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Plus The Almighty. I came back from where I was working in Bracknell just for the night for this gig (though it was also Kerry's birthday). Ended up getting thrown out of downstairs standing, where I'd snuck in with an upstairs seating ticket. Tho Portsmouth [1991-02-18 1991]

With free bar and rock karaoke! Just found invites and a promotional sick bag, was I that bad? 17 - 31 The Arches, York Way, London N1 0UZ [2003-07-09 2003]

plus Skid Row, White Lion and Lemmy... Engineers Way, Wembley, London HA9 0DH [1989-11-02 1989]

Mothers Day present for Mum and Clare's mum, we went with them and Dad and Emma. Jim missed out as he has been to more gigs with us before... Earls Court, London [2003-04-18 2003]

AC/DC, Metallica, Motley Crue, Queensryche, and the Black Crowes. A pretty special line up at the top of the bill, shame it was the shortest Donington bill ever. Got a coach up from Portsmouth, everyone on the coach brought a metal mix tape with them for the coach driver to play (remember cassette tapes?), every single one had Enter Sandman on it. Donington Park Raceway, [1991-08-05 1991]

NME tour with Lostprophets, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Coral. Was looking forward to AWK. Very disappointed. 157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN 020 7434 9592 [2002-02-10 2002]

Wasted half an hour trying to fit another remote light switch Varilight and itunes annoyingness... [Tue 16 November 2010]

RE: rake cucumber:wip I am [Sun 14 November 2010]

rake cucumber:wip I already said on the Twitter but I don't mind repeating again here; I don't write code any more,... [Fri 12 November 2010]

Film maker using time travel to promote himself! That Charlie Chaplin 1928 time traveller on a mobile phone thing... [Fri 29 October 2010]

Boys night in Clare OUT tonight, both out tomorrow, and rah, my phone is back... [Thu 14 October 2010]

powerline / mains ethernet / homeplug thing not working and now I know why! [Mon 27 September 2010]

Good weekend Dover castle and a roast dinner, smashing. [Sun 26 September 2010]

Remote light switch is all wired in The power is back on, nothing's gone bang yet! Programming from another remote worked well too,... [Sun 26 September 2010]

Remote light switch has arrived So attempting to wire that up tonight... [Fri 24 September 2010]

Infrared repeater is in! Involved hole cutting some of our fancy fine John Lewis oak furniture though... [Fri 24 September 2010]

Infrared repeater works well Just some massive drilling to do to get it live... [Thu 23 September 2010]

Now remote controlled lighting Varilight any good? [Tue 21 September 2010]

I sold the PSP and the CD! 55 for the PSP and even the Motley Crue CD sold... [Tue 10 August 2010]

Julien Dupont motorbike skills at Hevy Festival I hope he's goign to jump over some rhinos or something: Motorbike freestyle trials pioneer... [Fri 16 July 2010]

Also, via @monkey_chops very good... And some more links I don't have time to check out... [Wed 23 June 2010]

Happy birthday mum Couldn't post yesterday something up with my website. Had a great day though, a great weekend all... [Mon 21 June 2010]

Spanish promotion all this week at Karl's ... [Wed 26 May 2010]

Speaking of celebrities in Folkestone Timothy West , Prunella Scales , and... GARY GLITTER ! [Mon 24 May 2010]

Hot Tub Time Machine good film! [Mon 17 May 2010]

Bonus day off! Well sort of, taking holiday to sort the car... [Tue 19 January 2010]

Free book for the people of Folkestone A library promotion. [Sun 17 January 2010]

RT @itchypaws @pauly Have you seen this: Excellent splitty sidecar... [Mon 11 January 2010]

Glad no-one was hurt in this car crash Friend of a friend said there was a baby buggy in the wreckage! [Sat 24 October 2009]

A Mindblowing Stop-Motion Lego Homage to Games via @beamadelica and the ace [Mon 24 August 2009]

M20 pile-up this morning Turns out that was the wife's cousin holding up the traffic :-( [Tue 26 May 2009]

Tres Drole @hpoom "merci pour le suivre" indeed [Sun 26 April 2009]

