PaulyGigography2000 ≫ Spearmint

Dingwalls Camden Lock, London NW1 8AL

I didn't like it it seems, shame, I thought I liked Spearmint!

💬 Steve Lamacq

💬 Craig David MoBo Hat-trick

💬 I'm sure I've nicked this from somewhere...

💬 Lofty Holloway (ex Eastender - remember?)

💬 Updatarama

💬 George Harrison

💬 Radiohead sneaky weirdness...

💬 Have a nice weekend

💬 Lionel Ritchie

💬 Mark Greaney, Hilary Woods, Fergal Matthews

💬 Frank Skinner

💬 Where did all the ladies go?

💬 Frankie Machine Live Dates

💬 Hasta La Vista Social Club

💬 Get ready to get ready to ROCK!

💬 Atomic Porn Frenzy

💬 All We Wanna Do Is Ruck

💬 Badly Woolly Hat

💬 Jacques @ Scalarama

💬 Whatever happened to the Infidels?

💬 Gigs for tonight...

💬 Ugly neighbour of from One Foot in the Grave

💬 Free Camdemonium Tickets

💬 Sean Bean

💬 The main bloke and the girl

💬 Hailey from coronation street

💬 Ever banged your finger in a door?

💬 Crap chart of the day

💬 Meeeeesh!

💬 Zoe Ball

💬 Got the Camdemonium tickets

💬 Richard Ashcroft

💬 No autographs, just send biscuits

💬 Worlds best acts in "all rubbish" shocker...

💬 mark little(joe mangle from neighbours)

💬 Very Fishy News...

💬 Tease me, tease me...

💬 Caroline off Big Brother

💬 Pierce Brosnan

💬 Back in Brown!

💬 Camdemonium Competition Closed

💬 Redneck to Rumble

💬 nme.com - must try harder

💬 'Cocks support Hawkwind

💬 Camdemonium Tonight

💬 Black Christmas

💬 Beta Band play some records

I was at this one, more from this year in my gigography for 2000. Part of every gig I was at from '87 to 2023. It's an obvious step from my Best Gigs Ever blog post. Yeah I know a bit nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm enjoying reminiscing about these things.

Thu Oct 12 2000

Other gigs at Dingwalls I attended are David Devant (2004), Haven ('02), Camdemonium ('00), Cousteau (2000), Kathryn Williams (2000), Camdemonium ('99), Robyn Hitchcock ('99), Grandaddy ('98), Marion ('98), David Devant And His Spirit Wife ('97), David Devant (1997), Baader Meinhof Revue (1996)

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