Genealogy / family tree

Agnes Sarah CLARKE 1891 - 1893

Barry Leslie CLARKE 1947 -

Bridget CLARKE 1915 - 1998

Caroline CLARKE 1814 - 1883

Charles CLARKE 1912 - 1978

Charles Valentine CLARKE 1883 - 1912

Clarke 1738 - ??

Clarke 1738 - ??

Edith Kate CLARKE 1884 - ??

Edward John CLARKE 1904 - ??

Elizabeth Trower Clarke 1853 - 1939

Fred CLARKE 1880 - 1952

George Clarke 1771 - ??

George Clarke 1771 - ??

George CLARKE 1886 - 1886

Hannah Clarke 1776 - ??

Hannah Clarke 1776 - ??

Harry Cecil CLARKE 1915 - ??

Harry CLARKE 1856 - 1951

Harry J L CLARKE 1881 - ??

Henry Patrick Clarke 1887 - 1931

James CLARKE 1779 - 1860

James Cole CLARKE 1824 - 1865

James Cole CLARKE 1866 - 1938

James Cole CLARKE 1888 - ??

Jane Clarke 1760 - ??

Jane Clarke 1760 - ??

John CLARKE - 2005

John Clarke 1768 - ??

John Clarke 1768 - ??

John? Clarke 1744 - ??

John? Clarke 1744 - ??

Joseph Clarke 1779 - ??

Joseph Clarke 1779 - ??

Liam CLARKE - 2015

Mary Clarke 1775 - ??

Mary Clarke 1775 - ??

Mary Dash CLARKE 1821 - 1822

Matilda CLARKE 1851 - ??

Maurice CLARKE

Paul Leslie CLARKE 1972 -

Randal Clarke 1773 - ??

Randal Clarke 1773 - ??

Richard Clarke 1772 - ??

Richard Clarke 1772 - ??

Ronald Leslie CLARKE 1911 - 1982

Samuel Clarke 1769 - ??

Samuel Clarke 1769 - ??

Samuel Clarke 1770 - ??

Samuel Clarke 1770 - ??

Sarah Edith CLARKE 1908 - 1998

Sarah Sophia CLARKE 1842 - ??

Terence Alfred James CLARKE 1935 - 2000


Thomas Clarke 1778 - ??

Thomas Clarke 1778 - ??

Walter CLARKE 1889 - 1930

William Clarke 1716 - ??

William Clarke 1716 - ??

William Clarke 1738 - ??

William Clarke 1738 - ??

William Clarke 1762 - ??

William Clarke 1762 - ??

William Clarke 1766 - ??

William Clarke 1766 - ??

William Clarke 1817 - ??

William CLARKE 1858 - ??

Was that last update this March, or the previous March? Still have done nothing with the furniture in that room, I might (just might) have a bit of a... [Wed 15 November 2017]

Wasted steps Did the school run this morning, even though Clare was doing it too, just to see the little... [Thu 21 September 2017]

Have made actual progress on tidying the study The NME pile is gone, now to rearrange a bit more get rid of that sideboard and make it a... [Mon 20 March 2017]

Last episode of Man Down was great Didn't expect it to end like that I was sure he'd get together with Dobbie ( Issy Suttie or... [Sat 27 August 2016]

We're going to Edinburgh in 2017 If Richard Osman is doing a live game show ... [Sat 27 August 2016]

We made cakes For a cake sale at school. I'm in the PTA so you have to volunteer for stuff like this. They... [Fri 12 February 2016]

Thanks so much to the random reader who's donated to Kerry's charity fund! Wowser that has really moved me that a random reader of here has given some money to Kerry 's... [Thu 3 September 2015]

Day three of not not drinking Still no booze and still no coffee either. It's only Thursday morning though to be fair. Kerry is... [Thu 3 September 2015]

I remember Dom writing this stream of unconciousness drivel Quite drunk after a night out one time! [Thu 3 September 2015]

Charles Valentine Clarke's body was not recovered. That email was from the verger at St Peter & Paul's the info was wrong. He was mentioned on his... [Wed 2 September 2015]