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix "Phantom" baby seat Phantom's a good name for a baby seat. Ordering this now! [Sun 5 April 2009]

BYOB promotion at the Hermitage A great opportunity to pick yourselves up a spectacular bottle of wine from Waitrose and have it... [Thu 12 March 2009]

Come fly with me Remote controlled plane + video camera = DA BOMB [Wed 25 February 2009]

Now that's just WEIRD! I love Folkestone tie , for sale in the USA, does it remind you of anything? From... [Wed 28 January 2009]

I have seen Lemmy in a pub once before He was in the Worlds End, Camden, playing the fruit machine, on his own. Would have been cool to... [Sun 28 December 2008]

Motorhead 2004 I saw Motorhead in 2004 and the after show party was in The Chambers. Both Lemmy and co long... [Sun 28 December 2008]

RE: I'll tell you what that remote controlled helicopter needs - A GUN! I hope derrick does not see this [Fri 12 December 2008]

I'll tell you what that remote controlled helicopter needs - A GUN! Dude ! From Gizmodo : [Fri 12 December 2008]

Oh and EAT is gone from Stop 24 That's EAT the chain gone from Stop 24, the motorway services near here . [Mon 7 July 2008]

looking for biological mother does anyone know the where abouts of a sheila mary clarke who had a baby in feb. 1965 in... [Tue 29 April 2008]

Mothers day update from The George in Rye Mothers Day is nearly here. If you haven't sorted anything out yet, fear not: we're hosting a... [Thu 28 February 2008]

Looking For Grandmother Last known name Josie Robinson but believed to have re-married. Owned a public house in... [Tue 10 July 2007]

I've replied by email Good luck, that's not a lot of info to go on, Greater London is massive so without a town or... [Thu 19 April 2007]

biological mother i am trying to find a sheila mary clarke from i think the romford essex area. she would be about... [Thu 19 April 2007]

Motley Crue play Hammersmith If it wasn't a Monday night, I might go to this , 11th June at Hammersmith Odeon , it's Motley... [Fri 13 April 2007]

We are Dermot Murnaghan, you will be assimilated Something's been troubling me. The night before last, as I switched off the TV to go to bed, at... [Wed 4 April 2007]

RE: An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Tim's wine bar has now certainly changed! I dined there last week and I have to say that I could... [Thu 9 November 2006]

Gig guide from this week in 1981! so it wasn't all big name indie bands playing the Metronome every night as I've been led to... [Wed 8 November 2006]

Focus on the positives Mike! [Thu 23 March 2006]

RE: Ferry godmother See also this... (assuming it's not the same article as the one you've posted). A sticking point... [Wed 22 March 2006]

Ferry godmother This reminds me , front page of The Herald negotiations are under way for a ferry service to... [Fri 17 March 2006]

Latest popex ticket sales Affiliate sales have perked up a bit this month, here are the top twenty sellers through popex... [Thu 9 March 2006]

The Wireless Music Player: Do-it-yourself remotely managed music player Loving this DIY wifi music player , one day I'll be ready for my first real hardware hack. [Fri 17 February 2006]

Torrent Promotions Good work Torrent Promotions on the Folkestone gig promoting skills... anyone know of any more... [Mon 16 January 2006]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar We recently visited your restaurant for the first time and was amazed at the quality and... [Sun 6 November 2005]


Kent gigs Image hosted by [Wed 29 June 2005]

maybe I am it's just all the ethylene in the system fuelling my stumbling corpse... [Thu 12 May 2005]

You don't have to Just like when you're playing real golf, you can take your time round the course with little... [Thu 12 May 2005]

Too much drink Why aren't you dead? [Wed 11 May 2005]

Chore/Fun I can't decide whether this sounds like a chore or a lot of fun. You have to down EVERY drink in... [Wed 11 May 2005]

Pub golf As part of my round up of the weekend, as I am reminded different bits of it at different times,... [Tue 10 May 2005]

