Blog2018 ≫ Free birthday prosecco and a new baby

No lie in Saturday morning, though I could have done with it after Friday's session... straight to Emma and Jeff's in the morning to meet their new baby boy. He's very chilled, they are lucky there, and their other little one is being well behaved too with a new one in the house. She hasn't figured out she's supposed to be jealous and play up a bit yet. Our boys played really nicely with her, they really enjoyed being round there and running round their garden. Lovely to see them, looking forward to our next night out with them.

On to Canterbury for a little shopping and lunch. Got the boys new Holees shoes for the summer, and some birthday cards and gifts things; thing two has a party to go to today and we have a nephew's birthday this week too.

Lunch in Prezzo and Clare had a "it's your birthday" email entitling us to a free bottle of Prosecco. I had a taste as I was driving back, Clare had a few glasses and we VERY CLEVERLY took a champagne stopper with us so we could bring the bottle home. Not like this one1 but I can't find the kind we have online. Clare got it as a gift from the HHA one time.

One of the things we bought for the girl whose party is today is a "splat ball", it's amazing, like a rubber ball but if you throw it at the floor it splats out into a big puddle, then reforms itself. We bought one for us too. It's like the liquid metal Terminator, exactly like that. Actually a day later it is slightly less impressive, but only slightly.

Had a bit of a spend up in Waterstones too, only for the boys, don't think I bought anything for me.

Didn't watch any of the football at all today.

MASSIVE salad and burger for my tea, took a long time to eat it. Fairly early night too as no lie in Sunday morning.

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