Gigography of Paul Clarke for 2003

PaulyGigography ≫ 2003

Getting there with my gigography now, the list of all the gigs I was at, from 1987 up to about now. It's a natural step from my Best gigs of all time post. Well that's the theory, but there's A LOT missing. I have added details from the big bag of old gig tickets that I gathered while I was in London, and a box of old concert tickets and things from Mum + Dad's loft. Also got lots of gaps regarding bands seen at festivals, they'll prob'ly stay missing, it's so hard to remember. There's a lot missing where I've lost tickets or never had them, most of the guestlist actions during my NME + Popex years + that. Yeah I know very geeky, let's let that go though, I'm having fun remembering this stuff. At least I've not started scanning the tickets in yet Of course I have scanned in the tickets now[^But I've lost the bag of tickets before I scanned them all in!]...

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Damon Albarn @ Neighbourhood

Democrazy, bit worthy really, + not that thrilling, so nice to be somehwere trendy for a change... Did not go to many gigs out in West London.…

Mon Dec 22 2003

Travis @ Alexandra Palace

plus Kings Of Leon who were OK, Travis a bit boring. VERY annoyed by the Carling-ness of it all and so we left early to get a proper drink. I was meant to be reviewing this the PR was not happy with my "I hate Carling" comments.…

Sat Dec 20 2003

Suede @ Astoria

Last gig ever! They announced they were splitting up before this gig came around. Played some great sets, the gig seemingly got chopped short, we left to the ghostly strains of "We'll Meet Again"... I hope we do.UPDATE: we did, Suede reformed, + we saw them again.…

Sat Dec 13 2003

Electric Soft Parade @ Barfly

Fri Dec 12 2003

Tokyo Dragons

plus Renegade Playboys, midweek rock night at On The Rocks, Kingsland Road. Went along as The Darkness had played here recently + g this kind of rock was having a brief renaissance.…

Tue Dec 09 2003

Turbonegro @ Mean Fiddler

Whole lot of sailor hats in the audience, great gig!

Mon Dec 08 2003

Belle & Sebastian @ Astoria

Karaoke as a warm up act? Or was it Franz Ferdinand? We went in late and missed all that, but a friend of a friend did get up and sing "Lazy Line Painter Jane" with the band.…

Wed Dec 03 2003

stellastarr* @ Islington Academy

plus The Ordinary Boys + The 22s. Looks like everyone was there to see the Ordinary Boys, but I thought they were a bit, um, ordinary... stellastarr were OK, not quite as convincing as on record though.…

Mon Nov 24 2003

The Darkness homecoming gig @ Astoria

Aha this is The Darkness Carling Homecoming gig, found the poster for it now.…

Tue Nov 11 2003

Bruce Forsyth @ Theatre Royal Haymarket

Charity comedy gala thing, cool as, lots of names present, including Ian McKellen. Search the weblog, I must have written this one up...…

Sun Oct 26 2003

The Darkness @ Hammersmith Odeon

The Darkness on the turn I would say, possibly the last good gig...…

Wed Oct 22 2003

AC/DC @ Hammersmith Odeon

Special gig, celebrating the reopening / refurbishment of the venue. We had to queue all day for tickets. Support from Hundred Reasons.Tickets were a tenner, same as when AC/DC last played the venue...…

Tue Oct 21 2003

Duran Duran @ Forum

Celeb-tastic, we were sat just a couple of rows behind Stephen Fry.…

Sun Oct 12 2003

Camera Obscura @ Kings Cross Water Rats

Plus support from Jesus + Mary Chain's sister. I went to both gigs they did here, 2 days in a row, and this says "looking forward to seeing them tomorrow", so the first time of seeing them o would be this day. I originally had this down as 2002, so weblog posts say it was 2003. How did I get the dates of so many of my gigs wrong??I did have some pictures taken at these gigs, on a very early digital camera (it was credit card thin and 480px resolution) so can't find them now.…

Tue Sep 23 2003

Limp Bizkit @ Finsbury Park

plus Cooper Temple Clause + more.I half-remember we did not even stay for Limp Bizkit, did we even stay for Cooper Temple Clause. I'm sure it was free, but I think there was a "vip bit" if you wanted to get close to the stage (we did not). Did we even see anyone..?…

Sat Sep 06 2003

MJ Hibbett at Brixton Windmill @ The Windmill

Not sure exactly of the day (though I bet MJ Hibbett himself knows) so here I say I went to a gig so guessing it was the day before.Aha this says it was Thursday, so sorted.…