Motley Crue stripper game Saucy ! Journey in today was PEACEFUL, but a bit more cramped. The talking people we have been... [Fri 6 May 2005]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar My wife and I are regular visitors, only because the service, food and welcome is excellent. Peter [Wed 20 April 2005]

Timothys wine bar Timothys may have had some teething problems, but is now one of the best venues in Folkestone. I... [Sun 9 January 2005]

fine thanks although i just have their 1mb service which is provided through bt...unfortunately even though i... [Wed 15 December 2004]

How you getting on with Bulldog DSL btw? [Wed 15 December 2004]

yeah, they're not related though When I get a password for the iMac I might well plug the IPOD into it... My IPOD connects to... [Wed 15 December 2004]

Hmm, having a lot of Apple related computer problems there! Hmm, having a lot of Apple related computer problems there! [Wed 15 December 2004]

It's hard to know It's seeming to make sense that they're trying to control this, the only things I'm doing... [Wed 15 December 2004]

am back from eastern europe bruvs...was proper cold and ting. so isnt it the case that those ipod... [Tue 14 December 2004]

Hmm: "Recently our company released a string quartet tribute to The Darkness. I would love to send yo... Hmm: "Recently our company released a string quartet tribute to The Darkness . I would love to... [Tue 14 December 2004]

I don't have it I work in the same office as The Fly magazine and they've been playing it... Look forward to it! [Sat 11 December 2004]

Frances The Mute... Hey Pauly, where did you get Frances The Mute...i really really need to know me out. My... [Fri 10 December 2004]

Got no scanner and only the phone on my camera to hand. Basically they're saying Justin badmouthed the Band Aid... [Wed 8 December 2004]

i cant read that very well...fancy scanning it a bit betterer? [Wed 8 December 2004]

It wasn't me! In this complete non story about The Darkness in Friday's Daily Mail it says "Audience... [Tue 7 December 2004]

Yeah was away No computer for days, lordy! is back now, got a shedload of other stuff to fix though! [Tue 7 December 2004]

That Auction City idea is a good one, although I'm sure using them would squeeze your margins massively.

Are you away for a long weekend...
That Auction City idea is a good one, although I'm sure using them would squeeze your margins... [Mon 6 December 2004]

Too... many... links... Lots of things I want to mention before I get bogged down in work and trying to leave early.... [Fri 3 December 2004]

Your Mother's Got A Penis! Play the new Goldie Lookin' Chain game here ... Read more, lots more, about Goldie Lookin'... [Thu 28 October 2004]

Whitesnake Been a bit slow off the mark on this one, but Whitesnake are playing Leas Cliff Hall on... [Thu 21 October 2004]

...and Tommy Lee had that big revolving drum kit and he mooned at the crowd. ...and Tommy Lee had that big revolving drum kit and he mooned at the crowd. [Thu 14 October 2004]

Motley Crue Playing a UK arena tour in June 2005 according to this fan site ... I hate Wembley more than I... [Thu 14 October 2004]

Leather sleeve? Is it in a real leather sleeve? I only saw them at Portsmouth Guildhall , in 1989 I think, good... [Tue 21 September 2004]

Motorhead 1987 I saw Motorhead in 1987 and it was a cracking gig. We also got to meet Lemmy and the boys... [Tue 21 September 2004]

Did you go with Gary? "Gary Hawkins" who also posted spontaneous praise below? [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Hi everyone. I have just visited an interesting little place in folkestone called Timothy's wine... [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar I have visited Timothy's Wine Bar twice now on my journeys through Folkestone and now will make a... [Fri 25 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Thanks for the comprehensive review of Timothy's Wine Bar. I found the review from a google... [Thu 24 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gaby - where are you mate ? Got no answer ? C'mon, we could work together. Twatter. I should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gary - the review was not unfair. You were not at our table and didn't receive the service we... [Fri 11 June 2004]

Thanks for your feedback It's good to have a balanced viewpoint. I like how you deliberately made mistakes yourself there,... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Can i just first of all the review that you gave Timothy's is very unfair and that you should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar ... [Tue 8 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Last time I looked there were at least a couple of restaurants in London. So, unless you want to... [Mon 7 June 2004]

if a glass of sangria is 25 quid you certainly won't see me there! [Mon 7 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Reading your article has offended me, but you should know that if you publish facts you should be... [Sat 5 June 2004]

