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Been playing darts the past few days

I finally got the dart board out again. Harry was keen to have a go, after he saw the dart board in the Fountain recently. So I ordered a couple of dart board mounting brackets (from so I could put them at different heights. One for Harry, and one for me!

I've put them on the shed, we don't seem to have the room anywhere indoors. I'm bringing the board in when we're finished though, not leaving it out.

Might try and get the board up in the playroom downstairs, but not sure we have a suitable spot. It's nice playing outside anyway, while the weather is good.

Have finished my book today The Silkworm by Robert Gilbraith / JK Rowling, it was great. Should have worked it out really, but did not. Got some of the things that were going on but did not solve the mystery before the end...
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This is what an empty channel tunnel looks like

Picture I took when we went to Calais a few weeks ago:

There were only four cars on our train on the way back, and we were the last ones on... Strange! We should have brought a football or frisbee or something.

Think we might go to Calais Cite Europe again, Friday or Saturday (pay day) lovely.
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Shoot-out at Mick's burger fan

On Portsdown Hill (so somewhere I used to go when I lived in Hampshire, rather than more recently), still crikey though shooting!
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We've been in the garden today

Planted my apple tree that I bought yesterday, fingers crossed it takes root ok.

Harry made some progress on his bike, he can start himself off on his own in the garden, and negotiate all the obstacles happily:

He's not really been out on his bike since he learned to ride it last summer.
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Dr Legumes Secret Dinner Club

Beano's Vegetarian Cafe Bar
I lunched in Beano's yesterday with the boys. They'd already eaten in Debenhams, that is Harry's number one choice for lunch, but it's a tradition now that I then drag them to Beano's after for my lunch. Tommy made a bit of a pest of himself there really, but I managed to enjoy by tofu and crispy noodles with a side of sweet potato. The tofu dish was a bit light really, more like a starter to me, but very nice. Their parsnip and walnut cake was great too, and I also ate Tommy's banana butterfly cake which he didn't want. Harry enjoyed his peanut cookie. It was all vegan and he had no idea, sucker!

Picked up a flyer while I was there for Dr Legume's "Secret Dinner Club". No idea what it is, except to follow Which has one post saying "look on facebook", which I don't do so I may miss out on this one.

Am in danger of forgetting we have Pami's supper club at Kipp's Ale House soon too. Looking forward to that, mexican food and real ale should be my dream night. Only cloud really is that Clare has an early start the next day to go to Chessington so she will be insisting we leave promptly...
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Secret dinner club dates:

We invite curious minds to come and share this experience with us, at our pop-up restaurant over 5 months at 5 secret local venues, serving a 9 course taster menu of fusion cuisine based on health conscious ingredients.

Dates are as follows :

Monday 8th June -
Tuesday 9th June -

First week of July
(Days to be confirmed)

First week of August
(Days to be confirmed)

First week of September
(Days to be confirmed)

First week of October
(Days to be confirmed)

Venues released 2 weeks prior, so please "save the date"!

Enquire for "a taster" of our taster menu by e-mailing us at :
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Cider Fest at The Fountain was great

The Fountain
The Fountain Cider Festival 6.7(10 1 votes, 0, Pauly) 23rd May
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It's still going on I suppose, but so far it's been great. I called in to The Fountain yesterday early evening, just in between the boys tea and them going to bed. Took my book down with me (reading The Silk Worm by Robert Gilbraith aka JK Rowling and it is ace) and got three halves of different local cider to accompany it. There was a blues band playing Black Sheep and they were great too. We all went back to the pub this afternoon and I tried another couple of ciders while the boys played on the pirate ship in the Fountain garden. Harry had a burger there, food seemed quite nice, if a bit meaty. Tommy wouldn't touch it though.

We did the Eurovision marathon yesterday, enjoyed it, could have done with winning the sweepstake, but it went exactly as predicted.

No plans for the bank holiday tomorrow, Clare is working.

Oh we also bought an apple tree today on the way back from gymnastics, so I will plant that. Will have my own real cider on the go before you know it...
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Titanic label goes up for auction

Interesting to see what this goes for, a label for a parcel, that was intended for the Titanic, but didn't actually make it. Seems a bit tenuous to me.

We had relatives on the Titanic. Charles Valentine Clarke died, his wife Ada Maria survived the disaster.
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We have Russia and Belgium in the Eurovision sweepstake

Lover I got one for you too. I will pick which one is yours after I see some of the scores coming in...

Representing Belgium is Loïc Nottet:
Loïc Nottet is a young and complete artist who is already conscious of the universe he wishes to create. He participated in the total conception of this project. He composed the music, melody, collaborated the choreography, co-designed the look and visuals that will be used during the presentation in Vienna.

Russia has Polina Gagarina:
Polina Gagarina is one of the shining stars of the Russian show business, and she is not only famous as a singer but also as a songwriter and actress. In Vienna she will represent her country with the anthemic song A Million Voices.

Don't think we're winning a prize this year, but at least we didn't draw the UK.

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I bought two more

There was another draw, so I also got Montenegro and Albania. So we've done our own draw in the house;

☠ Clare got Montenegro
☠ Tommy got Belgium
☠ Harry got Albania
☠ I got Russia
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Did not feel the earthquake here

Kerry just told me about an earthquake in the early hours of this morning, heard nothing, felt nothing, but BBC has the details...

Centred on Sandwich and deep underground. Friend at work who lives in Deal felt it.

Kent Online has lots more, including comments from local people.
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More soup

Working from home today, wondered if I could make and eat soup from scratch in my lunch hour. And I could! Just leftover veg, herbs from the garden, pinch of chilli, it's all good. And now there are a couple of portions left over for weekend lunches.
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