Thu Aug 14 2003

Darkness album launch @ The Cross

With free bar and rock karaoke! Just found invites and a promotional sick bag, was I that bad?…

Wed Jul 09 2003

The Darkness @ HMV

Ace in-store gig, then a free barbecue on the roof too.…

Mon Jul 07 2003

Kelly Osborne @ Electric Ballroom

plus Har Mar Superstar. Another Glastonbury warmup.…

Wed Jun 25 2003

Glastonbury 2003 @ Glastonbury

Suede, REM, Radiohead, and The Darkness opening the main stage on the Friday morning...…

Wed Jun 25 2003

REM @ Brixton Academy

Glastonbury warmup, had a great time.…

Tue Jun 24 2003

The Koreans @ Barfly

Adding this twenty years after the event as I just saw I wrote about it at the time on the weblog. Fairly sure it was at The Barfly. I was working for Channelfly at the time + I would have wondered along to gigs there fairly often. A "bit like the Cardigans + a bit like Supergrass" I said at the time.…

Thu May 29 2003

VH1 Divas @ MGM Grand

Chaka Khan, Celine Dion, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Jewel, Lisa Marie Presley, Ashanti, Shania Twain, Pat Benatar, Isley Brothers, Queen Latifah, Sharon Osbourne + ONLY STEVIE BLOODY WONDER!This was the prize we won in a VH1 competion, a free trip to Las Vegas plus spending money.…

Thu May 22 2003

Plans and Apologies @ Bull and Gate

Friend from work.

Tue May 20 2003

King Adora @ The Garage

+ Saint Rose + Corporation:Blend.King Adora were dreadful, Corporation:Blend were managed by a friend.…

Wed May 14 2003

Blur @ Astoria

Last of a five night residency. Would you adam and eve it PHIL DANIELS showed up! Not sure he did Parklife though was it only "Me White Noise"?

Mon May 12 2003

Bearsuit @ Bull and Gate

Some sort of twee indie bear themed evening. Last minute addition to the bill were The Futureheads for some reason. I am sure MJ Hibbett was here though maybe not performing.…

Sat May 10 2003

Ricky Gervais @ Crown & 2 Chairmen

Excellent little pub warm up for his Animals shows / DVD... Sharks and Nazis!Not sure he had done much stand-up before this gig.Seems strange now but we heard he was doing this gig somehow and got tickets for it no problem. I remember talking about it online, prob'ly on popbitch a few days later + someone saying "it's no big deal, they're still advertising it". Was definitely a big deal to us at the time. So pretty much Ricky Gervais first gig I would say...Shark would have found Anne Frank like THAT!…

Sat May 03 2003

Athlete @ Astoria

ZZZzzzz.Don't think I like Athlete much, but I do remember one quite good gig they did in Deptford when I lived there.…

Wed Apr 30 2003

Stephen Malkmus @ Royal Festival Hall

and Graham Coxon + Super Furry Animals and more. Think I spent quite a lot of this one just hanging out in the bar though.…

Sat Apr 19 2003

Paul McCartney @ Earls Court

Mothers Day present for Mum + Clare's mum, we went with them + Dad + Emma. Jim missed out as he has been to more gigs with us before... A good old singalong at the end, but a bit of a weird theatrical show for support.

Fri Apr 18 2003

The Darkness @ Astoria

Was this the Carling "Homecoming" type event? I saw The Darkness a lot.…

Sat Apr 05 2003

The Darkness @ 93 Feet East

BANG Magazine launch party, free booze! Plus another band, was it The Libertines again?…

Tue Mar 25 2003

Def Leppard @ Brixton Academy

support from The Darkness + Ricky Warwick of The Almighty.…

Thu Feb 27 2003

Snooker @ Wembley Arena

Jimmy White beat Peter Ebdon. Sure we went to a couple of days of this, Nic + I went to two sessions, Clare + Emma had tickets for more of it.

Wed Feb 05 2003

Love with Arthur Lee @ Royal Festival Hall

Love, but really just Arthur Lee I think + all new younger supporting band. plus My Morning Jacket, so I don't think we saw them.…

Mon Feb 03 2003

The Music @ Brixton Academy

Bit of a wildcard gig, I went with Ian from Channelfly as his guest. I seem to have really enjoyed it from what I wrote at the time but I cannot remember much about it now, twenty years later.…

Fri Jan 10 2003