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No run this morning

There was a violent storm last night, woke us up, heavy rain, so I changed my mind about running this morning. Actually was fine when I did get up, lovely to have a lie-in until 7am though!

Bent down to pick up a cushion this morning and got a twinge in my back, first time in a while! I recovered quickly, think I am just stronger these days, but going to keep an eye on it...

Sorted the Beetle insurance yesterday, £130 for the year, bit more than I thought. Also got the MOT for the Peugeot today, Clare is taking it in, should be a formality though 🤞.

Back to the Inn Doors tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Fri Sep 21 2018...

I have published my slack-fitbit-wifi thing

So, if you are intersted in using Fitbit, Slack, and want them to talk to each other:

[npm](/wiki/#npm) install slack-bit

then you can


to update your Slack status based on what wifi hotspot you are connected to (handy at work, to keep other people updated with what building I am in or when I am at home), or:


to post your Fitbit run stats as your slack status.

Code is all here, knock yourself out.

Don't actually knock yourself out.

Fri Sep 21 2018...

Free pizza at work today

There was meant to be a rounders competition or something, with a big prize of a night out for the winning team. BUT, it's hella windy today, too windy for outdoor sports. So they seem to have spent all the money on pizza instead. Including for the vegan!

Not sure how many vegans there are here these days, but there was quite a lot of pizza. Going back later to see if I can get more, it was pretty good - spinach, artichoke, and fake cheese.

Fri Sep 21 2018...

Run stats 20/9/18 🏃 5'14/K

Thu Sep 20 2018...

Record running time

Looks like a 5'14 kilometre this morning. Up and running four days in a row now. 13% body fat. But is it making me happy..?

At least the boys were discussing the planned holiday immediately this morning, I hope they get lots of value out of this.

Thu Sep 20 2018...

Now this electric van I really like

This could be available by 2021 it's an update on the I.D. Buzz electric Kombi van concept from VW. It's meant as a work van but I would really want one of these. When I win the $110M euro lottery tomorrow (if I remember to buy a ticket) I'm putting my name on the waiting list.

Thu Sep 20 2018...

Great school, rubbish swimming

School is going well for these boys I think. Both found the start of the new term a bit slow going, being given work that is too easy for them, as the new teachers find the pace. But thing two especially is finding this term's topic intersting, they did a bit on The Plague and then into The Great Fire Of London. I keep telling him to talk about when we climbed up the Monument to the fire in London, but he says he keeps being overlooked.

Thing one is doing the Mayans still. Tonight after dinner we might have a little announcement for them about nex year's holiday...

Swimming yesterday was weird, I thought thing two had done really well, just about swimming a width, when the club organiser came over. I thought she was going to say he's been moved up to the next group, about time. No, she says she is concerned, he's just not getting it, he won't do the right things, does he even want to be here? The implication was what is the point in us carrying on. She was a bit rude I think and thoughtless to make these comments in front of him, when he thought he was doing well.

My suspicious mind tells me they remembered I do not support the plans to move the swimming pool to Princes Parade, as I do not trust the development plans at all. I am thinking they just had some bad news about the future of the club and took it out on me.

We are going to carry on until they throw us out of the club.

Wed Sep 19 2018...

Told the boys about the holiday

Word is out now, we're off to the USA and Mexico next year. Clare did them a quiz and the initial letters of the answers spelled out ORLANDO and MEXICO. Took them a while to get the implications, even when handed an itinerary of where we were going. It had not sunk in until the talk of long flights, then suddenly... WE CAN TAKE THE NINTENDO SWITCH ON AN AEROPLANE!!! Then they were excited.

It will properly sink in, they will get it.

I got them new flags to sew onto their backpacks, though not until we've actually been. Got a Mexico flag for me too, I think that will be my twenty-first country.

Wed Sep 19 2018...

Running for the third day in a row

Another 6am start, another run. To Sandgate this time, so running back away from the rising sun and into a bit of a head wind. Still a good pace though.

Wed Sep 19 2018...

Run stats 19/9/18 🏃 5'22/K

Wed Sep 19 2018...