Gertrude LYMAN

Gertrude LYMAN

BORN 26 JAN 1891 Pendleton, Lancashire

DIED 15 DEC 1973 Hope Hospital Pendleton, Salford, Lancs

BURIED 1973 Plot 29 No 814 Northern Cemetry, Salford

Gertrude LYMAN's will

FATHER James LYMAN 1863 - ??

MOTHER Eliza Lyman 1859 - ??


SIBLINGS: Beatrice Lyman - ??, Ethel Lyman - ??, Cissie LYMAN - ??

We have 2 ancestors for Gertrude, 0 for her father James, 0 for her mother Eliza. We have 8 descendents for Gertrude. We have 786 people in this family tree with 98 different surnames, including 6 called LYMAN.

Gertrude is maternal grandmother to Barry Leslie CLARKE

Clarke family tree, and connecting branches and roots, from hampshire | Hampshire, UK to titanic | the Titanic and beyond... So far we have links for the names CLARKE, CLARK, COLE, DONNELLY, DUNCANSON, GRANT, GREGORY, HALL, HARRIS, HAZZARD, HUCKLE, IRISH, LESTER, LYMAN, MORRIS, O'BRIEN, RAINEY, RHODES, SAMWAYS, SHERWOOD, SMITH, TEE, TILL, TRIBE, WEEKS, WILDY, WINDEBANK, and WINFIELD... If you think you might have a link into our family tree, or would like to put out a [url=/php/admin.php?mBoard=14]request for genealogy assistance[/url], please [url=/php/admin.php?mBoard=14]leave a message[/url] and I Paul Clarke will try to help...

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