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Squeeze: quite good

Went OUT in the week last night, this never happens. Did not take thing two swimming as I had a ticket for Squeeze and Heaven 17 at the Leas Cliff Hall. Left work sharply, walked to town to meet friends. It was cold!

Met in the Firkin Ale House for one, then another one, then walked over to the Leas Cliff Hall. Some of our party were less experiencedยน than I and did not know you don't get there early and you don't have to watch the support band. Actually they were very keen to see the support. Big old queue to get in, kind of pleasing to thing I was in the youngest one percent of this capacity crowd.

Heaven 17: not very good. Ah well. Weird cover of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling". Lots of the crowd were mostly there to see them I think.

Squeeze: very good! I didn't realise how many of their songs I knew. Nice to see a proper band and proper singing and playing, wihtout sounding too much of an old fart who doesn't understand modern music.

Got a much appreciated lift home, what with the cold and that and was in bed not too late, without having drunk much.

Hey where did my photos go of Topper Headon at the Blockheads gig go? I can't find them.

ยนThey have more experience than I, being a bit older. One of them was at Live Aid.

Wed Nov 20 2019...

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Run stats 20/11/19

๐Ÿšถ 1510 steps 11.8% fat ๐Ÿง— 4 floors

Freezing out today, frosty

Thick frost on the cars this morning, it is proper nippy. I am still upgraded to the family car for this week, so not having to worry about it too much.

Struggling with christmas gift ideas, I want for nothing, the boys want for nothing, but getting nothing for christmas is seen as grinchy. They tried to come up with lists this morning, and indeed thing one did come up with a load of books and yet another Nintendo Switch idea. However I then put the idea of getting a potato and a sprout for christmas and they decided to write each other a list of all the vegetables they were going to get and then it descended into stinky bum name calling.

Going to see Squeeze and Heaven 17 tonight, I am in danger of forgetting this.

Two Dr Seuss references in one post.

Tue Nov 19 2019...

Run stats 19/11/19 - 9'25/K

๐Ÿšถ 15907 steps โค๏ธ 57 bpm 11.8% fat ๐Ÿง— 49 floors

Did not do junior parkrun

Yesterday morning it was raining, so we didn't go to junior parkrun. It was looking like stopping, but as all the running is up and down grassy hills at Kearsney Abbey it would be muddy and slippery. Maybe next week.

We did go to Ashford, though as ever it was not the greatest experience. Very busy so we had to park in the NCP carpark, but it was free this day for some reason, so that was a good start. Clare did not find the boots she wants for Christmas so probably more shopping next weekend. We had lunch at Comptoir Libanais and it was OK but not amazing. Made a change. Then I stood in the cold watching the boys play in the play area until it was time to come home.

Next it was my turn, I went back to the Inn Doors and stayed until closing again! OK, this time closing was at 6pm, it was quiet so they put the closed sign on the door. This always makes a rush of new customers, and it did, so it was actually quite busy when I left. I had leftover curry for my tea, we made plans for a treehouse in the garden thing one has been reading a book and watched TV.

I did buy the ingredients for my soup, but did not make it yet. I have a few recipes lined up from this book.

Mon Nov 18 2019...

Run stats 18/11/19

๐Ÿšถ 11644 steps โค๏ธ 59 bpm 11.8% fat ๐Ÿง— 43 floors

Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 17th November

Nirvana, Queen, Neil Diamond

Doughnut of ROCK - the types of music I listened to this week 31% ROCK \m/
  • 16% Indie
  • 12% Alternative
  • 8% Britpop
  • 6% Post-punk
  • 5% New wave
  • 3% Madchester
  • 2% Heavy metal
  • 2% Metal
  • 1% Electronic
  • 1% Manchester
  • 1% Shoegaze
  • 1% Pop

Run stats 17/11/19

๐Ÿšถ 18832 steps โค๏ธ 57 bpm 11.8% fat ๐Ÿง— 55 floors

Full night at the Inn Doors

Lovely, didn't get out of work quite as early as intended but was still at the Inn Doors by five fifteen yesterday, nice! Bad weather puts people off so for a while there were only two of us in there, plus the owners. Then Clare suggested I stay out, she could put the boys to bed, so I took full advantage. Various friends came in at various points and I stayed until closing. Did I pay my bill before leaving? I think so...

Strangely woke up with a bit of a headache this morning! Then couldn't find my right shorts, nor my running shoes, hmm... Clare reminded me, had I taken them to work? I did, and I must have left a bag in the car. I biked off to parkrun in my old shoes and summer shorts. Then on arrival, where is my barcode? I had the wrong shorts on so no barcode in the pocket, and the wrong trainers on so no spare barcode tucked under the insole. No barcode means no time, no credit for this run. Would I actually chuck it in? No I ran anyway though a bit half-heartedly. Plus these old trainers make a flap flap flap noise, and this slowed me down. I soon ran off the headache, and when this cleared I remembered I had a spare spare barcode in my running jacket pocket. I sped up a lot for the last kilometre or so and had a good finish but overall a poor time of 23:36.

Emma and Jeff and the children visited this morning, lovely to see them. Then I took the boys into town to get haircuts and do some shopping.

I think I'm going to get a takeaway tonight from Cheriton Balti again, because I'm worth it. Then in the morning thing one and I are going to junior parkrun in Dover.

Sat Nov 16 2019...

Run stats 16/11/19 - 6'2/K

๐Ÿšถ 18476 steps โค๏ธ 55 bpm 12.1% fat ๐Ÿง— 68 floors

Best ever daily steps: 38155 on Sat, Sep 14 Saturday was the best since Sun, Oct 20's 27967 my 13000 daily target your daily target 13906 Sun, Nov 10 9863 Monday 10965 Tuesday 934 days of data 7877 Wednesday 10596 Thursday 8830 Friday 18476 Saturday 12.1% fat 55 bpm โค๏ธŽ 10k - 20k - 30k -

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