PaulyGigography2003 ≫ Bearsuit

Bull and Gate , 389 Kentish Town Road, NW5 2TJ

Some sort of twee indie bear themed evening. Last minute addition to the bill were The Futureheads for some reason. I am sure MJ Hibbett was here though maybe not performing.

💬 Staying In vs Going Out

I attended this one, more from this year in Paul's gig history for 2003. Part of all the gigs I was at from '87 to 2024. It's an obvious step from my Best Gigs Ever blog post. Yeah I know it's very nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm having fun reminiscing about these things.

Sat May 10 2003

Other gigs at Bull + Gate I have been to are Plans and Apologies (2003), The Darkness (2002), Fortuna Pop Christmas Party (2000), MJ Hibbett (2000), MJ Hibbett (2000), Fighting Cocks ('00), Rosita ('00), MJ Hibbett (2000), The Bigger The God (2000)

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