1995 Gigography of Paul Clarke

PaulyGigography ≫ 1995

Getting there with my gigography now, all the gigs I remember going to, from 1987 up to about now. It's an obvious step from my Best gigs of all time post. Well that's the theory, so there's A LOT missing. I have added details from the big bag of old gig tickets that I gathered while I was in London, + a box of old concert tickets + things from Mum + Dad's loft. Also got lots of gaps regarding festival lineups, they'll probably stay missing, it's so hard to remember. There's a stack missing where I've lost tickets or never had them, most of the guestlist actions during my NME + Popex years and that. Yeah I know it's a bit nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm having fun remembering these things. At least I've not started scanning the tickets in yet Of course I have scanned the tickets now[^So I've lost the bag of tickets before I scanned them all in!]...

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Bush @ The Wedgewood Rooms

plus Placebo. Not sure I actually went to this, I remember feeling really ill at the previous day's gig, think I was out for a few days with something like flu or glandula fever...…

Tue Nov 21 1995

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci @ University of Portsmouth

Plus Tunic maybe?…

Mon Nov 20 1995

Chumbawamba @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Plus Cardiacs and Boasti. Prob'ly not my first Portsmouth Venue Campaign gig I volunteered at, I think that was 1994? Chumbawamba must have done this one twice.…

Wed Nov 15 1995

Scarfo @ University of Portsmouth

Fri Nov 10 1995

Radiohead @ Southampton Guildhall

I won tickets from Radio One, I think Sparklehorse supported + Mark Linkous played the gig in a wheelchair, unless my brane is playing tricks.Just found a ticket that says Strangelove supported too.…

Tue Nov 07 1995

Maker Shaker tour @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Strangelove, Powder, Pusherman + Elcka. I hope I can find some better tickets than this!

Sun Nov 05 1995

Oasis @ Earls Court

Did they have the Bootleg Beatles again? Or am I misremembering the Southampton gig?…

Sat Nov 04 1995

Menswear @ Camden Underworld

A radio one show, was billed as Longpigs + Fluffy + Menswear were surprise headliners. The glory days of britpop! They got in big trouble for swearing live on the radio. Think I have the day right, let me know if you know better...Hmm prob'ly don't have the date right as these scanned tour dates^Removed old twitter.com/Britpopmemories/status/1316636357855457280 link here.] have it that [Menswear were playing Brighton on that day. They could have come up here after that I suppose as they likely all lived up in North London at the time.Got a reference here^Removed old livebootlegconcert.blogspot.com/2020/04/menswear-live-underworld-london-england.html link here.] that says it was this date, + that they played:1. 125 West 3rd Street2. I'll Manage Somehow3. Satellite4. Little Miss Pinpoint Eyes5. [Sleeping In6. Daydreamer7. Around You Again8. (banter)9. StardustSo there is a bootleg of it out there. That "banter" must have been the swearing that got them in trouble. I can remembe…

Wed Nov 01 1995

Therapy? @ Portsmouth Guildhall

[^As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.]…

Sun Oct 29 1995

Menswear @ Portsmouth Pyramids

I was in the venue to see the band eating their tea, lucky me, Johnny Dean ate oddly.I have it that I attended Kula Shaker this same day, this one has the date on the poster though so I must have the Kula Shaker date wrong.…

Thu Oct 26 1995

Kula Shaker @ Reading Alleycat

Some ill advised comments about swastikas saw the band fall right down before the signed goodies I got this day became worth anything... here's to a revival!I possibly have this date wrong, I have a poster that says I went to Menswear at Portsmouth Pyramids on the 26th October... They also played this venue on the 30th November 1996 + 13th June 1996.I saw them before this at University of Surrey, so can't find a record of this one yet.…

Thu Oct 26 1995

Thurman @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Wed Oct 25 1995

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Straw Donkey tour? Think I have a poster somewhere.UPDATE: Yeah I do! More than one! + they're signed!…

