Alice TEE | TEE family tree / genealogy

BORN 10 MAY 1898 5 Alfred St Landport

DIED 1971

Can find no record of Alice Tee in the 1901 census in Hampshire, so some investigation needed to find out where these details came from, and how accurate they are.

Alice TEE's will

FATHER William TEE 1863 - ??

MOTHER Mary DAVISON 1870 - ??

SPOUSE Leonard SHERWOOD - SIBLINGS: Emily TEE , Edith TEE , William TEE We have 33 ancestors for Alice, 30 for her father William, 1 for her mother Mary. We can go back 12 generations to Thomas Winter - during the reign of Henry VIII. We have 15 descendents for Alice. We have 783 people in this tree with 100 different family names, including 15 called TEE. TEE is the 7th most common last name in our tree.

Alice is great-grandmother to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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