Blog2009 ≫ Tonight's menu

An delicious homemade tea tonight, off to the pub later though...

Grilled vegetable sandwiches with potato wedges and parsnip chips, all homemade. Seasoned with the chillis that nephew Jack grew, which I've dried and crushed. Really was delicious! They will struggle to have a better meal than this tonight at Sandbanks for Dom's birthday. Yes everyone else is there now, while I am at home not babysitting. Just waiting for a call from Clare to say she's on her way back to tag me, then she'll be in to do the late feed and I'll be off for last orders with everyone else. Think we're going to The Clifton. My prayers that they would choose Chambers appear to have gone unanswered, but then again it's not my birthday.

Been in Canterbury today, nice lunch in Prezzo with our ten pound meal deal voucher. Bought some wine too which I've only just realised I haven't tried yet, despite opening it earlier!

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