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Clarke Family Tree

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This site is home to my blog, with links to all the stuff I like. It's all about me, my lovely wife Clare and our beautiful boys Harry and Tommy... Also the usual stuff, work, TV, home brew, home automation, diy electronics etc. Hmm is some of that not usual? Well I'm really into it right now. is also our Clarke genealogy site, set up to host the family tree info dug up by my Dad Barry Clarke, and turned into web pages by me, My page with my family links. Click on either of those names to get climbing the tree from that point, or see the surnames, or the family tree forum. I may have some info missing from the site while I'm in the process of moving the hosting! Hmm yeah I really didn't recover the family tree links successfully at all, so lots is not web based right now. If anyone has any web based genealogy solution advice (that does not involve subscribing to something) then give me a shout. I have a GEDCOM file with everything in, I just want some nice libraries to parse it out so I can build pages from it... something in ruby would be ideal.

No royalty or money yet, but we have tracked down some surviving branches of our tree that we knew nothing about, and found we had relatives on the Titanic.

If you think you might have a link into our family tree, or would like to put out a request for assistance, please leave a message or drop me an email - pauly at clarkeology dot com...

Looking for Stoke Newington or Folkestone info here? Man alive you've been coming here a long time!
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There's not much on these pages other than the surnames and basic family tree structure. There's more searchable comments, which should be linked neatly to these pages, on the message board.

Clarke family tree info maintained by Bazzer, Mahon family tree information maintained by Clare. If you can give help with our tree, or would like any more information, leave a message, or email me (Pauly) and I'll sort it out.

Don't forget we have Clarkes in Paul's tree and Clarkes in The wife's tree too. Clare's great grandmothers maiden name was Clarke. There is no link that we can find so far, no we were not related before we were wed... It is a very common name so good luck if you are also tracing yr Clarke family tree...