The future thanks me for my ecological work The future thanks you for you ecological work RT @pauly : wash jeans? jeans are like hair,... [Thu 5 February 2015]

Read / processed another five old NMEs Hmm I'm not making much progress on this massive stack of paper, and I'm losing interest in it... [Tue 3 February 2015]

I just joined a political party Can you guess which one? That's a first for me, wonder what will come of it. [Fri 30 January 2015]

Vegetarian / vegan supper club at Follies 22nd March @crusteaten got in touch the next supper club is going to go vegan ! Well at least partly.... [Fri 30 January 2015]

todo: Tidy the study Jim has given me a big bag of photos, I'm planning to scan them, they're cluttering up my study... [Wed 14 January 2015]

Nest thermostat arrived today Hmm, I know it is a thermostat but it is meant to replace the timer too. My timer times when the... [Sat 5 April 2014]

RE: any link? Any link to Clarke's of South Africa and Namibia? Contact me at Namibia Thank... [Tue 6 January 2009]

RE: any link? Des Rainey calling - - and if you are related to Deirdre Bell you will be a... [Sat 20 December 2008]

Have you seen Clare's family anyway..? ONLY JOKING! I see you are updating records, and so am I! So, I will stop now. [Fri 1 December 2006]

RE: How are we supposed to find out if we've accidentally intermarried now??? When your babies are born with horns and tails you will know! Pops [Fri 1 December 2006]

How are we supposed to find out if we've accidentally intermarried now??? [Fri 1 December 2006]

RE: Clarks and Clarkes I have found that my father (R L Clarke) 's baptisim was recorded in the Church register as... [Fri 1 December 2006]

Harry Clarke auction frenzy Harry Clarke auction is kicking off, Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales , lots of bids and... [Thu 28 September 2006]

And are you a Hazzard? [Tue 12 September 2006]

RE: Kathleen HAZZARD my dad lived in shedfield as a young boy many years ago [Tue 12 September 2006]

RE: clarke family Hi! My main reason for being here is that I was doing one of my casual nostalia searches for the... [Thu 20 July 2006]

RE: Hazzards of Shedfield, Hants Hi Ann, Have you got any more names please [Fri 30 June 2006]

RE: Hazzards of Shedfield, Hants Hi sorry if this is some what late to your enquiries, my Granfather was William James Hazzard... [Sun 25 June 2006]

RE: I'm a clarke too JAMES A.CLARKE MARCH 24,1970 1) [Wed 10 May 2006]

RE: I'm a clarke too [Sun 2 April 2006]

RE: Only know of one Barry Clarke Hi I'm actually trying to find one Barry Clarke, he was in Bosnia in 1998, lives in GB and (used... [Wed 22 March 2006]

I am Paul Clarke, aged 33 and my Dad is Barry Clarke ... [Tue 7 March 2006]

RE: Only know of one Barry Clarke hiya im Barry Clarke im 33yrs old and live in the united kingdom.D.O.B 16th nov 1972. i share my... [Tue 7 March 2006]

RE: GOODALL Hi, tracing back any information about william Miller-Goodall, married kathreen shaw around the... [Wed 1 March 2006]

RE: GOODALL At the present moment there may be a connection keep in contact. [Mon 17 October 2005]

John Goodall / Rowlands castle Hi Eileen I was born in Rowlands Castle, your name is familer I may have spoke to you in the past... [Wed 27 July 2005]

Tracing Staffordshire Goodalls 1800 to present My ancestors lived at Little Madeley and Macclesfield in UK Staffordshire. Does anyone know of... [Fri 8 July 2005]

Cheers for the contribution Doesn't help me or my family tree, but hopefully someone will get back to you. [Wed 13 April 2005]

GOODALL There's an Annie Goodall, Servant, age 18, on the 1871 census living at Cromwell Road, West... [Tue 12 April 2005]

GOODALL LINE Hi my name is Eileen Goodall and I'm looking for information on a John Goodall born I believe... [Tue 12 April 2005]

