor Beeching yesterday reminded me to look up the... [Thu 26 May 2016]

Lovely on the beach today Some pictures here . [Sun 8 May 2016]

Quite a moody sky the other evening link here [Wed 30 March 2016]

They're doing a baptism practice at Number one son's school today They're baptising a toy. I would love to think they're giving other rituals equal precedence,... [Wed 10 February 2016]

Neighbouring house like ours just sold for 瞿290k Hmm would be nice to think ours had gone up in value too... Friends lived in this house when we... [Wed 22 April 2015]

Are there burglars on the prowl locally? The neighbour of a friend, a parent of Harry's classmate has been burgled. The friend probably... [Mon 12 January 2015]

Oh noes they are closing the A259 (Seabrook Road) The main road running from Sandgate to Hythe at the bottom of our road is going to be... [Fri 26 September 2014]

New flats in Seabrook That new development in Seabrook now has a name - Olivia Court -- and there are to be 22 2... [Tue 4 February 2014]

Reinstating Folkestone East This sounds great Shepway Green Party has launched a campaign to reinstate Folkestone East... [Tue 28 January 2014]

It is going building crazy in Seabrook / Sandgate right now Not only are new build flats in Sandgate are just about finished now, (only 瞿555k for a... [Thu 16 January 2014]

Smart boy It's the start of the winter uniform season at Seabrook School today, so Harry was in shirt... [Mon 4 November 2013]

The Fountain reopened today Just been in there, it's much the same as it was before. Lots of people in there, very busy and a... [Fri 5 July 2013]

House swap week off We are having / have just had a house swap holiday in Hampshire (depends on when I get this... [Wed 29 May 2013]

And my view just got better There were some trees in the gardens of the houses just down the hill that were impinging on my... [Tue 23 April 2013]

The Fountain might reopen soon I have been doubting if it would open at all but there seems to be lots of work going on there,... [Tue 23 April 2013]

The Fountain is currently closed due to flooding! Should be reopened again soon. I'm sure some of our neighbours would rather it didn't reopen,... [Sun 7 April 2013]

A weekend of landmarks Number one son got into Seabrook Primary , our first choice of school, this is great news. We... [Sun 7 April 2013]

We went to the beach this morning Some pictures , also updated pictures of how the garage conversion is getting on too: [Sun 12 August 2012]

You could see our house on Restoration Man this week Watch it here , I didn't realise we were so close to this abandoned Martello tower... You could... [Fri 3 February 2012]

Little nursery Had another good day, I went with Harry to "little nursery", the play group in Seabrook. Lots for... [Wed 9 November 2011]

Went swimming today Much as I hate things like this (for example those kids who only do free running /... [Sun 2 October 2011]

Biggest prize pot so far in the Britannia quiz ... [Thu 4 August 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Fountain We're nearly home now, The Fountain is the closest pub to home. It's a big pub, too big for the... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Ice cream We took a walk along the beach yesterday, Clare had been to Escondido with her mum and Dom,... [Sun 5 June 2011]

Did I just spot the missing cat? I may have seen Cooper this morning, I hope so, his owner is coming over to try and track him... [Sat 14 May 2011]

Missing black cat in Seabrook Please call Ewen on 07859 068 940 if you see him [Tue 10 May 2011]

Do you want to be our neighbour? Neighbouring houses are up for sale and to let [Sun 20 February 2011]

Like a lovely spring morning here now Got all the doors open while I do some housework as it's so warm here in costa del seabrook .... [Sun 12 December 2010]

Went to The Fountain for Jim's birthday There was a punch-up, though I did not see it myself [Mon 6 December 2010]

Up to another 20cm of snow forecast overnight and a big snow love heart [Wed 1 December 2010]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow It has snowed big style here. Snowing constantly for a couple of days here, I think the sea spray... [Wed 1 December 2010]

Semi fiascous weekend Is it worth adding a "precis" now I am not reposting to twitter? [Mon 6 September 2010]

Popex was shut down by Channelfly Channelfly (now MAMA Group , part of HMV ) bought PopEx and I ran it for them for five... [Sun 15 August 2010]

Popex What ever happened to Popex, why did it cease to exist? Do you think it will ever return? [Sun 15 August 2010]

Our flat smells delicious Have binned lots of out of date spices, currytastic... [Sat 14 August 2010]

Do you wanna live in Sandgate, Sandgate, Sandgate..? Gary Glitter in the area! [Thu 12 August 2010]

House latest Things have picked up pace a bit, nice! [Thu 1 July 2010]

Good to know The Fountain will be my new local when I move... not that I ever get out to my old local at the... [Tue 13 April 2010]

It ticks every box! The Fountain Pub is great. The atmosphere is enjoyable, and the food is fantastic! The location... [Mon 12 April 2010]

Mostly it is gig venues BUT in Seabrook carpark's case I think there was probably a car boot sale or something advertised... [Fri 28 July 2006]

Seabrook Car Park, What is this site about. Do bands gig in seabrook carpark?if so when? [Fri 28 July 2006]

Paul Clarke's blog - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a code engineer, and I do mostly javascript, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you are Looking for for pubbing or other venues it will only return seabrook pubs / venues I have been to or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you are interested in a more broader search Please do try seabrook on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and even international places...

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