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The Curse of Oak Island

Hmm, I seem to have watched two episodes of this now and I think I am wasting my time... The Curse Of Oak Island is some bizarre nonsense about some guys convinced there is mysterious treasure buried on some land that they own in Canada. But they flip and flop as to whether it is a pirate galleon loaded with gold, or the arc of the covenant and the holy grail. They keep fortuitously finding clues that definitely definitely mean we're getting close now, just one more episode. Last episode they found a lead cross that definitely proved the Knights Templar came to this Canadian island in the fourteenth century. This episode they say it definitely means it was the Knights Templar but they were worshipping some ancient Phoenician goddess too. They are trying to link every mysterious conspiracy into this piece of land, I think they mentioned Shakespeare at some point too.

There is something compellingly Lost like about it, I suspect I will watch another episode.

Also watching Gotham, again I know that is not good but I think I will keep watching.

I have applied for a refund on my train tickets when we went to see Suede, as our train home was delayed by twenty one minutes... it took me ages to do this, the website constantly errored. I persevered and am fully expecting a refund of about a pound.

Also my delivery from Jockey finally arrived. I'm quite pleased with it, Clare likes the swimmers more than the lairy onese I was contemplating in Debenhams. The pants are good, the t-shirts feel a lot cheaper than the same ones I bought in the USA though. Everything is the right size at least.

Mon May 20 2019...

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Fairly lazy day

Could not convince the boys to leave the house today, so I ran on the treadmill. Went to the tip to get rid of our old balcony furniture, and forgot to take a) the old garden toys and b) the packing for the new furniture, so I need to do another trip. Was very busy there, I think it is people getting in before the new rules about charging for dumping rubbish there. It seems to be only tyres, rubble, and plasterboard that you will be charged for.

We watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 today, quite good. I think the boys are going to watch Harry Potter next, while I try and read my book. Finally started Lethal White, the latest Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) that I got for christmas.

Sun May 19 2019...

Run stats 19/5/19

12.4% fat 🚶 11979 steps 🧗 40 floors

53 uses at £6.23 per go...

Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 19th May

Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, Slayer

Good day in Folkestone

Got my official park run result and that's a new personal best for me, 22:17, I knocked twenty seconds off my best time so pleased with that. I did feel tired even before the run, I was a bit out of breath while cycling to the race and I had a stitch for most of the run. It did feel hard work but I didn't think I was thrashing it, and I definitely did not get a good start, so I think I can beat that. I'm aiming to beat Jules' time of twenty one minutes something, then I can stop.

I've decided not to do the 10k run next week. Maybe next year, unless I can think of another excuse...

Had lunch in Planet Earth Kitchen yesterday, very nice again. I think we left Clare's coffee cup there though, annoying, so will call them later to see.

I enjoyed Eurovision, particularly as I won the sweepstake at work, so twenty six pounds waiting for me when I go in next. The boys enjoyed it too, they watched a lot of it last night and are finishing it now. So I can't do my little winning dance yet so as not to spoil it for them.

Clare is out at pump class now, then we have our shopping beling delivered, then will try and find some fun this afternoon. I am keen to get the boys on their bikes, and go to Orchard Lane, but they are less keen on this idea.

Sun May 19 2019...

Run stats 18/5/19 - 4'38/K

12.5% fat 🚶 21045 steps 🧗 56 floors

Eurovision tonight

Clare is out tonight, I'll be mostly watching Eurovision. I have Belarus, but also The Netherlands in the sweepstake at work and they're the favourites apparently.

Sat May 18 2019...

Busy week

Not much to report from the week. Swimming went well in the end, sounds like he is going to be moved up to the next group after half term. Also while number two son has been the lazier one so far he has expressed an interest in exercise, and particularly running, following something he saw in Blue Peter. So we went for a jog around the block after swimming on Thursday, and I hope we'll do more of this together.

Clare went to a meeting at school about the Kent Test. This is the Eleven Plus exam that our boy will do in September. They gave us the dates of the two tests, the Kent Test and then the Shepway Test. If he passes the first one he can apply to any grammar school in the county, and the second one is just for one particular school. We'd most likely only go to the closest school anyway for logistical reasons. Good luck mate, you can do it! He's doing a practice paper this morning, which I'm sure he will pass.

Work has been busy, we solved a few issues this week but it did distract from our main mission. I only have a few weeks left on this project, then I get to move onto something new. Had our "project lounge" hack day yesterday and I did some bash scripting, fixed a tool that everyone has to use to connect to the database. Exciting stuff.

Got to the Inn Doors at just the right time, it was nice at quiet at 5pm. Had a few pints of a beer that I'm sure was mislabelled and a lot stronger than the 3.8% it claimed to be. So feeling the effects this morning, but I got up and biked to the park run and got a good time I think. Definitely under twenty three minutes, and in position thirty five. Was nice out, not much breeze until the final straight, and warm and sunny. I felt overdressed in just a t-shirt, I might get a vest for running in the nice weather.

My stuff still has not arrived from Jockey, I hope I get my new swimmers in time.

Speaking of half term, that is coming round very fast. Looking forward to a few days off all spent together. Got a few things to prepare for those days off, going down town today for a bit of last minute shopping. Though it's not actually the last minute yet.

Sat May 18 2019...

Run stats 17/5/19

🚶 11453 steps 🧗 28 floors

52 uses at £6.35 per go...

Run stats 16/5/19 - 8'33/K

12.4% fat 🚶 12287 steps 🧗 44 floors