Easter Beaster: Monday Yesterday (Monday) saw a proper day out for me - went to see QUEEN at Brixton Academy , with... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter Beaster: Sunday Sunday, more cleaning and packing, another trip to Fresh and Wild for lunch, and then perhaps... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter Beaster: Saturday Saturday was proper cleaning and packing day though we started it with a long walk down Stoke... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter beaster A lot to write about, had a huge great easter weekend and really managed to fit quite a lot in.... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Francis Clarke & Elizabeth Marriott Any decendants of the above born fro 1870 to 1881 lived in Bailiff Street, Northampton Had own... [Wed 23 March 2005]

Clarkes in Wales My g.g.grandfather was Frederick Clarke married to Harriet. Listed in the 1881 census at Himalaya... [Wed 23 February 2005]

Index of /pierceive/adblock Index of /pierceive/adblock [Tue 22 February 2005]

How to Whistle With Two Hands How to Whistle With Two Hands [Fri 18 February 2005]

Sarah Tribe Re: Susan Sabrina Goodall I think there may be a connection with our family, also Sarah Tribe or... [Mon 14 February 2005]

CLARKE hello i am searching for my 15 year old brother jamie clarke my dad is called steven we both... [Sun 13 February 2005]

Not very likely Matt Not very likely Matt [Tue 8 February 2005]

Harry Clarke My father, grandfather and great grandfather are all named William Harry Clarke. They originate... [Tue 8 February 2005]

Hazzards of Shedfield, Hants The only Hazzards I know of so far are Lily (b.1878), her sister Florence (b.1882) and their... [Mon 7 February 2005]

The Clarkes are all Hampshire born although some of the spouses came from Sussex The Clarkes are all Hampshire born although some of the spouses came from Sussex [Wed 2 February 2005]

Hi Martin,
kathy's family comes from Wickham in Hampshire as far as I am aware, I will check tis and get back to you.Shedfield is nearby,do yo...
Hi Martin, kathy's family comes from Wickham in Hampshire as far as I am aware, I will check tis... [Wed 2 February 2005]

Kathleen HAZZARD Re: Kathleen HAZZARD Are you any relation to the Hazzards from Shedfield Hampshire? [Wed 2 February 2005]

CLARKEs Re: CLARKE family name Hi Martin J Clarke reporting. My family originates from Walsham le... [Wed 2 February 2005]

clarke family my grandmother frances amy elliott (nee clarke) married a ethelbert samuel gerald elliott from... [Fri 31 December 2004]

Good luck Sarah No link to our Clarkes AFAIK, but hopefully another Clarke will have some info for you. [Wed 15 December 2004]

clarke/bullen family Hi there! I am having real trouble tracing my relatives! Im looking for anyone who may be related... [Tue 14 December 2004]

Barry Leslie CLARKE I am looking for a Barry Clarke who grew up in South Africa and went to the natal university in... [Sat 4 December 2004]

clarke John clark latter clarke married Sarah Culham in Orset Essex . By 1901 they had at least 12 and... [Fri 3 December 2004]

Hi Toni
Sorry, no connections that I can see.
Hi Toni Sorry, no connections that I can see. Bazzer [Tue 30 November 2004]

Clarke/winbourne I'm looking for some more clarke links with my family. My G Grandmother was Sarah Ann Clarke, she... [Tue 30 November 2004]

harry clarke i live in birmingham age 45, my father william henry clarke was known as harry. [Thu 18 November 2004]

Hi fellow Clarke,
We are not looking for Harry Clarke.I know who mine are Our Harry was born 1856 in Cosham, was a Brewer then a dairy farmer....
Hi fellow Clarke, We are not looking for Harry Clarke.I know who mine are Our Harry was born 1856... [Wed 10 November 2004]

A different Harry Clarke We have three Harry Clarkes , but I don't think this is any of them. This Harry Clarke we have... [Tue 9 November 2004]

Harry Clarke What is the date of birth of the harry you are looking for? There is a Harry Clarke from... [Tue 9 November 2004]

