Blog2018 ≫ Sunny day in Tenterden

We did everything we planned, straight to swimming and fun on the slide and things at Tenterden leisure centre. Thing one got a few goes on the inflatable assault course. He had to swim a length in order to get a wristband to go on it, so that shows he can still swim despite quitting swimming club. Then a short play in the park while Clare ran to the shops, then lunch in Prezzo. Was nice, but surprisingly quiet. Then home, via Ashford Outlet Centre. We dropped Clare off there and she will make her own way back.

I have mowed the lawn, will make the boys some tea, and then I'm off duty until after my lie in... May go out for another walk, and if it takes me via the Inn Doors then what am I to do? Not going out for long though. We will try and actually watch The Bridge tonight, we're on episode 7/8. I have found this series particularly complex, but the strands are all coming together now.

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