RE: mother fucker boo! i'd already decided to get one! [Tue 20 April 2004]

RE: mother fucker It is actually an elaborate fraud by a bloke who decided to see if he could trick people at a... [Tue 20 April 2004]

mother fucker I'm getting me one of those guns! [Mon 19 April 2004]

RE: just testin', mainly link was here : maybe i made a... [Mon 19 April 2004]

just testin', mainly but also seeing if i can post a links to this unimaginably futuristic piece of tech: it's a gun... [Mon 19 April 2004]

Medium will be ace, if it's still left Looking forward to Tuesday, and the Fighting Cocks gig... [Sun 18 April 2004]

RE: How to fix a shower wotcha! u see Shaun Of The Dead yet? anyway, I'll put you and Mrs Pauly on the guesty. I gave... [Sun 18 April 2004]

RE: How to fix a shower Simple. The shower is higher than the rest of the taps. there isn't enough pressure to push the... [Sat 17 April 2004]

How to fix a shower Suddenly got problems with the shower in the flat. No not the flat , but the one we live in now... [Thu 15 April 2004]

An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Our matriarchal representative wrote a pretty fierce letter to Timothy's (possibly as stern as... [Mon 29 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Oh. Full review now up at Folkestone RestauRANTS . [Tue 16 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Folkestone is in danger of becoming a culinary wasteland. Sure, it has the usual collection of... [Tue 16 March 2004]

Weekender We're off to Timothy's Wine Bar for dinner on Saturday, some sort of Spanish evening, will... [Wed 10 March 2004]

Two gigs for this week... that are nothing to do with or Barfly! [Wed 25 February 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Hi mate, got the folks down this weekend and I've been showing them the web - can't believe mate... [Fri 13 February 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Timothy's Wine Bar must be open now, and they have a website, ... the... [Fri 13 February 2004]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club anyone going to see them tonight? [Wed 4 February 2004]

Some links to add to popex when it's back is being moved while I'm taking a few days off, got these out of my mail that I want... [Thu 14 August 2003]

Natural History Museum Spent an exhausting day yesterday at the Natural History Museum with the nephews, first time I've... [Thu 14 August 2003]

Motor Ace Not actually all that ace. [Tue 1 July 2003]

Dermot + The Darkness They is going to be on TV again... the down side is you have to go to West London :( [Thu 3 April 2003]

White Light Motorcade London Dates WLM play the Barfly and the Dublin Castle this week... [Fri 21 February 2003]

I'll tell you who's good White Light Motorcade debut out on the 24th of March... [Wed 19 February 2003]

White Light Motorcade Debut Be at the Barfly on the 27th... [Tue 11 February 2003]

Islington Rock City Gigs! Gigs! Gigs! [Wed 16 October 2002]

Dermot O'Leary again Chalk Farm Road [Fri 16 August 2002]

Dermot O'Dermot Finsbury Park [Mon 10 June 2002]

BRMC Secret Gigs Click here for how to get tickets here... [Mon 4 February 2002]

NME Tour Dates Get your tickets here... Andrew WK, BRMC, LostProphets and The Coral... [Wed 14 November 2001]

NME Award Tour Andrew WK, LostProphets, The Coral and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tour together in Jan and Feb... [Tue 13 November 2001]

Gene DJing this week Gene DJ at Sputnik this week to promote their new album "Libertine"... [Sun 21 October 2001]

D12 Promoted to the main stage at Reading / Leeds... [Tue 14 August 2001]

Recommendation of the the week: "The Dirt" Book of the month, NO, the YEAR! [Mon 30 July 2001]

Radiohead iBlip is here... Radiohead have done another "iBlip", to promote their forthcoming album Amnesiac... [Fri 11 May 2001]

Heart To Heart So what you going to buy for Mothers Day? [Thu 22 March 2001]

Nicky Wire's Mother Blacwood,Gwent [Fri 15 December 2000]

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