Gigography of Paul Clarke for 1996

PaulyGigography ≫ 1996

Getting there with my gigography now, the list of all the gigs I was at, from 1987 up to about now. It's a natural step from my Best gigs of all time post. Well that's the theory, but there's A LOT missing. I have added details from the big bag of old gig tickets that I gathered while I was in London, and a box of old concert tickets and things from Mum + Dad's loft. Also got lots of gaps regarding bands seen at festivals, they'll prob'ly stay missing, it's so hard to remember. There's a lot missing where I've lost tickets or never had them, most of the guestlist actions during my NME + Popex years + that. Yeah I know very geeky, let's let that go though, I'm having fun remembering this stuff. At least I've not started scanning the tickets in yet Of course I have scanned in the tickets now[^But I've lost the bag of tickets before I scanned them all in!]...

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David Devant and his Spirit Wife @ Tunbridge Wells Forum

My favourite band of the time, one of my few visits to Kent "before".…

Sat Dec 21 1996

David Devant and his Spirit Wife @ New Cross Venue

Before I lived in New Cross, didn't really know where it was. We thought we could get a tube there (it was not running) + walked back to Waterloo after...…

Fri Dec 20 1996

Placebo @ Mean Fiddler

Hmm I originally had "I went in late on a whim, missed the support, who might have been Deus" here so if you look, Placebo and Deus played this same venue in 1997, and I even have the ticket for that one. Was it rescheduled maybe? Was I even at something this night? This gigography is full of holes!I know I went to see Placebo on the day of my gran's funeral, Dad's mum. I went after, not instead, I'm not a monster. That was at Brixton Academy I thought, maybe that was the one in 1997 then? But why does the 1997 ticket say that? has it they played Brixton in May 1997 and there's a full bootleg of the gig here[^Removed old link here.].…

Wed Dec 18 1996

My Life Story @ Koko

Feet First's tenth birthday party, billed only as "special guest band". We convinced ourselves that this was going to be the secret Seahorses show (John Squire's new band). It was not. Ah well I'd quite often go to Feet First in these days any…

Tue Dec 17 1996

The Manic Street Preachers @ Forum

Twice in one week? A friend at the time liked them...

Mon Dec 16 1996

Manic Street Preachers @ Brixton Academy

with support from Super Furry Animals + Stereophonics, who I don't remember at all...…

Sat Dec 14 1996

David Devant and his Spirit Wife @ The Joiners

A trip back from London for the night to see Devant. Plus Posh. Got my video signed this night, wonder if I still have it...…

Wed Nov 20 1996

David Devant and his Spirit Wife @ Camden Falcon

I bootlegged this gig, the audio's complete with a trip to the toilet part way through... If only anyone still had minidisc[^Actually reading this back in 2022, I just found a minidisc player and a box of discs in the loft. I only got rid of my "big" stereo that had minidisc on it last year or the year before and assumed that was it all gone. So my first recording minidisc personal stereo is up there. No idea if it still works.]we could listen to this again!…

Sat Nov 16 1996

Presidents of the United States of America @ Mean Fiddler

Soho Live, plus 3 Colours Red + Imperial Teen.…

Thu Nov 14 1996

Tiger @ Mean Fiddler

Soho Live, plus Divine Comedy, + "special guests" as headliner it says here... Cannot remember who that was.Hmm this seems to indicate it was Gene[^Removed old link here.]. Also this one seems to indicate I gave someone a ticket[^Removed old link here.] , NGP was me (Nice Guy Pauly).…

Wed Nov 13 1996

Super Furry Animals @ Mean Fiddler

Soho Live with Mansun + Fun Lovin' Criminals. I met Noel Gallagher at this show.…

Tue Nov 12 1996

PJ Harvey @ Mean Fiddler

Some Radio One event called Soho Live with John Parrish, Baby Bird + Geneva.…

Mon Nov 11 1996

The Longpigs @ ULU

plus Space and Shoot

Sat Nov 02 1996

David Devant and his Spirit Wife @ O'Neills

At Blow Up, the Wag Club, Wardour Street.This venue is now an O'Neills pub.…

Fri Oct 25 1996

The Wannadies @ Mean Fiddler

Fri Oct 18 1996

Carter USM at Feet First @ Koko

One of my earlier gigs in London + part of "three gigs in one night". Now what on earth were the other two gigs? The second one was Orlando I think, but not sure I even actually went in, I just went there after my first gig because I said I would, saw it was already underway and did not go in. What could the first gig have been + where?Feet First was a regular indie night at Camden Palace. There's a good chance this gig is now listed as being at Koko, the name for Camden Palace since 2004.…

Sat Oct 12 1996

Longpigs @ Astoria

Fri Sep 27 1996

Camden Crawl II @ Electric Ballroom

Not just this venue, all around Camden, I saw Collapsed Lung + Moby here though...…

