2004 Gigography of Paul Clarke

PaulyGigography ≫ 2004

Getting there with my gig history now, the list of every gig I remember going to, from 1987 up to about now. It's a natural step from my Best Gigs Ever post. Well that's the theory, but there's A LOT missing. I have chucked in details from the big bag of old gig tickets that I gathered while I was in London, + a box of old concert tickets + things from Mum and Dad's loft. Also got lots of gaps regarding festival lineups, they'll probably stay missing, it's so hard to remember. There's a stack missing where I've lost tickets or never had them, most of the guestlist actions during my NME and Popex years and that. Yeah I know it's a bit geeky, let's let that go though, I'm enjoying remembering these things. At least I've not started scanning the tickets in yet Of course I have scanned the tickets now[^But I've lost the bag of tickets before I scanned them all in!]...

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The Pogues @ Brixton Academy

Their annual christmas outing, with Shane McGowan + everything…

Tue Dec 21 2004

The Tears @ Heaven

plus The Subways. First official gig for Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler's new band, though they went + did a couple of sneaky warmups before this in Oxford and somewhere else. Not that great really.…

Thu Dec 16 2004

Goldie Lookin' Chain @ Astoria

Fri Oct 22 2004

David Devant and his Spirit Wife @ Islington Academy

Tue Oct 12 2004

MJ Hibbett @ 12 Bar Club

Something involving Frankie Machine anyway, + prob'ly MJ Hibbett as I wrote about it... Aha found it here too it is actually MJ Hibbett at the 12 Bar Club.…

Thu Sep 23 2004

Goldie Lookin' Chain @ Islington Academy

Free show! Plus Jon The White Rapper "and guests", so don't remember who.…

Wed Jun 16 2004

Pixies @ Brixton Academy

Yeah we went twice this week.

Fri Jun 04 2004

Pixies @ Brixton Academy

Yeah we went twice this week.

Wed Jun 02 2004

Ghost of the Robot @ Islington Academy

James Marsters' band out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer... ooh, a stinker! I think he even knows the band are not good so everyone's enjoying.…

Wed May 05 2004

Fighting Cocks @ Caernarvon Castle

Last Rockers Club

Fri Apr 30 2004

David Devant @ Dingwalls

Album launch gig. Not the epic original one.

Tue Apr 20 2004

Goldie Lookin' Chain @ Mean Fiddler

plus Lockdown Project.

Thu Apr 15 2004

The Darkness Passport gig @ Barfly

Sun Mar 07 2004

Pet Shop Boys Passport gig @ Barfly

Charity gig that Channelfly were running. All staff went into a draw for tickets. I think I might have legitimately won the Darkness tickets (the following day) and was last minute allowed in to The Cure (previous day) so this day friend John won these and I went with him. Terrible photo below.…

Sat Mar 06 2004

The Cure Passport gig @ Barfly

Amazing, we got in to the Barfly, read my Cure review.…

Fri Mar 05 2004

MJ Hibbett @ 12 Bar Club

Thu Feb 26 2004

The Darkness @ Leas Cliff Hall

plus Goldie Lookin' Chain…

Sun Feb 08 2004

Goldie Lookin' Chain @ Metro

I've got a tiny bit of video footage of this one somewhere.…

Tue Feb 03 2004