2000 Gigography of Paul Clarke

PaulyGigography ≫ 2000

Getting there with my gig history now, the list of every gig I remember going to, from 1987 up to about now. It's a natural step from my Best Gigs Ever post. Well that's the theory, but there's A LOT missing. I have chucked in details from the big bag of old gig tickets that I gathered while I was in London, + a box of old concert tickets + things from Mum and Dad's loft. Also got lots of gaps regarding festival lineups, they'll probably stay missing, it's so hard to remember. There's a stack missing where I've lost tickets or never had them, most of the guestlist actions during my NME and Popex years and that. Yeah I know it's a bit geeky, let's let that go though, I'm enjoying remembering these things. At least I've not started scanning the tickets in yet Of course I have scanned the tickets now[^But I've lost the bag of tickets before I scanned them all in!]...

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Fortuna Pop Christmas Party @ Bull and Gate

MJ Hibbett must have been here…

Fri Dec 15 2000

The Wonderstuff @ Forum

did I really see them on the 3rd Feb too?

Tue Dec 12 2000

Channelfly Xmas Party @ Barfly

Before I worked there, I think there were bands. THIS is why I left the Wonderstuff early, doh... There was a ruckus + the police sent us all home.…

Tue Dec 12 2000

The Pogues @ Brixton Academy

Or was it just Shane McGowan? + was it Brixton or the Astoria?. Support from I Am Kloot anyway I wrote about it on popex. Ah, I was not there anyway.…

Mon Dec 11 2000

Fighting Cocks @ Dublin Castle

"Punktronic excursions in a white noise wonderland", it says here...

Mon Dec 11 2000

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead @ ULU

Plus Snow Patrol, back when I liked Snow Patrol, but before you like Snow Patrol. Awesome!…

Fri Dec 08 2000

Marcel @ Hope and Anchor

Friends band

Thu Dec 07 2000

Cooper Temple Clause @ Kings Cross Water Rats

First time I saw them + I loved them...

Wed Nov 29 2000

Fighting Cocks @ Koko

Yeah no Madonna at Brixton for me!…

Tue Nov 28 2000

Starsailor @ Barfly

+ Black Moses. I got locked in the toilet at this gig.…

Mon Nov 27 2000

Queens Of The Stone Age @ Astoria

Wed Nov 22 2000

David Devant and his Spirit Wife @ HQ Club

Think the year was originally wrong on this one... this link from gigguide.uk.com has it as 2000, sounds about right to me. The Darkness were also playing this night at the Monarch / Barfly, so I was at this.…

Sat Nov 18 2000

Frank Black @ Camden Underworld

He played Pixies songs…

Wed Nov 15 2000

Captain Soul @ Barfly

AKA Hooverdam. Cosmic Rough Riders headlined, a Poptones night.…

Tue Nov 07 2000

Rachel Stamp? @ Koko

Or some band connected with them. They were dressed as KISS I think, did they do KISS covers too? Was this the band that Chris Dale from Atom Seed was also in? Two gigs in one night, very drunk by the time I got to this one...…

Tue Nov 07 2000

MJ Hibbett @ Bull and Gate

Tue Nov 07 2000

Camdemonium @ Dingwalls

AKA Camden Crawl... All around Camden, not sure who I saw this year, not a lot.…

Thu Oct 19 2000

Spearmint @ Dingwalls

I didn't like it it seems, shame, I thought I liked Spearmint!…

Thu Oct 12 2000

Fighting Cocks @ Kings Cross Water Rats

At Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception, two gigs in one day (Scalarama was an all day type thing) I remember the new line up of The 'Cocks + the cheerleaders...…

Sat Oct 07 2000

Scalarama 2 @ The Scala

MJ Hibbett, Jacques, Spearmint, Baxendale + lots of other bands…

Sat Oct 07 2000

Cousteau @ Dingwalls

And Elevator Suite, so we were there to see Cousteau.I think Emma was doing press for Cousteau.…

Wed Oct 04 2000

Green Day @ Kings College

Some special Radio One thing, got a nice freebie from friends I was about to start working with at Channelfly. Green Day picked some kids out of the audience and made them play a song.…

Fri Sep 15 2000

Action SPECTACULAR @ Barfly


Wed Sep 13 2000

The Dudley Corporation @ The Garage

Friends of friends...

Sat Sep 09 2000

I Am Kloot @ Barfly

and Alfie, Barfly sessions daytime thing recorded for Television. Can't remember if I stayed for Idlewild in the evening.…

Thu Sep 07 2000

Elastica @ Kings Cross Water Rats

DJing only, not perfoming, at Uncle Bobs...…

Sat Sep 02 2000

Reading Festival 2000 @ Reading Festival

Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot, Gorky's, Foo Fighters, Ween, Primal Scream, Daphne + Celeste, JJ72, SFA, + You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, At The Drive In...I was on a freebie from Uncle Bob's, did I not watch the headliners at all? I don't remember many of the bands off the poster, no Oasis, Pulp, Rage Against The Machine ect ect. Was I just way too cool? Is this one of the years we booked a hotel too?…

Fri Aug 25 2000

Pulp @ The Garage

Tickets say "Keep Calm", it was a warmup for Reading in a few days time.Howard Marks + Chris Morris were there amongst others.I think a friend Dan who was working at Ticketmaster tipped us off to this.…

Tue Aug 22 2000

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead @ Barfly

Awesome gig...

