Samuel Clarke

BORN BEF 20 DEC 1769 East Meon, Hampshire (Seems this birth was registered long after it happened, perhaps it was a still birth? Otherwise the dates of the following child don't add up. Could be I have joined up two different families her)

DIED (Seems likely to have died as an infant as the parents used the same name the following year)

FATHER John? Clarke 1738 - ??

MOTHER Mary 1738 - ??

SIBLINGS: William Clarke - ??, John Clarke - ??, Samuel Clarke - ??, George Clarke - ??, Richard Clarke - ??, Randal Clarke - ??, Mary Clarke - ??, Hannah Clarke - ??, Thomas Clarke - ??, James CLARKE - , Joseph Clarke - ??

We have 4 ancestors for Samuel, 2 for his father John?, none for his mother Mary. Samuel lived during the industrial revolution. We have 783 people in this family tree with 100 different surnames, including 50 called Clarke. Clarke is the 2nd most common last name in our tree.

Samuel is 1st cousin 5x removed to Paul Leslie CLARKE

Clarke tree, and connecting branches + roots, from Hampshire, UK to the Titanic and beyond. We have links for the name CLARKE obviously, but many others, see the whole list. If you have a link to our family tree, or would like to put out a request for tree stuff assistance, email pauly @ this domain I will try to help... This site is also home to my weblog, with links to all the things I like. It's all about me, my wife + our beautiful boys... Also the usual things, work, TV, parkrun, ect ect, + links to my fun projects.