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So that was the weekend!

Flying visit to Mum and Dad's, here it comes in parts!
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Visited family

As a result of bailing out of the concert early we had time to go and visit family, it was cousin Sarah's 21st recently. She's normally away at uni in Cornwall but was back now so there was a dinner. We could not make the dinner as we were at the concert and then would have to get the boys to bed, but were glad we could pop in. A very fleeting visit, nice to see everyone briefly. Shame some of the other cousins were away at other things. One of them a Wimbledon!

We headed home, put Harry and Tommy to bed very late again and went to get a curry from Nahidz. On the way out got a call to say could we pick up the nephew from the concert, so we got him, then our food, then home again. Food was great and I'm eating the leftovers for my lunch RIGHT NOW!
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Portsmouth Summer Show was so so

The main focus of the weekend was Portsmouth Summer Show, some bands, some family entertainment, a fun day out. We planned on going before we knew who the bands would be and stuck with it even though they turned out to be the sort of bands we would normally run a mile from. I heard there would be craft beer, though in the end I was driving. There was some fun for the kids, bouncy castle type action, and the weather was good, and it was lovely to be at an event that had something for all all generations, but I would hardly say I recommend this event. We had some (heavily marked up) food, and we saw The Silver Beatles and heard a bit of Fleetingwood Mac but left when Harry's complaining got too much.
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Pretty bad drive down

I did some extra hours earlier in the week so I could head to mum and dad's right after Harry finished school. We got off ok at 3.30 but there were rumblings about big holdups on the M25. It seemed to be getting worse, so we decided to come off and head down the M23 planning on this adding half an hour to our journey, but better than sitting on the M25 for this time. In the end there were accidents and holdups everywhere, we saw a turned over lorry and other accidents. It took us three and a half hours in the end, and Tommy was sick in the car too. Not a fun journey, but we got there in time for a lovely dinner.
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It's nearly the weekend

Did some extra hours on Wednesday in order to leave nice and early today... Clare is picking me up right after Harry finishes school and then we're off for a weekend of fun!
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HUMAX software update has broken our on demand tv service

Hmm, humax have done an automatic software update on our set top box, which has broken the wifi connection. I can possibly roll back the software update, but it will be a hassle, and would then break again when they update next. The issue is I was using the same wifi dongle that I use on all my other devices rather than the expensive humax solution. It's the same chipset as theirs, so it worked fine. It looks like they're deliberately blocking third party hardware now, which is a mean trick if it is the case.

LOTS of people are having this issue.

I've contacted support about this, but no joy:

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with connecting to the internet on your Freetime box.

Unfortunately we do support the use of third-party WiFi dongles and cannot guarantee that other brands will be able to work with our products. Whilst the dongle itself may have worked in the past, we do not develop software updates with other brands in mind and as such, it can come about through software updates, that these other dongles cease to function.

At the moment, we do not have any information to suggest that this will be changed back in the next software update, my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Now we have a new router in a new place I might be able to run a cable from it without too much disruption.

I've been mostly happy with mine (and using only freesat instead of sky I have saved money) but I do not recommend a humax set top box until this is fixed.


humax: set top box / media centre - like your sky plus, but better and free
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Now we're talking! the bbc has it the US military are investing in star wars style hoverbikes! Can I get one?

Do not believe in this hoverboard though. It is 2015 and they are due about now. But that is not it.
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