Mon Aug 21 2000

Bloodhound Gang @ Astoria

They did a 10 kebab challenge on stage and Daphne + Celeste were there. + so was I!…

Wed Aug 16 2000

The Cuban Boys @ The Garage

Don't recall if they did their "Hamster Dance" single, I do remember an ace cover of "Self Esteem", though I could possiblybe mixing it up with an earlier Helen Love gig... Plus The Fighting Cocks.…

Tue Aug 08 2000

MJ Hibbett @ Bull and Gate

plus Scatia + Senseless Prayer.

Mon Aug 07 2000

Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception @ Kings Cross Water Rats

Featuring Gene's Matt the Hat…

Sat Aug 05 2000

King Adora @ Barfly

Another "Barfly Sessions" Television thing, free + in the afternoon I think. Pretty poor.…

Wed Aug 02 2000

Badly Drawn Boy @ Barfly

Another Barfly Sessions, evening or just later afternoon this one.…

Wed Aug 02 2000

David Devant @ Borders Bookstore

Free instore gig, two free gigs in one day, nice.

Tue Aug 01 2000

Coldplay @ Barfly

Coldplay Barfly session was today, I was there... cosy.…

Tue Aug 01 2000

Kathryn Williams @ Dingwalls

A birthday night out, just after she was Mercury nominated…

Thu Jul 27 2000

David Devant

Somewhere, can't remember where this gig was but I mentioned it on popex...…

Fri Jul 21 2000

Graham Coxon @ The Garage

Excellent, good to see his Blur bandmates turning out to cheer him on the audience too, Damon was pogoing away like a goodun.…

Fri Jul 14 2000

Jacques @ Borders Bookstore

Free instore gig and poetry reading...…

Thu Jun 29 2000

The Fighting Cocks @ Hope and Anchor

Wed Jun 28 2000

Glastonbury 2000 @ Glastonbury

Loved BLOODHOUND GANG, David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys, + Travis...…

Thu Jun 22 2000

Clint Boon @ Kings Cross Water Rats

DJ'ing at Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception…

Sat Jun 03 2000

Fighting Cocks @ Bull and Gate

Broadcast LIVE on the internets apparently, when this was not the common thing it is now.

Tue May 30 2000

Gene @ The Scala

think I attended this, I wrote about it on popex…

Sat May 27 2000

Kathryn Williams @ Spitz

Seems I fell down an escalator after this one.

Wed May 24 2000

David Devant @ The Garage

These boys can play!Went to see David Devant And His Spirit Wife a lot and it was always awesome.…

Sat May 20 2000

Elastica @ Sound Republic

Free gig for XFM, who gave me FIFTY tickets to give away...…

Thu May 18 2000

Rosita @ Bull and Gate

+ Mica Bomb + Reverend Pike. Rosita were two of Kenickie + Mica Bomb were connected to the singer of the Sultans of Ping I'm sure...…

Tue May 09 2000

The Bluetones @ Sound Republic

Free gig for XFM.…

Mon May 08 2000

Belle & Sebastian @ Ten Rooms

Not a gig, a weird press conference thing.

Wed May 03 2000

The Bluetones @ Mean Fiddler

Think I attended this anyway, lunchtime gig for Japanese Television, did a few of these...…

Sat Apr 29 2000

Jacques @ Spitz

Anthony Reynolds + Matthew Scott, Jack basically, I preferred the whole band, so still good.…

Wed Apr 26 2000

Six By Seven @ Astoria

Plus ...Trail Of Dead, awesome. There was another Trail of Dead show just days before this, not sure it's the Highbury Garage show I'm thinking of buy maybe.…

Wed Apr 19 2000

Hefner @ ULU

Fri Apr 14 2000

MJ Hibbett @ Bull and Gate

and Johnny Domino.

Tue Apr 04 2000

Twist @ Kings Cross Water Rats

All girl rock.

Tue Mar 28 2000

Drugstore @ ULU

Club Maker night. Thom Yorke performed with Drugstore, + Michael Stipe was in the crowd. Support from The Bigger The God and Groupie and double gin for a pound.…

Tue Mar 14 2000

Dr John @ EAT

Got in free because of the support, think it was Ben + Jason. Not much cop anyway.

Sun Mar 12 2000

The Bigger The God @ Bull and Gate

One of The Bigger The God was a friend from the uk-indie mailing list. Says here I was going to the gig so it's going on the list. I did go and see them several times. Support from Interseed, Hester Thrale and Angel Delay apparently. I liked the Bull And Gate a lot.…

Thu Mar 09 2000

Elastica @ Astoria

NME Brats show, think they were quite past their prime by this point...Plus Fridge, Zan Lyons and Contempo apparently^Removed old nme.com/news/music/brats-1387207 link here.]. Nope, me either. I alwys remember [the NME Brats shows as having a better lineup than this, but maybe it was only the ones I didn't go to?…

Sat Jan 29 2000

The Beta Band @ Astoria

NME Brats show, with Gorkys Zygotic Mynci + Sigur Ros apparently. Lovely write up:Flash forward a few years to the Beta Band in January 2000, at an NME Brats show. I don't really remember much, other than that I was with a big group of my gigging mates in the upstairs bit, we were all trolleyed oah chopped some of it off, I think that was from Stu originally.…

Tue Jan 25 2000