Folkestone RestauRANTS Our impartial guide to the restaurants in Folkestone , such that they are... [Sun 31 October 2004]

to see you nice sorry for nipping out early last night mate - emma was a little bit worse for wear and I wasnt... [Thu 14 October 2004]

last nite nice to see y'all, Pauly we have to swop mobile numbers innit [Thu 14 October 2004]

BACON Really got to remember this time, I DO NOT LIKE THE ANGELIC in Islington... It seems nice... [Thu 14 October 2004]

Less bacon, more David Devant Bacongate didn't set me up right for the gig, and the fact it's in Islington Academy didn't... [Thu 14 October 2004]

Sounds like America to me They sound like pioneers, living on covered wagons... have I got the right era? What an ace name... [Fri 8 October 2004]

Where are your Clarke's from
Where are your Clarke's from Bazzer [Thu 7 October 2004]

Hi Shane,
Some Clarkes cousins went to Oz, but not sure who yet
Hi Shane, Some Clarkes cousins went to Oz, but not sure who yet Bazzer [Thu 7 October 2004]

Freelove Clarke I am searching for the parents of Freelove. She married Adolphus Trafton. She was born circa... [Wed 6 October 2004]

That email address just bounced I wouldn't imagine we're related though... [Tue 5 October 2004]

James Robert CLARKE I know two James Robert Clarke's, one is my parter (aged 25, nearly 26) and the other is his... [Tue 5 October 2004]

Paul Leslie CLARKE i live in australia and my family name cames from ierland and england in our family tree book... [Sat 2 October 2004]

finding family trying to find family line relating to william desmond clarke [Sun 26 September 2004]

Barry Clarke I'm married to Barry Clarke... born in 1949 so not the one you looking for i'm afraid [Wed 11 August 2004]

Clarke Family Tree Check out this website and see if they are any of your relations on it. Please email me on the... [Wed 28 July 2004]

Hi Jim,
Not one of ours, sorry.
Hi Jim, Not one of ours, sorry. Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

Hi Keith,
Not in our linage I'm afraid.
Hi Keith, Not in our linage I'm afraid. Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
None that I am aware of at this moment in time. Regards, Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

Harry Cosbey Clarke Do you have any record of my grandfather HARRY COSBEY CLARKE of England? Best Regards Jim Clarke [Tue 27 July 2004]

George Clarke Born in Priors Dean Hampshire in 1832 and was married to Emma. I wnat to know when they were... [Thu 22 July 2004]

goodall -Tribe I'm a Goodall I have been able to trace alink back to Upper & Lower Wield for the Goodall's... [Fri 2 July 2004]

clarke / winchester & surrey any links to clarke`s of winchester or surrey please. some of my fathers family lived there [Fri 2 July 2004]

.au - I saw that Good to hear from you, email me, pauly at clarkeology dot com [Thu 17 June 2004]

RE: Cheers man! well, yeah I guess you got me on that one but my excuse is I was a bit busy flying to the other... [Thu 17 June 2004]

Cheers man! Long time no hear! [Wed 16 June 2004]

RE: Big weekend then Congratulation on your engagement ! Very pleased for you both. Ryan (scottish git, you probably... [Wed 16 June 2004]

Maury Yeston's Titanic We got an email from a student in the USA who's been cast as "Caroline Neville" in a production... [Tue 8 June 2004]

There is a nice big cupboard Actually it's a two bed flat, we're probably going to adopt her. [Wed 5 May 2004]


RE: Big weekend then We've finally gone and done it and are now on the web ! Congratulations on "the big weekend",... [Tue 4 May 2004]

Big weekend then Managed to fit quite a lot in the weekend, we completed on the flat so went round there and... [Tue 4 May 2004]

NOTHIN to do WIT GREEK FOOD aight you boys, don't forget THE FIGHTING COCKS return on Friday 30th at Last Rockers Club /... [Sun 11 April 2004]

a shameless old git this is a cheap, oikey, pikey, chavy. sweatshop. I'm a bee, right, an this pissin wasp, is... [Sun 11 April 2004]

