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Dry-vegan-runuary day nineteen

This was a breeze really, nice day, though it meant quite busy out, so lots of people to dodge round. I ran round Sandgate, and by the time I got back the shopping had been delivered and was put away, bonus.

After lunch I took the boys on a bike ride and we stopped in Orchard Lane. They didn't want cakes! So I had two! There actually wasn't a huge choice of vegan cakes left, must have been a busy day. The boys did take their tablets with them to the cafe, as there is good wifi. This was a rare treat as we wanted to be out a bit longer to give Clare some peace to do some work.

In what has now become another Sunday tradition I went back to Nine Dragons for the third weekend in a row, and it was good again. I ordered slightly less, and Clare ate slightly more, so I have a more human sized portion leftover for lunch today and I have not piled on the kilos overnight. This excess food treat is fine, becaues I am not drinking. Also all the extra running.

Mon Jan 20 2020...

This week 10 years ago

15 years ago

Getting the robot butler to talk to my IKEA lights

Nice, got my new IKEA lights automated with the old Robot Butler. The IKEA phone app is OK, and they come with a remote control, and the Google Home app is REALLY good, and this means they're all voice controlled too. But I want more! I want to set them on a schedule based on my google calendar and now I can. This means I can automate them differently when we're on holiday, or when it's christmas, and things like that.

I will publish my findings, but making use of this to add to this. I need to make a new repo now it's no longer lightwaverf specific, and the docs there don't even explain it has all the features of this one too.

Mon Jan 20 2020...

Run stats 20/1/20 - 4'42/K

13.9% fat

104 treadmill uses at Β£3.17 per use, or Β£25.38 /month. Including all the times Clare has been on it, plus all the times the boys have, plus all the times the kids have put toys on it, this comes to approx Β£2.89 per go...

Artists of the week, commencing Sunday 19th January

Misfits, Ramones, Danzig

Doughnut of ROCK - the types of music I listened to this week 18% ROCK \m/
  • 17% Indie
  • 12% Alternative
  • 4% Heavy metal
  • 4% Post-punk
  • 3% Punk
  • 3% Hardcore
  • 3% Hardcore punk
  • 2% Metal
  • 2% Hair metal
  • 2% Britpop
  • 2% New wave
  • 1% Rap
  • 1% Nwobhm
  • 1% Hip-hop
  • 1% Hip hop
  • 1% Electronic
  • 1% Pop

Run stats 19/1/20 - 4'35/K

🚢 13964 steps 13.8% fat

New PB on dry-vegan-runuary day eighteen

Up early for parkrun, and having the pacemakers there helped me it seems. I stuck to the twenty-one minute guy (the pace setters helpfully all wore vests with their times on, like at the London parkrun I did) and I got a time of 21'10. Pleased with that! Will I ever break twenty-one minutes though?

I forgot to set my watch, so my time and distance on here will look wrong, but I definitely did 5k. That was my fiftieth parkrun too, so hopefully I get a t-shirt now...

After that we went to Hythe for lunch at the White Hart, and it was nice again. It's cosy there, I like it. A coffee and an alcohol free beer for me. I had a massive vegan hotdog special, and it was good but the sausage was a bit too authentic for comfort. The others had sandwiches again, and they were good, if the bread was a bit dry.

Thing one was playing video games most of the day with a friend, thing two was with us and we made cookies. Mostly Clare did this, while excitingly I cleared the ironing pile and watched a programme about Terry Pratchett I had recorded.

Went to the Inn Doors yesterday and caught up with friends, but not booze for me again.

Sat Jan 18 2020...

Run stats 18/1/20 - 4'14/K

🚢 12510 steps 13.7% fat

Best ever daily steps: 38155 on Saturday, September 14, 2019 Sun, Jan 12 was the best since Fri, Jan 3's 20511 my 13000 daily target your daily target 18610 Sun, Jan 12 8528 Monday 994 days of data 4538 Tuesday 12928 Wednesday 11166 Thursday 9248 Friday 12510 Saturday 13.7% fat 59 bpm ❀︎ 10k - 20k - 30k -

BBC weather page is a massive beast

Wow the source of this page is absolutely humungous, I thought the BBC were on top of stuff like this. I'm sure it's been tested well, and the content of the page is fantastic, but there seems to be loads of unneccessary crap in there. Inline some of the javascript sure, but do you need all of it? Also loads of comments left in there which ought to be stripped out before it's published.

(Desperately checks the source of this page now for similar errors...)

Speaking of weather it is nice out there again now. It's cold, and it's very wet underfoot, but it's bright and there is a nice Simpsons blue sky. Going to take a lunchtime soon walk and then eat my out of date bagels.

BBC says "weather warnings issued", round here, sunny intervals and a fresh breeze, high of 10Β° and a low of 1Β°. Put your coat on.

Fri Jan 17 2020...

Dry-vegan-runuary day seventeen

Up early and out to run before work, even though the weather was not ideal, so I didn't get dragged into a cross-country run at lunchtime. Was planning to run round Sandgate but it felt like the wind was going the wrong way, I'd rather have the wind in my face on the way out and the wind at my back on the way home, so I ran to Hythe instead.

Not drinking is still going fine. I got some ginger beer from Tesco yesterday, but it's way to sweet. I had a nice mango + ginger drink the other day and was hoping to find another of those. I had one alcohol free Brewdog Punk IPA too, that's ok.

Wireless charging for cars, now we are truly in the future. This will become mainstream about the time normal people stop having private cars, but it's great for taxis.

And in a similar note this sounds great news, forcing Apple to conform to charging standards may speed up innovation. Friends said HOW??? This is nonsense! But I think stopping Apple using custom cables for iphone etc will accelerate wireless charging. Either they'll improve their laptops and phones to make USB-C work for them or they will think outside the box. The box of discarded cables that everyone surely has. which one was it again I know it's here somewhere...

I blame the (delicious) out of date pie. It's one of the super bargains I got from Waitrose last week and chucked in the freezer.

I went looking for food bargains again yesterday, after swimming (all went very well, cheers). I thought I'd get another vegan cornish pasty from Tesco, but the vegan ones are now Β£1.75 where the meat ones are only 95p. Not fair. So I am having leftover slightly out of date bagel for lunch today...

Currently planning to go to the Inn Doors tonight (though still not drinking of course), then an early night, then a good parkrun tomorrow. We will have pacers running tomorrow so if I want to get a twenty-one minute pb there will be someone running at exactly this pace that I can try and stick with.

Fri Jan 17 2020...

Run stats 17/1/20 - 4'44/K

🚢 9248 steps 14.1% fat


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