John SAMWAYS (1848 - 1925)


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BORN BET 2 MAR 1848 AND 30 MAY 1848 Fareham, Hampshire

DIED BET 29 JAN 1925 AND 1 MAY 1925 Fareham, Hampshire, England

John SAMWAYS's will

family tree chart - ancestors and descendents together, might have to scroll right a bit >> leave me feedback about it.

FATHER Thomas SAMWAYS 1826 - ??

MOTHER unknown


We have 1 ancestors for John, 0 for his father Thomas. We have 15 descendents for John. We have 786 people in this tree with 98 different surnames; 13 called SAMWAYS. SAMWAYS is the 8th most common name in our tree.

John is 2x great-grandfather to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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