Kapetan Michales Heading to this Greek Restaurant tonight for the second time, review to follow... [Sat 10 April 2004]

RE: Wedding Invitation ... [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: Titanic update The sister they refer to is Ada Mary West but, her maiden name was WORTH, so as Ada Maria... [Mon 8 March 2004]

Wedding Invitation Shame to have just missed this , not sure the seller realised there was any Titanic... [Sun 7 March 2004]

Titanic update There's some interesting speculation here on Encyclopedia Titanica suggesting that Ada Maria... [Fri 5 March 2004]

RE: John WINDEBANK Hi Jackie, It is frustrating when you find the same names as yours on other peoples websites.It... [Fri 27 February 2004]

John WINDEBANK hi my name is mrs jackie walder and I live in kent I am trying to trace my late husband'a tree... [Fri 27 February 2004]

RE: Clarke To whoever listed in Sep 2003, my links point back to a James Clarke who married a French Woman... [Mon 23 February 2004]

RE: Charles and Ada Clarke These are from the Daily Mirror Fri 19th April 1912 [Wed 18 February 2004]

RE: clarke ancestors Some Clarke's moved to the midlands in the mid 20th century, but who, I'm not sure of who yet... [Mon 16 February 2004]

clarke ancestors i was wondering if anybody has an elizabeth clarke born in birmingham married to a james charles... [Fri 13 February 2004]

RE: Ancestors Hi Keith, Most of our "old" Clarke's were born in Cosham , Widley . Our Charles was a son of... [Wed 11 February 2004]

Ancestors Hello, My name is Keith Morgan and I live in Melbourne Aust. My Great grandfather was a Charles... [Wed 11 February 2004]

RE: Clarke family Ireland I am trying to trace the ancestry of my grandfather, Samuel Boyd Clarke, born April 22 1882 in N.... [Fri 6 February 2004]

RE: Family Tree Hi Stephen, I know it sounds obvious, try working with what you do know. Work backwards from your... [Sun 1 February 2004]

I would try one of the other links on this site Good luck with your search, you'll need a bit more information than that to get started, you want... [Sat 31 January 2004]

Family Tree Hi looking to find out about my family, dont know much my fathers name is frederick my mother... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Charles and Ada Clarke Wow, been sent these pictures by someone called Ben (not Tim, where did I get that from?... [Fri 30 January 2004]

RE: Emily Sophia WEEKS By the way Emily's husband was the brother of Charles Valentine Clarke who was lost in the... [Wed 28 January 2004]

RE: Emily Sophia WEEKS You're welcome--I was happy to find a connection and the info on your site. I live in New York... [Wed 28 January 2004]

RE: Emily Sophia WEEKS Thanks for all this info, I will try to absorb it all. Its great to know there are other family... [Mon 26 January 2004]

Emily Sophia WEEKS I believe this is the Emily I was looking for and the sister of my grandmother Eleanor Marion... [Fri 23 January 2004]

RE: William HALL Hi Peter, Our Jane Emma Hall was b1859 in Emsworth Hants. Her father was William Hall and he... [Thu 22 January 2004]

Charles Valentine Clarke Got this card announcing the death of Charles Valentine Clarke , who died aboard The... [Thu 22 January 2004]

I think Dad tried to reply and something went wrong It's best if you email him, It sounds to me that there could be some connection in... [Thu 22 January 2004]

RE: Emily Sophia WEEKS Emily Sophia Weeks was aged 26 when she married H L CLARKE (a farmer of Cosham ) 2 Nov 1904.... [Wed 21 January 2004]

I think that's all the info we have Married to our Harry Clarke and with a daughter called Mabel is all we know, as you can see on... [Wed 21 January 2004]

Emily Sophia WEEKS Was this Emily Sophia Weeks born in Portsmouth and one of 8 children born to Sophia and... [Tue 20 January 2004]

Encyclopedia Titanica Hi Tass, First thing, what is your fathers full name and where was he born? Second what was his... [Mon 19 January 2004]

