Samuel RAINEY (1860 - ??)


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BORN ABT 1860 Anahilt, County Down, Northern Ireland

Probably not him, though the Raineys are likely to have come from Ireland.The only Samuel Rainey I can find from the probate search service is "RAINEY Samuel Matthew of Elsmere Ormeau-road Belfast died 14 August 1913 at College Park East Belfast Administration Belfast to Li
The 1891 census has Samuel's place of birth transcribed as Annahill, but this is not a place. So guessing its Annahilt, which is in County Down, Northern Ireland. His wife Mary Anne was from County Dozzie Rainey widow. Effects 254 in England". That will was settled FOURTEEN YEARS after his death.
Loads of Raineys in County Down: too, so this makes sense.

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FATHER unknown

MOTHER unknown

SPOUSE Mary Rainey - ??

We have 0 ancestors for Samuel. We have 7 descendents for Samuel. We have 761 people in this tree with 94 different surnames; 9 called RAINEY.

Samuel is 2x great-grandfather to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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