1987 Gigography of Paul Clarke

PaulyGigography ≫ 1987

Getting there with my gigography now, every gig I remember going to, from 1987 up to about now. It's an obvious step from my Best gigs of all time post. Well that's the theory, so there's A LOT missing. I have added details from the big bag of old gig tickets that I gathered while I was in London, and a box of old concert tickets + things from Mum + Dad's loft. Also got lots of gaps regarding festival lineups, they'll probably stay missing, it's so hard to remember. There's a stack missing where I've lost tickets or never had them, most of the guestlist actions during my NME + Popex years + that. Yeah I know it's a bit nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm having fun remembering this stuff. At least I've not started scanning the tickets in yet Of course I have scanned the tickets now[^So I've lost the bag of tickets before I scanned them all in!]...

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Madonna @ Wembley Stadium

Just one day out of life!My first proper concert. With support from Hue & Cry^Now I am reading that Level 42 were the support for this whole tour, so did I imagine hearing Hue & Cry? Did I mix up the songs, and I have always thought I saw Hue and Cry when really it was Level 42?] + [The Bhundu Boys, but not the rumoured Wet Wet Wet^Just seen (in 2023)a Top Of The Pops from 13th August 1987 presented by Simon Bates + Peter Powell were they mentioned Wet Wet Wet supporting Madonna this week. They do specifically mention Leeds, which was the first date. So did they support at Leeds only? Great episode of Top Of The Pops anyway with Def Leppard and Motley Crue + Jesus And Mary Chain.]. My first concert, went with Lee, a friend from [school, and some friends of his dad. Sounds a bit weird now. Got the t-shirt, programme, every bit of junk going... do I still have the t-shirt? Was an unofficial t-shirt from outside the ground, + I cut the sleeves off at some point.The ticket feels l…

Tue Aug 18 1987