Sun Oct 22 1995

Echobelly @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Just found a ticket for this so I hear it was at the Pyramids not The Joiners like olivergray.com/giglist.html^Removed old olivergray.com link here.][^Seems the url changed since I first posted this] says... I also saw [Echobelly at The Joiners in 1994. Aha just found a flyer + a pass for this gig...…

Thu Oct 19 1995

Fist Of Fun @ University of Portsmouth

The Fist Of Fun show, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, + Peter Baynham. I have always been a big fan, glad to have seen some of the actual live shows instead of just the solo shows. Think this was a freebie as I was working at the uni at the time and doing some fanzine stuff too. Not sure if I'd started Sold Out yet so I was doing online listings.This flyer has a Marion gig on it that I'm sure never happened.…

Sat Oct 14 1995

Modern World with My Life Story and Smaller @ University of Portsmouth

A University of Portsmouth student union clubnight. Don't think many actual uni students ever went to these. I was working at the uni at the time. I remember Smaller playing but not so sure about My Life Story.…

Fri Oct 13 1995

Smaller @ The Joiners

Friends of Oasis, you have to say that. Digsy of Smaller is the Digsy from "Digsy's Dinner" on the first Oasis album.…

Thu Oct 12 1995

Sleeper @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Plus Wannadies + 60ft Dolls I think, I have found the POSTER now + remembered it is all signed too. 60ft Dolls were my big favourite of the day, this is a great three band sort-of-britpop lineup.…

Wed Oct 11 1995

Thurman LUX launch party @ Madame Jojo's

I loved Thurman + I went to their album launch party, which I assume was a gig too, at Madame JoJos. Up in that London, think I must have gone up on my own.…

Wed Oct 04 1995

The Bluetones @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Tue Oct 03 1995

Longpigs @ The Joiners

See that, SIX in a row, Mansun, Perfume, Thurman, Fluffy, Gouge, Longpigs. At the time I thought what a GREAT time this is for music.…

Thu Sep 28 1995

Fluffy @ The Joiners

All girl rock, loved them at the time, they basically played gigs in their pantsThis ticket is signed on the back, did I get more stuff? I should scan it in again. I had one of their singles, it has a picture of a sex toy on the cover.…

Wed Sep 27 1995

The Pogues @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Think I worked at this one, a Portsmouth Venue Campaign job, without Shane McGowan though.…

Mon Sep 25 1995

Stereolab @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Wed Sep 20 1995

Gouge @ The Joiners

Lovely poster from this event, though I've now seen the release date of this single touted as something else, the same day as the Blur vs Oasis battle. Maybe this is a re-release? I do have the single "Get Odd" too.…

Tue Sep 19 1995

Thurman @ The Joiners

Britpop, I thought they were the greatest at the time but it's not all aged so well.…

Thu Sep 14 1995

Perfume @ The Joiners

Thu Aug 31 1995

Take That @ Earls Court

I went ironically I think... just found the ticket block bb row f seat 44! No Robbie at this one, + they played a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit with real instruments...…

Mon Aug 28 1995

Mansun @ The Joiners

Hmm seems I have had this gig mislabelled for quite a while. I found the poster + flyer below which I got from this gig + must have put together at the time. I framed this one, and recently got it back from Mum and Dad's loft. Why did I frame this one and not many of the others that I have? I must do more scanning... I really liked Heavy Stereo so don't clearly remember them playing this day, so did they definitely show? Maybe they canned it at the last minute to record Top Of The Pops or something? I'm guessing here. I remember Mansun, + I remember the local support Thermal who played a lot at these britpop gigs.Mansun's third ever gig, when they were still called Manson, and when they were still good.See that flyer, I went to most of those gigs, definitely Thurman, Gouge, Fluffy, and Longpigs.…

