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"I will return" I said in 2014 I did not return to Chimichanga and now Clare tells me they are all closing. Also loads of... [Wed 28 February 2018]

Mostly relaxing day in Canterbury Took a day in Canterbury on Sunday, mostly to have a nice lunch out but also to gloat at the... [Mon 18 December 2017]

60mph winds on the way to the UK Felt like serious wind here last night, I went for a walk along Princes Parade after our fun... [Mon 11 September 2017]

Nice day in Canterbury Clare was working four days out of five or something so for a treat we went to Canterbury on... [Mon 7 August 2017]

Action packed weekend for Dad's 70th birthday! Goodness seventy actual years, that is a birthday. You don't seem it, glad you don't feel it,... [Sun 4 June 2017]

Bank holiday Had an action packed Saturday, went to Tenterden , not at ten to ten but about 11am. It's been... [Mon 29 May 2017]

Also went back to the Inn Doors for the first time in ages Was this Saturday too? Hadn't been in here for ages but it was if I had never left, fell back... [Mon 20 February 2017]

I did fit in two more pubs last weekend Popped in to the Potting Shed on Friday after work. It's been a while and I didn't really slot... [Mon 20 February 2017]

Wow I've been busy No time to post anything all week. Had a lovely day in Tenterden on Sunday, swimming , Prezzo... [Mon 20 February 2017]

Great day in Tenterden I took one extra day off over christmas, above and beyond the statutory bank holidays and the... [Wed 28 December 2016]

Back to Stokey on Sunday! We packed up our stuff and had a lighter breakfast on Sunday, hopefully to leave some room for a... [Tue 4 October 2016]

Yes really dinner at TGI Friday It was always going to be another chain, we thought this would be a big noisy treat for the boys.... [Mon 3 October 2016]

The boys loved Hamleys We got a few ideas for Christmas, and for number two son's birthday. Also figured out that Harry... [Mon 3 October 2016]

After the Tower to Whole Foods for a cafe stop Met our friend Geraldine at Whole Foods Market near Picadilly for a coffee and cake break. I... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Big Premier Inn breakfast and off to the Tower of London We didn't get moving too early, it was a relaxing trip, and we had a large relaxing breakfast. We... [Mon 3 October 2016]

I found a better pub, The Old Fountain Nearby down Baldwin Street there was a big crowd outside a pub. Was very popular, very trendy... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Went for a beer in Hill and Szrok If I'd known it was a butchery themed bar I might not have done, but it was the nearest pub to... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Premier Inn Old Street a bit noisy Think this was the noisiest we've stayed in, but it is in the busiest area. We were up on the... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Dinner at a buzy Prezzo in Kings Cross Planned to head into Kings Cross station to eat, as I knew there were options there, and... [Mon 3 October 2016]

We got the train up after work on Friday number two son had mini movers earlier in the day, and Harry has gymnastics . So instead of... [Mon 3 October 2016]

We are back from London we had a great weekend Lots of fun to report back on. I got that bonus from work so we went to London for a couple of... [Mon 3 October 2016]

Action packed weekend. Good weekend, Clare was not working so we packed lots in. Went to Tenterden Saturday morning... [Mon 23 May 2016]

Full and fun bank holiday Friday Lovely day off today, warm and sunny and full of activity. I was up first today on this bank... [Fri 25 March 2016]

Saturday birthday fun day was great We went to Tenterden yesterday, so we could go to the fun pool there with slides and all sorts... [Sun 8 November 2015]

Had a day out in Broadstairs Planned to go swimming and have lunch in Tenterden , but found out the big flume was closed.... [Sun 12 April 2015]

Spent Saturday in Tenterden Wen swimming in Tenterden . The leisure centre there is great, lots of fun for both of the... [Sun 15 March 2015]

Lovely day in London Cold, but lovely. Clare and Harry went to Cirque du Soleil - Kooza which was excellent, and... [Sat 7 February 2015]

Family tree updates Lovely weekend at Mum and Dad's, and got some more family tree info to go in, more below. Lovely... [Sun 9 November 2014]

The rest of our house swap holiday Thursday we'd planned to go to Paulton's Park but were not confident about the weather so... [Sat 1 June 2013]

Beer festival good, chickenpox bad Number two son has chickenpox now. Catching it so young means he'll probably get it again next... [Sun 31 March 2013]

Week off is going nicely Went to Canterbury yesterday and spent a pleasant hour in The Foundry brew pub, it is great... [Fri 8 February 2013]

Lovely bank holiday weekend Yesterday we went back to Tenterden for the day. Weather looked great on the way out, despite... [Sun 28 August 2011]

Lovely weekend Mum and Dad visiting, so we went to Canterbury and had a great lunch on them in Prezzo . So... [Mon 7 February 2011]

Richard Herring's brief mention of the show we were at here Here on his blog on surprisingly enough. He hardly mentions the show,... [Tue 11 January 2011]

BACK from Richard Herring Brilliant gig, funny and clever. Not only got my How Not To Grow Up book signed, but got... [Sun 9 January 2011]

Happy end of 2010 Went to Tenterden today. [Fri 31 December 2010]

Two for one at Prezzo until January 17th [Mon 4 January 2010]

Last day for your 10 Prezzo meal deal today We're there for lunch today, get your voucher here [Sat 24 October 2009]

GOOD holiday in Canterbury Lovely weekend, House Of Agnes is a great hotel. [Sun 16 August 2009]

Mi Dispiace! I slagged off the wrong Italian... [Tue 11 August 2009]

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