Harry Cecil CLARKE

BORN 1915 20 Drayton Rd, North End, Portsmouth

BAPTISED 6 JUN 1915 St Marks North End Portsmouth (CHU12/1A/6/2-4)

FATHER James Cole CLARKE 1866 - 1938

MOTHER Fanny Alice Grant SAMWAYS 1873 - 1953

SPOUSE Olwynne WOODS - ??SIBLINGS: Edward CLARKE - ??, Sarah CLARKE - , Ronald CLARKE - We have 68 ancestors for Harry, 47 for his father James, 19 for his mother Fanny. We can go back 14 generations to Edward Chrysnes - during the reign of Henry VIII. For his mother we go back 5 generations to Thomas Meridew - during the industrial revolution. We have 6 descendents for Harry. We have 783 people in this family tree with 100 different family names, including 50 called CLARKE. CLARKE is the 2nd most common last name in our tree.

Harry is 1st cousin twice removed to Paul Leslie CLARKE

Clarke family tree, and connecting branches and roots, from Hampshire, UK to the Titanic + beyond. We have links for the name CLARKE obviously, so many others, see the whole list. If you have a link to our tree, or would like to put out a request for genealogy assistance, email pauly @ this domain I will try to help... This site is also home to my weblog, with links to all the things I like. ItΚΌs all about me, my lovely wife and our beautiful boys... Also the usual things, work, Television, running, etc, and links to my other projects.