Fri Aug 25 1995

Supergrass @ South Parade Pier

Plus the Bluetones, great gig, some sort of warm up for something I suppose. Maybe a European festival? For ages this gig did not appear in anyone else's gigoraphies, but I have a ticket see, I did not make it up!.jpeg)We had been to see these two bands touring together when they came to the Joiners earlier in the year too.…

Fri Aug 18 1995

Gosport Festival 95 @ Walpole Park (Gosport)

Dodgy, Salad, SMASH (advertised but seems they split up just before this so who were the replacement?), and Powder, the lower ranks of Britpop but just my cup of tea!Again, not the Walpole Park in Ealing!.jpeg)…

Sat Jul 29 1995

Black Grape @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Their first gig. Joe Strummer and Alex Blur were there too..jpeg)Looks like Longpigs played the Joiners on the same night.…

Tue Jul 18 1995

Phoenix 1995 @ Avon Park Raceway

Suede, Public Enemy, Bodycount Bootsy Collins, George Clinton Warren G? The Verve, Bob Dylan, Faith No More, The Wedding Present, Terrorvision, The Fall...Very hot, queueing for water I think, or was that 1996?I can't claim to be a big fan of Warren G but his song always reminds me of happy times in Southampton. It was after the Frog and Frigate had closed, everyone used to go to some provincial nightclub in Southampton for some reason. Hearing Warren G was the sign that there's going to be a three song indie section coming up, most likely featuring Nirvana, so get towards the dance floor...…

Thu Jul 13 1995

Beetle Bash @ Avon Park Raceway

VW festival, think this is the one with Collapsed Lung, Reef, and The Prodigy, with Keith Flint rolling across the crowd in a big hamster ball...Not a picture from this weekend but it's the car we went in isn't it?No I must have had the van by then.…

Fri Jul 07 1995

Heavy Stereo @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Colin "Gem" Archer who went on to join Oasis. I loved Heavy Stereo, nice bit of glam rock. Plus Embassy and Thermal, I think Thermal were local heroes...…

Thu Jul 06 1995

Glastonbury 1995 @ Glastonbury

The year Pulp replaced The Stone Roses as headliners, along with Oasis and The Cure. Great weather. Peak of the britpop years.I have literally got the t-shirt for this one and will be wearing it if we get tickets for Glastonbury 2020.…

Sat Jun 24 1995

Stereolab @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Tue May 30 1995

Skunk Anansie @ The Joiners

Plus Honeycrack who I think had some Wildhearts connection.I liked these a lot and think I got my copies of their first one sided promo single signed at this gig.…

Mon May 29 1995

Essential Music Festival @ Stanmer Park

Carter USM, PWEI, Teenage Fanclub, Dodgy, The Charlatans, Gene, Lighting Seeds, Skunk Anansie, Reef. Think I was at this...…

Sat May 27 1995

We Know Where You Live @ The Joiners

Spin off of The Wonder Stuff, all of them except the singer Miles Hunt. I think the singer of this band was previously the singer of another band.…

Mon May 22 1995

Salad @ The Joiners

plus Flinch

Thu May 18 1995

Sultans of Ping @ The Joiners

Tue May 16 1995

Marion @ The Joiners

With support from Catatonia. I do not remember this one, but I have the ticket stub in my big bag of tickets. I went to nearly everything around this time.…

Thu May 04 1995

Sleeper @ The Joiners

Britpop, happy days.Scanned in ticket on http://sleeper.weheartmusic.com/ says it was the 7th though, not the 6th, so I guess I have this wrong! I will move it.…

Tue Mar 07 1995

Faith No More @ Portsmouth Pyramids

Think the lighting rig fell into the crowd at this gig, oops...

Thu Mar 02 1995

Supergrass @ The Joiners

Plus The Bluetones, a great gig, at a great time, right in the time of Britpop, one of those where we knew up front we were seeing bands that were too big for the pub circuit.This is probably with hindsight the biggest best bill I saw at the Joiners, having just missed the absolute classics the previous year when Oasis, Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers etc played.…

Thu Feb 09 1995