Paul Leslie CLARKE

BORN 27 JUL 1972 Blakes Maternity, Gosport, Hants (26 Felix Rd, Gosport,Hants)

BAPTISED 18 FEB 1979 St Mary Portchester, Kenneth Jackson (Godparents:David Clarke, Michael O'Brien, Marilyn O'Brien)

Paul runs the website where you're probably viewing this. See more personal thoughts + details on He lives in Hythe, and works as a code engineer, currently for Tesco. Actually I should say "I live in Hythe"... as it is me writing this, in the third person, how weird. I have mostly taken the family tree information from other people, but I'm happy to answer questions, you can email pauly at this domain, if you can work that out... I'm husband + father to two boys.

FATHER Barry Leslie CLARKE 1947 -




We have 125 ancestors for Paul, 76 for his father Barry, 47 for his mother [PRIVATE]. We can go back 16 generations to Edward Chrysnes - during the reign of Henry VIII. For his mother we go back 14 generations to Thomas Winter - during the reign of Henry VIII. We have 2 descendents for Paul. We have 783 people in this tree with 100 different family names, including 50 called CLARKE. CLARKE is the 2nd most common last name in our tree.

Paul is son to Barry Leslie CLARKE

Clarke family tree, + connecting branches and roots, from Hampshire, UK to the Titanic and beyond. We have links for the name CLARKE obviously, so many others, see the whole list. If you think you might have a connection to our family tree, or would like to put out a request for tree stuff assistance, email pauly @ this domain I will try to help... This site is also home to my personal site, with links to all the things I like. ItΚΌs all about me, my lovely wife and our beautiful boys... Also the usual things, work, TV, running, ect ect, and links to my other projects.