Thu Sep 19 1996

Baader Meinhof Revue @ Dingwalls

The Auteurs, messing about

Wed Sep 18 1996

The Boo Radleys @ The National Club

Was it Sigur Ros supporting at this one? Just around the time I moved to London, was this really my first gig of that era?…

Thu Sep 12 1996

Reading @ Reading Festival

My first gig with^Removed old link here.], I started work there that weekend. I left part way through the worst ever [Stone Roses performance (OK, the only time I saw them).…

Fri Aug 23 1996

Paul Weller @ Hylands Park

Clare was at this one, I was not. The Lightning Seeds, The Charlatans, Sleeper, Shed 7 and Paul Weller. An early version of what became V Festival I think.Seen more of a lineup now, I think this was all the bands I saw this year!Pulp, Paul Weller, Supergrass, The Charlatans, Cast, Lightning Seeds, Gary Numan, Shed Seven, Stereolab, Incognito, Jonathan Richman, The Mike Flowers Pops, LongpigsElastica, Sleeper, Heavy Stereo, Menswear, Fluffy, The Cardigans, Super Furry Animals, The Wannadies, Denim, Kula Shaker, Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, Space, Tiger, Pusherman…

Sun Aug 18 1996

Heavy Stereo @ The Joiners

plus Plastic

Thu Aug 01 1996

Eddi Reader @ The Wedgewood Rooms

+ Boo Hewerdine

Wed Jul 31 1996

Performance @ The Horseshoe

Local. My birthday. Plus Cloudburst.…

Sat Jul 27 1996

Phoenix Festival @ Avon Park Raceway

I clearly remember David Devant and Holy Barbarians, David Bowie, Sex Pistols + Foo Fighters too I think, must have seen a lot more though...…

Thu Jul 18 1996

Tiger @ The Joiners

plus Linoleum. Had to walk back from Southampton after being stopped with no lights on my bike, then head to Phoenix Festival the next day.…

Wed Jul 17 1996

Terrorvision @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Last Portsmouth Venue Campaign show that I helped at before I came to London. Someone in the band complained that I was in their dressing room getting stuff signed when they were trying to powder their nose... What does an "access all areas" pass mean if you can't do this?Terrorvision also played here in 1994.…

Fri Jul 12 1996

60ft Dolls @ Mean Fiddler

Clare attended this one, I was not in London yet. Rescheduled from the 4th of July for some reason.I loved the 60ft Dolls + would have seen them around this point, saw them a few times. They featured on the cover of one of my fanzines.…

Wed Jul 10 1996

Dodgy @ Portsmouth Pyramids

plus Space

Tue Jul 09 1996

Cecil @ The Joiners

with Feeder and Stout. I remember Cecil, I do not remember that I saw Feeder here.…

Wed Jun 26 1996

Mansun @ The Joiners

Was this the gig where they were still called Manson, and had at least one extra band member?

Mon Jun 17 1996

Strangelove @ University of Portsmouth

with Whipping Boy and Sun (aka Silver Sun)

Tue May 28 1996

Super Furry Animals @ The Wedgewood Rooms

plus Tiger.…

Mon May 27 1996

Essential Festival @ Stanmer Park

Super Furry Animals, Kula Shaker, Menswear, Echobelly, Marion, Chumbawamba, Bis + more... missed David Devant, but I did trek there with 16 people in my bus.…

Sun May 26 1996

The Divine Comedy @ The Joiners

I left after the support The Frank + Walters to go to a local gig, I was "getting in" with people and trying to be a face on the scene to help with my fanzine...…

Mon May 20 1996

Annie Hates Cordial @ University of Portsmouth

A local band for local people…

Mon May 20 1996

Ash @ Southampton Guildhall

plus 60ft Dolls who brilliantly smashed the place up. Bis were meant to play too.…

Thu May 16 1996

Longpigs @ Reading Alleycat

With support from Octopus. I have no ticket for this one so found a signed poster.…

Tue May 14 1996

Dodgy @ Reading Alleycat

Mon May 13 1996

Sam Brown @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Part of the ace monthly cabaret night? Or was that another time I saw her there.…

Sat May 11 1996

Maker Shaker 3 @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Coast, Bawl, Puressence and The Gyres. The best the Melody Maker could muster :-(…

Tue May 07 1996

Shed Seven @ Portsmouth Pyramids

A Portsmouth Venue Campaign joint, so I must have been working / volunteering at it.…

Thu May 02 1996

Marion @ Southampton University

Wed May 01 1996

Lighthouse Family @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Oops, why was I here, when the Super Furries were down the road? I was working it, but still could have planned that better...…

Tue Apr 30 1996

Minty @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Ew, nudiness on stage.

