PaulyGigography2003 ≫ Bearsuit

Bull and Gate , 389 Kentish Town Road, NW5 2TJ

Some sort of twee indie bear themed evening. Last minute addition to the bill were The Futureheads for some reason. I am sure MJ Hibbett was here though maybe not performing.

💬 Staying In vs Going Out

💬 One band was good

I attended this one, more from this year in Paul's gig history for 2003. Part of all the gigs I was at from '87 to 2023. It's an obvious step from my Best Gigs Ever blog post. Yeah I know it's very nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm having fun reminiscing about these things.

Sat May 10 2003

Other gigs at Bull + Gate I have been to are Plans and Apologies (2003), The Darkness (2002), Fortuna Pop Christmas Party (2000), MJ Hibbett (2000), MJ Hibbett (2000), Fighting Cocks ('00), Rosita ('00), MJ Hibbett (2000)

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