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Kings Cross Water Rats 328 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, London WC1X 8BZ

Plus support from Jesus and Mary Chain's sister. I went to both gigs they did here, 2 days in a row, and this says "looking forward to seeing them tomorrow", so the first time of seeing them o would be this day. I originally had this down as 2002, but blog posts say it was 2003. How did I get the dates of so many of my gigs wrong??

I did have some pictures taken at these gigs, on a very early digital camera (it was credit card thin and 480px resolution) but can't find them now.

💬 Meme me me me

💬 Oyster Card PARANOIA

💬 Don't fear the beeper

💬 My brane hurts

💬 Wireless Webcam

I was at this one, more from this year in my gigography for 2003. Part of every gig I was at from '87 to 2024. It's an obvious step from my Best gigs of all time blog post. Yeah I know very nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm having fun reminiscing about this stuff.

Tue Sep 23 2003

Other gigs at Kings Cross Water Rats I attended are David Devant at Kings Cross Water Rats (2022), The Darkness (2002), The Darkness (2002), David Devant + his Spirit Wife ('02), The Darkness (2001), The Darkness (2001), David Devant and his Spirit Wife ('01), The Darkness ('01), Rosita (2001), Contempo ('01), Cooper Temple Clause (2000), Fighting Cocks (2000), Elastica ('00), Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception ('00), Clint Boon (2000), Twist (2000), The Beta Band (1997)

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