Wed Apr 24 1996

60ft Dolls @ The Wedgewood Rooms

plus Jolt (Mark Keds of the Senseless Things) + Yellow Car, as reviewed in my fanzine SOLD OUT!…

Thu Apr 18 1996

Northern Uproar @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Tue Apr 16 1996

Vent @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Miles Hunt's band

Mon Apr 08 1996

Catatonia @ Reading Alleycat

plus Space + Loopy

Thu Apr 04 1996

Dubstar @ The Wedgewood Rooms

plus Definition of Sound.Gig reviewed in my fanzine, so not by me.…

Sat Mar 30 1996

Julian Cope @ Portsmouth Pyramids

plus Thighpaulsandra + Melanie Garside

Fri Mar 22 1996

Everything But The Girl @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Thu Mar 21 1996

Sultans of Ping @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Plus Sugarcane apparently.I might have counted this as part of my "twenty gigs in twenty days" challenge I did with tthree weeks of work, so I can't remember exactly when it started or ended.…

Tue Mar 19 1996

Tripping Daisy @ The Joiners

With the Smoking Popes. I saw them in Manchester around this time too, maybe at the Night + Day? I went up to stay with Richy at universityThink this is part of my "twenty gigs in twenty days" challenge I did with tthree weeks of work, but I can't remember exactly when it started or ended.…

Sun Mar 17 1996

Boss Hogg @ The Wedgewood Rooms

+ Cibo Matto excellent Japanese girl band, got some signed singles from them at this gig. Boss Hog is Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion, not the snooker player) + his wife's band.…

Thu Mar 14 1996

Tori Amos @ Portsmouth Guildhall

Not my normal sort of event, but went along with Kez. She did a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the piano I think (Tori Amos, not Kez).…

Wed Mar 13 1996

The Bluetones @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Tue Mar 12 1996

Cast @ Portsmouth Pyramids

plus Mansun…

Mon Mar 11 1996

Red Snapper @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Bit dancy for me. Plus Ruby.…

Sat Mar 09 1996

Baby Bird @ University of Surrey Students Union

Sun Mar 03 1996

Underworld @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Another two gigs in one day, I also saw The Wurzels at the poly...…

Thu Feb 29 1996

Christian Death @ The Joiners

slightly rubbish goth…

Mon Feb 26 1996

The Bigger The God @ University of Surrey Students Union

Sun Feb 25 1996

The Godfathers @ Mean Fiddler

I liked one Godfathers song, and was in London as part of a couple of weeks off work driving round in my vw camper.I did a full circuit of the circle line as an opportunity for a sit down amid a day of comic shopping.I did 21 gigs in 21 days around this period, so where are the others? Most of them were rubbish I'm sure but I remember seeing Tripping Daisy at least twice, in Southampton and Manchester, plus MN8, The Wurzels and I think Underworld at this time.…

Wed Feb 14 1996

Number One Cup @ The Joiners

and Bennett I think

Sun Feb 11 1996

Frank Black @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Pixies frontman solo show, plus The Wannadies. I met him and got some posters signed.…

Thu Feb 08 1996

Northern Uproar @ The Joiners

Mon Feb 05 1996

60ft Dolls @ University of Surrey Students Union

Sun Feb 04 1996

Mike Flowers Pops @ Portsmouth Pyramids

So who was it actually played the Pyramids this night? I know I was at the Mike Flowers Pops one, I remember holding the door open to a radio reporter so they could report from the gig using the payphone in the lobby, as their satellite phone wasn't worki…

Fri Feb 02 1996

Ocean Colour Scene @ University of Surrey Students Union

Another free show I think at the University. There were a little run of these and I went to a few, driving up with some friends from Portsmouth.…

Sun Jan 28 1996

Catatonia @ The Joiners

plus Silverjets and Glider

Thu Jan 25 1996

Something @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Can't remember what, but I know I was at something at the Wedge this night, while Placebo were at the Joiners. Maybe it was a cabaret^Since worked out it was not cabaret], I sort of get the feeling it was [Bush?.…

Wed Jan 24 1996

NME Bratbus tour @ Astoria

The Bluetones, Cardigans, Heavy Stereo and Fluffy.I would later come to lots of these shows, but this year I still did not live in London and only came to the touring show with some friends.…

Mon Jan 22 1996

Skunk Anansie @ Portsmouth Pyramids

plus Longpigs…

Fri Jan 19 1996

Perfume @ The Joiners

Wed Jan 17 1996

Lush @ University of Surrey Students Union

I went to a little run of these gigs at the university, I think they might even have been free, though someone had to sign us in.They played Portsmouth just before this^Removed old link here.] and [Top Of The Pops a few days after.…

Sun Jan 14 1996