Blog2010 ≫ Happy end of 2010

Went to Tenterden today.

Spent the day in Tenterden today, and it was lovely. Went over with Clare and the boy, Jim and Pauline, and Dom and the kids and had lunch in Prezzo. Then a walk round, a bit of a shop, and a play on a great park there. Clare and Dom went in to Waitrose to get some final supplies for end of year dinners and lunch tomorrow, when a lot of the shops are closed. I got distracted on the way in to Waitrose by a couple of charity shops, where I found a mint first edition (trade paperback) of Prince of the Blood1 for three quid, lovely. I bought it thinking I already had it, but that this nice copy would replace whatever I had, but I've got home and can't find another copy of it here at all. So, bonus, I don't even have to throw something away!

Found a great new wine shop called Liquid Pleasure2, really nice shop, good luck to you. Bought a couple of bottles there for tonight, then one more for luck when we went on to Chapel Down vineyard. Also a really nice place. Tenterden is lovely.

New Year's Eve in tonight for us, probably with old stuff we have previously recorded on the sky plus. Have a great one whatever you are doing, and all the best for 2011.


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