BORN 1880

DIED 1952

Sir Fred Clarke no less... [[ there's a lot of us Clarkes about]]! Not sure if [[ 390 this is him]] or not, the dates are about right, and they're the source for my DoB + DoD: [quote]Sir Fred Clarke (1880-1952) was Director of the Institute of Education from 1936 until his retirement in 1945. His profesthe dates are about right, + they're the source for my DoB + DoD: [quote]Sir Fred Clarke (1880-1952) was Director of the Institute of Education from 1936 until his retirement in 1945. His professional career was very wide-ranging, including periods of teaching at universities in Canada and South Africa. He also undertook numerous advisory + committee roles with, for example the NationalUnion of Teachers, the British Council and the National Foundation for Educational Research. [/quote] [quote]Sir Fred Clarke (1880-1952) was an eminent educationist. Having qualified as a teacher and gained a degree in History from Oxford University, Clarke held a number of posts in teacher education + university departments in Britain + abroad, including as Senior Master of Method at York Diocesan Training College, 1903-1906, Professor of Education at Hartley University College, Southampton, 1906-1911, Professor of Education, University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1911-1929 and Professor of Education, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1929-1934. In 1935, Clarke was appointed as Adviser to Oversea Students at the Institute of Education, University of London + in 1936 he became Director of the the Institute, a position which he held until his retirement in 1945. Clarke also served on numerous committees, including for the British Council and Colonial Office, and was influential in the establishment of the National Foundation for Educational Research + the McNair Committee. After his retirement he remained connected with the Institute, becoming once again Adviser to Oversea Students + also undertook other advisory roles, notably for the National Union of Teachers. Sir Fred Clarke was an influential figure in the development of teacher education, colonial + comparative education and he also promoted the application of sociology to educational theory.[/quote]

Fred CLARKE's will

FATHER William CLARKE 1852 - ??

MOTHER Nance ELLIOTT 1852 - ??

We have 4 ancestors for Fred, 0 for his father William, 2 for his mother Nance. We have 1 descendents for Fred. We have 783 people in this tree with 100 different family names, including 50 called CLARKE. CLARKE is the 2nd most common surname in our family tree.

Fred is 1st cousin 3x removed to Clare Frances MAHON

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