RE: Frank Lester Clarke Hi Jaime, I haven't come across this name in our family yet as I have not traced all of my... [Sun 18 January 2004]

William HALL hi, My great grandparents were a william hall and jane hall who lived in west tisted... [Sat 17 January 2004]

Charles Valentine & Ada Maria Clarke Hi, My fathers name was eric clarke and he always use to tell me that his auntie died on the... [Thu 15 January 2004]

RE: any link? [Sun 11 January 2004]

RE: Frank Lester Clarke Forgot to post my e-mail for replies [Mon 5 January 2004]

Frank Lester Clarke I'm am Searching for my grandfather, Frank Lester Clarke, born June 19th, 1920. Married my... [Mon 5 January 2004]

RE: Bertha Ruth Clarke Hi,Sorry for the delay in replying.I put your request to one of my mailing lists and this was the... [Mon 5 January 2004]

Clarke / Clery These guys say the name Clarke was interchangeable with Clery up to the beginning of the... [Sat 3 January 2004]

Clarke family Ireland There's a lot more Irish Clarke's on Clare's family tree pages, including famed artist Harry... [Tue 30 December 2003]

Bertha Ruth Clarke Hi My wife is trying to trace her father's tree. His name was Raymond Reynolds Clarke and he was... [Sun 14 December 2003]

I noticed someone searching for Clarke and Rainey the other day it showed up on the logs as they clicked on one of these pages, was it yoU? [Wed 5 November 2003]

RE: any link? Hi James, Although the Clarke name does have Irish / Scottish origins we don't have, apart... [Wed 5 November 2003]

Mahon Family Tree Mahon Family Tree here... A work in progress. See Clare Mahon , the artist Harry Clarke , or... [Wed 29 October 2003] I used Paul Johnson's to process the output of... [Tue 28 October 2003]

RE: clarke The Clarke that went to London (apart from Pauly!) was Sarah Sophia but she married John... [Sun 26 October 2003]

any link? hi my name is James Clarke, i live Carrickfergus , Northern Ireland. I was wondering am I... [Sat 25 October 2003]

clarke I am a clarke we come from fulham oringnally my great grandfather used to own a cobbler shop in... [Sat 25 October 2003]

Hello fellow Clarke Got any family tree to contribute? [Thu 23 October 2003]

hi hi [Wed 22 October 2003]

RE: Robert CLARKE Hi Buffy, Sorry but our Robert Clarke is my 10 year old nephew born in England. As far as I am... [Mon 13 October 2003]

Robert CLARKE Dear clarke Hi I hope this message doesnt leave you in a bad way. My name is buffy Carter and... [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: Sarah TRIBE Sorry I'm new to this message board stuff -- my e-mail is [Sun 12 October 2003]

RE: Sarah TRIBE Hello -- I'm a sescendant of Edwin Giles of Upper Wield in Hampshire 1839 -- 1905.... [Sun 12 October 2003]

RE: Sarah TRIBE Hi Tim, Not sure if you are part of our " Tribe ". My g/grandmother Sarah Tribe ( born 1824... [Thu 25 September 2003]

Sarah TRIBE My email is tim.tribe@coda. com My family come from Southampton. Henry Thomas is a family name... [Tue 23 September 2003]

Clarks and Clarkes Reassuring to see that THAT Harry Clarke comes from Clark stock, his father Joshua Clarke... [Mon 22 September 2003]

Added some more Clarkes Not our Clarkes though, this is Harry Clarke , the artist, he's a great grand uncle of Clare's. [Tue 16 September 2003]

Nice to see someone posting again We don't have any US connections that we know about though. [Sun 7 September 2003]

Clarke My tree extends to James Clarke, 1700s in Martinsburg, VA USA. He married a French girl and... [Sun 7 September 2003]

RE: names look familiar It would appear that my James Clarke (Gardener) is not the same one who married Elizabeth Cole.... [Wed 9 July 2003]

