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Amazing revoke article 50 - it's astonishing Brexit is still being pushed forward it seems obvious to me that it no longer has the support it had originally. It was based entirely on fear, hatred, but most importantly lies. When you compare the million people marching against it at the weekend, and the two hundred people marching for it, something is wrong that it's still going ahead.

Mon Mar 25 2019...

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Super weekend

Took Friday afternoon off to head off to Portchester for the weekend early. Picked the boys up from school but didn't get away quite as speedily as I might. I had filled up my afternoon with packing and treadmilling and so didn't get time to drop the car off outside school. Maybe a good job as this is where we lost the wing mirror last week... anyway they were keen to get going to we ran up the hill, said goodbye to Clare and were off. We didn't need to stop on the way but the roads were a bit chocka, got there in time to get changed and go to George's party. Somehow I had failed to pack about half the clothes I had laid out for the boys but luckily Mum had bought nice new things to wear.

Lovely party for his 21st, saw lots of people and the boys had a particularly good time. Helping themselves to drinks and chilli dogs, I didn't get them to bed until 11pm. This meant not too late a night for me either, good as up early for Park Run in the morning.

Went to Whitely for the park run, a new venue for me, meeting a friend who lives there. The route is three times round the park there with anadded dog leg to make it up to 5k. I had a fairly slow start, it was very popular and it's hard to know how far to push to the front. I still came 42nd out of 240 with a 23:52 and think I could have beaten my PB. Maybe next time!

Enjoyed Whitely greatly, I had a coffee with Ro after the run and caught up nicely for an hour. The shops and restaurants and things looked good so after I headed home and showered I brought everyone back again. We shopped a little (bought some of the things I forgot to pack for the boys) and had a good lunch in Wagamama, clean plates all round. There's a "Rock Up" climbing wall there but it was fully booked. I would like to take the boys back there soon but don't think we will have time next weekend. We might be able to do it, if we do the park run there and then have lunch and then go off to our our secret afternoon activity but it would be tight.

Sunday morning I got up early and ran round Salt Cafe and Portchester Castle, then we all went out for breakfast in Port Solent. Well, not Jack who was still poorly and not Kez and Rob as Rob was properly ill. Still, good, nice to be in Port Solent on a sunny day and good to get on the road early. Had a great run and were home in time to go out when we got home.

Took the bikes out, and after an annoying start of forgetting things and the boys not actually wanting to leave the house we had a great time. They got ice creams, and we sat in the sunshine outside the Inn Doors. On the way back thing two got up to twenty four seconds cycling, and it was only me being nervous of him riding close to a wall that made him stop. He's got this one cracked I think.

For tea I treated myself to a Cheriton Balti, ordered using their new app. All worked well and was good. A bit too tasty really, felt quite unhealthy, but I ate too much. Still got some left for lunch as I ordered enough for three people. Watched the fantastic Race Across The World again.

Working from home today as normal for a Monday

Mon Mar 25 2019...

Run stats 24/3/19 - 8'47/K

🚶 22607 steps 🧗 39 floors

Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 24th March

Traveling Wilburys, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney

Run stats 23/3/19 - 5'4/K

🚶 15482 steps 🧗 22 floors

Run stats 22/3/19

11.9% fat 🚶 17106 steps 🧗 49 floors

39 uses at £8.46 per go...

Last minute rush around

Bit of a hectic week, running right up to the wire. I'm doing a two day "project lounge" with work, a hack day type thing. Someone suggested something involving a raspberry pi and putting them in cars so I'm right in there. It's not going to be super feasible because of battery life but it is interesting and I'm learning and playing with some new things.

Got the afternoon off to head to George's birthday party, picking the boys up after school and driving down there. However the smashed wing mirror still is not fixed. It was meant to be done first thing this morning, but they have a backlog. Clare is going back there in an hour and they'll do it then and will surely be ready before I have to drive.

Swimming went ok yesterday, he needs to kick his legs a bit more.

Fri Mar 22 2019...

Run stats 21/3/19

12.2% fat 🚶 12849 steps 🧗 29 floors

38 uses at £8.68 per go...

Run stats 20/3/19 - 6'38/K

12.4% fat 🚶 13468 steps 🧗 40 floors

37 uses at £8.92 per go...

Lost tooth

Thing two lost his first tooth. He's had three wobblers on the bottom row for a week or so now, and one came out at school yesterday. Really he pulled it out. So he's one pound up, and on top of that had a really good day. He got a "headteacher's pencil", a reward for really good writing, a sticker from the deputy head, and he's in the merit book, and he got five raffle tickets (these go into a draw for a prize at the end of the week, that we never win). I think the sticker was a separate reward in its own right. Plus swimming went ok.

Thing one also went to school yesterday...

I got my new running vest in the post at last, it must have come from overseas. It's more like a super lightweight backpack than a vest, of course it is the american version of vest, ie waistcoat. Anyway I'm very pleased with it and want to wear it all day. Clare was gently mocking of it, but then immediately wants to borrow it.

She got a replacement wing mirror for the Peugeot and someone is fitting it Friday morning. It's all electric and stuff so nothing simple.

Doing an extra day working from home today.

Wed Mar 20 2019...