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Went to Dover on Saturday

Dover is pretty bleak really isn't it? I don't often stop there but whenever occasionally driving through it taking Clare to work I think "I'd like to spend more time here". Walking down the high street on a cold afternoon I think "oh no I don't". It odes have some good looking pubs, including three micropubs. But I didn't go in any of those. We did go in La Salle Verte cafe and that was really nice, so good work them. The crowd of people who came in all seemed nice too, a community of interesting people. But back on the streets again, I was keen to get away.
Whenever I say "I'm sure it's nice here" Clare says "I'm telling you it's not" and now I'm starting to believe her. When you can see the castle, or the sea, and think how many interesting people must be passing through it each day it seems like it must have something going for it. I just haven't found it yet.
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Wow I've been busy

No time to post anything all week.
Had a lovely day in Tenterden on Sunday, swimming, Prezzo, park, nice.
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