Gosport Baptisms Might be a red herring, but I found this page of gosport baptisms - a few Clarke s and a Mary... [Sun 6 July 2003]

names look familiar we have a Mary Dash too - click here , she was daughter of James and Elizabeth, but she had... [Fri 4 July 2003]

My roots I wonder if any of these names ring a bell ! CLARKE DYNASTY... [Thu 3 July 2003]

James Clarke Hi Jean, Our James was born c 1777 in Widley (he was a cordwainer,a posh name for shoemaker,... [Tue 1 July 2003]

Southampton Clarkes Hello I tried to send a message on your Hampshire web site but it came up "Page not available".... [Tue 1 July 2003]

RE: clarkes in USA and Canada Hi David, Sorry have not traced any Clarke's to london or Nottingham as of yet. The only Clarke... [Wed 4 June 2003]

RE: Hiya, please get in touch Thanks very much for posting up this photo, it is very much appreciated. I have heard from your... [Tue 3 June 2003]

Hiya, please get in touch How bizarre, looks like we might be related... could you send an email to bazzer @... [Mon 2 June 2003]

Clarke Family of Ascot Hi Paul - I think we might be related. My late father was born in Ascot - his father ran... [Sun 1 June 2003]

Charles Valentine & Ada Maria Clarke Hi I'm a distant relation to Charles Valentine Clarke , who was aboard the Titanic. My... [Sun 1 June 2003]

clarkes in USA and Canada I am descended from two branches of Clarkes--one, William Clarke, left the Nottingham area (he... [Wed 28 May 2003]

I'm a Clarke too But we're not related, I hope. I like the space for your Death Date, Pauly! [Tue 13 May 2003]

Charles Valentine Clarke info Just found this old email, from when we found out who Charles Valentine Clarke was: This... [Thu 8 May 2003]

Only know of one Barry Clarke he's my dad, born in 1947... Maybe he's come across other Barrys in the family? Do you have any... [Fri 25 April 2003]

I'm a clarke too Hi my name is tiffany clarke and i am 14 yrs old but im not sure if charles and ada clarke are... [Thu 24 April 2003]

ah, it's the anniversary of the Titanic going down today innit... [Tue 15 April 2003]

Clarkeology on TV There's going to be a feature on Charles Valentine Clarke on Portsmouth TV news this weekend... [Fri 11 April 2003]

All the names I know of are on the "All Names" link over on the right there... [Fri 11 April 2003]

My nan's maiden name is clarke Hi - im starting to look into my family tree and my nan's maiden name is clarke. she grew up in... [Thu 10 April 2003]

Sorry, I had a quick search couldn't find anything for that name though, and don't think there's a link to our family - Clark... [Tue 8 April 2003]

clark sorry Pauly,im just a little forword and hot for knowleadge. Forgive my spelling i wasn't the... [Tue 8 April 2003]

clark sorry I spell bad. do you have any info? If not thats o.k. i was just checking. Sorry if it's a... [Tue 8 April 2003]

That's probably Woolwich Not Woolwick... [Mon 7 April 2003]

alma clark hi my name is rhonda i am a first gen American. my great grand mother was Alma Elsey Clark born... [Mon 7 April 2003]

that picture Ada Maria Clarke... [Fri 7 February 2003]

Ada Clarke's grave Bazzer Drop me an E-mail and I will gladly send you the picky - I tried linking to your name on... [Sat 1 February 2003]

Ada Maria Clarke I would like the photo of the grave.I think that because of the close ages(Charles b1883, Ada... [Tue 28 January 2003]

Yes we are in the UK That's great information, thanks, we will be in touch by email! We don't know who May West was,... [Fri 24 January 2003]

Ada Maria Clarke I am in the process of gathering a geneaology account of all Titanic survivors - to which you... [Thu 23 January 2003]

Charles Valentine Clarke Breaking News! Apparently he was born February 14th, and not March. Hold the front page, and update the GEDCOM... [Wed 22 January 2003]

welcome to the board First ever post on this site, welcome to my "new" genealogy site... [Thu 9 January 2003]

Clarke Family Tree Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire,... [Thu 9 January 2003]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly javascript, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

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