Blog2011 ≫ Went swimming today


Much as I hate things like this (for example those kids who only do free running / parkour when there is a camera present, and it's all edited to makeit look crazy and spontaneous but actually they spent three hours lining up one shote) I went in the sea today and here is the proof! Have lived down here by the sea for six or seven years now, and very very close to the beach since last August, but this is the first time I've been in the sea. I only did it for the sheer novelty of it being OCTOBER and the hottest day of the year, hot enough to go in the sea. We had a lovely day today, I am struggling to believe this weather. Sunny sands beach was heaving, all of the harbour area was absolutely busting with people and I've not seen the beach along Seabrook that busy ever, not on any normal summers day.

Lots of noise coming from The Fountain tonight, I think there's a live band on. Clare's has gone out with her cousin Nora again tonight, I am in and meant to be packing for my trip to London tomorrow...

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