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Run stats 18/7/19

14% fat 🚢 8530 steps πŸ§— 45 floors

63 uses at Β£5.24 per go, or Β£47.14 per month.

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More details on share repayment

Also found out more about my work share money, of which I had the first installment this month. I was expecting one installment per year over the next three to five years depending how the company is doing. However they are planning to do two installments per year over the next five, and it works out at more than I was expecting, including interest. I put the first installment straight in the holiday fund and assumed that would be it for the year, but I can top it up again in September. So could use some of this lot to do a mini trip at the end of the Summer holiday. We were thinking of a weekend in London, won't go much further afield than that, but maybe Bristol instead. Then September's top up should give me plenty to do our planned holiday-by-train next Summer, and then the following installments should cover the following years' holidays.

Thu Jul 18 2019...

Late night because of school theatre trip

Thing one went to the theatre in London yesterday on a school trip, and the coach didn't arrive back until quarter to one this morning. So everyone knackered and fractious. He was travel sick on the way back too which brightened him up as he thought that meant an instant forty-eight hours off school and an early start to the Summer holiday. We say no, travel sick doesn't count. Especially as it was caused by taking the Nintendo Switch to play on the coach.

Only one and a half days left of school for the year, as they have a picnic on Friday lunchtime and then home.

PTA night out tonight to celebrate the year, we're off to the Fountain. We raised over seven grand for the school.

Thu Jul 18 2019...

Three non-blind mice

Trapped our third mouse this week. Using chocolate spread to bait the humane mouse trap, it is very effective. Too effective maybe, is the sniff of the chocolate spread luring in mice who would not normally come near our house? I'm maintaining the system of depositing them far from the house too, so some extra exercise, I dropped this one off down by the canal.

Thing one is on his theatre trip today, gone up to London. Luckily if they're going to be much later than midnight on the way back I will get a text...

Standing on a balance board at the stand up desks today because I am a hipster. Also there was no room on my normal desk.

Wed Jul 17 2019...

Run stats 17/7/19

14.3% fat 🚢 12345 steps πŸ§— 44 floors

Thing two got a special award at prize day

Thing two got a special key stage one reading award, and we're not sure why, apart from obviously that he is awesome. It was not on the schedule for school prize day. We were not expecting anything this year, maybe a hope that he'd get the achievement award for his year, but no. Then this, lovely, a trophy, he is pleased. Thing one has of course been very reasonable about though he was disappointed at not winning anything. We were not due a prize for him this year, but maybe next year.

Tue Jul 16 2019...

Chameleon bar and grill have been in touch

I emailed them with some questions about the menu, they list some vegan options and they didn't sound that vegan. But all cleared up, so will will visit soon. Maybe on Saturday!

My apologies the Paneer & Broccoli Kebab is not Vegan - It is a mistake from our side. This will be corrected on our menus ASAP. I really appreciate your help in spotting this.

Biriyani itself is Vegan but usually comes with Raita (yogurt dip) on the side. So, this could be served as a vegan dish without Raita but curry sauce instead.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly when you plan to visit next, I’ll make sure everything goes well.

Tue Jul 16 2019...

Run stats 16/7/19

13.7% fat 🚢 14128 steps πŸ§— 34 floors

Run stats 15/7/19

13.2% fat 🚢 12883 steps πŸ§— 30 floors

Loved Spiderman: Far From Home

Went to the cinema with the boys yesterday, while Clare was out with her dad at some church thing in Dover. I think on balance we'd all have preferred to be watching the new Spiderman film. It was awesome, really good. Great to see them in the European locations, and the plot of it caught us out too. We thought we knew what to expect and we were sort of right, in the end. We particularly enjoyed the action around Tower Hill, and I always liked the more human side of the Spiderman stories. Good credits and post-credits scenese too setting up for next time.

After we went to Pizza Hut, their choice, but it's good for vegans too. I must remember not to have the pan pizza, it's just too doughy. Like having a pizza on top of a doughnut. Hmm, and I did have doughnuts too this weekend, as we went to Morrisons.

Went for a walk to the Inn Doors after we got back, and lots of friends were in there which was a bonus. The tennis and cricket were on so I caught the very close finish of both of them, but not really my cup of tea.

We have prize day tonight at school, part of quite a busy last week of term.

Mon Jul 15 2019...

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