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Dingwalls Camden Lock, London NW1 8AL

I attended this one, more from this year in my gigography. Part of every gig I was at from '87 to 2024. A natural step from my Best gigs of all time blog post. Yeah I know very nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm enjoying remembering this stuff.

Gigs at Dingwalls I attended are David Devant ('04), Haven ('02), Camdemonium ('00), Spearmint (2000), Cousteau (2000), Kathryn Williams ('00), Camdemonium (1999), Robyn Hitchcock ('99), Grandaddy (1998), Marion ('98), David Devant And His Spirit Wife ('97), Helen Love (1997), David Devant (1997), Baader Meinhof Revue (1996)