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family tree and "tree" related things, including places, pubbing, gigs and blog posts about tree.If you have anything to offer concerning tree that I have not covered here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have something to offer concerning my tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation family tree experiments, homebrew, beer, or appley goodness. Thank you.

Have you seen our Windebanks? It's a great name easy to trace, here are all of ours do you see any crossover? [Mon 20 February 2017]

I am doing family tree and also have the surname windebank on my tree - not sure if we can help each other [Sat 18 February 2017]

Gilbert Elliott shot down over Cologne in 1943 Not sure how we've not picked up on this before, does sound like this is Clare's great... [Tue 20 September 2016]

I bet there is a connection to our Clarkes We have a whole chain of William Clarke s along this line , but those are East Meon . Maybe... [Sun 18 September 2016]

hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth hi everyone here is an update Nicholas Windebank of Wield Hampshire had a twin sister! he was... [Tue 5 March 2013]

Signed Harry Clarke book for sale Book about him signed by the authors. Not my Harry Clarke , but Clare's artist great grand-uncle. [Tue 29 March 2011]

RE: Edwin DUNCANSON congratulations cousin Barry [Fri 18 March 2011]

RE: Edwin DUNCANSON Congratulations! [Thu 3 March 2011]

Edwin DUNCANSON Has had a daughter. Born 9am 21/01/11 7lb 8oz named Anna. [Thu 3 March 2011]

Please share, any connection with our Mary Dash Clarke? I'm particularly keen to find out what the connection is with our Mary Dash Clarke , it feels... [Sun 27 February 2011]

RE: More on the Daysh family in New Zealand from an old email Hi Pauly, I have been researching the INGS/Daysh family from Wickham for 2yrs. My grx3... [Sat 26 February 2011]

RE: George SHERWOOD ours was born in 1887 that's about all I know... [Mon 31 January 2011]

George SHERWOOD Re: George SHERWOOD Looking for a George Sherwood, a mining engineer who went to the Gold... [Sat 29 January 2011]

Harry Clarke's farm not the farm toys, but Purbrook farm in 1897 [Wed 5 January 2011]


RE: Greetings Everyone There hello not many people actually "here"... someone pops in with some info or a request about every... [Sat 27 November 2010]

Greetings Everyone There Hello everyone. I'm brand new to the board and decided I should say hello. :) [Sat 27 November 2010]

HUCKLE Re: HUCKLE my name is joseph t. Huckle jr florence huckle was married to sir trevor carroll... [Mon 15 November 2010]

Makes sense, good luck tracking down the Burke family I thought the name Dorothy Burke sounded familiar, she was a character in Neighbours ! [Fri 29 October 2010]

RE: Burke family I'm an idiot. My wording should have been: Thomas Austin Burke bc1888, whose father had the same... [Thu 28 October 2010]

Ann WINDEBANK Re: Ann WINDEBANK Hi imErnest Windebank,Aldershot Hants looking for info on Grandfather... [Tue 26 October 2010]

More on the Daysh family in New Zealand from an old email I have on loan at present, a book which features DAYSH family they came from Wickham. Hampshire... [Tue 26 October 2010]

John Ings Daysh and Mary Dash Clarke Just found this ancient post on, I wonder if our Mary Dash Clarke is in some... [Wed 20 October 2010]

If a Clarke married a Clarke Strange that the daughter would have the surname Burke isn't it? [Mon 6 September 2010]

Burke family Hello from New Zealand, I am having trouble tracing a Thomas Austin CLARKE BURKE bc1885 to a... [Mon 6 September 2010]

RE: We have a bundle of Windebanks I have briefly dabbled in my family's history, with almost no success. But just in case someone... [Sat 31 July 2010]

Clare MAHON | Clare MAHON genealogy / family tree | Clare Frances MAHON I am reseraching a book about World War II and am looking for information about Gilbert... [Mon 12 July 2010]

Lee HANTON Re: Lee HANTON my name also is Lee Hanton,I moved from the UK in the early seventy's.Im forty... [Tue 11 May 2010]

RE: David CLARKE Our David is a mechanic and has not been to Hyde [Thu 29 April 2010]

David CLARKE Re: David CLARKE hi,,,i,m looking for a david clarke,,approx 60yrs old,,,worked as a security... [Wed 28 April 2010]

GRO certificates petition ... [Wed 17 March 2010]

Margaret Crilley / Margaret Clarke As a starter though have you seen these Margaret Clarke (nee Crilley) stamps ? I don't have many... [Sun 6 September 2009]

Crilley Re: Crilley Margaret Crilley of Newry was my great grand aunt. Her brother William... [Mon 31 August 2009]

Thanks Colin, we have Windebanks and Irish's And the location sounds about right too, but we don't have any of those names in our tree at the... [Sat 11 July 2009]

WINDEBANK Re: WINDEBANK Hi, I've been trying to find out something about my mothers eldest sister and a... [Sat 11 July 2009]

We have a bundle of Windebanks Here's one John Windebank , maneuver your way around the family tree from there! Can you really... [Fri 3 July 2009]

That book that people keep ebaying at 400 Another copy just started at ten pounds! [Fri 3 July 2009]

Remember all those stories in the news about family tax credit being RUBBISH? I understand them now! [Fri 3 July 2009]

1930 Fairy Tales relisted AGAIN at GBP385 See it here , illustrated by Harry Clarke . Too expensive. Lordy, just realised we have not... [Tue 30 June 2009]

WINDEBANK ernest Re: WINDEBANK trying to trace windebanks Bently hants,have other info re windebank back to... [Fri 26 June 2009]

RE: Michael O'BRIEN Sure what names and dates do you have? Email me [Tue 9 June 2009]

Michael O'BRIEN Re: Family Tree Hello, I recognze some of the names in your tree that apprear in mine as well.... [Tue 9 June 2009]

Margaret Clarke stamps That's Clare's great great aunt, she's painted a stamp [Sat 30 May 2009]

We have Clarkes in Cosham at that time But it's a common name, so can't find a connection at the moment... my great great grandfather... [Tue 19 May 2009]

trying to locate Robert Clarke Hi, I am trying to track down my paternal great grandfather Robert Clarke. Because my... [Mon 18 May 2009]

Mary Sherwood was kwown as Eva so could be the same one I will try and find out She was one of eleven children born to Henry Sherwood , her brother Leonard Sherwood is my... [Fri 24 April 2009]

Mary SHERWOOD Re: Mary SHERWOOD Hello, I was wondering if Mary Evelina Sherwood was the Evelina Sherwood who... [Fri 24 April 2009]

Fairy Tales now relisted at 385 See it here , still sounds pricey to me! [Tue 24 March 2009]

Who started this book at 450??? Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, from 1930 , illustrated by Harry Clarke but still! I... [Tue 24 March 2009]

The Year's At The Spring Cool 1920 poetry anthology, illustrated by Clare's famous relative [Wed 18 February 2009]

RE: Would certainly need more detail than that There was only one Lucas on the Titanic, a William Lucas. What was Jessica's maiden name [Fri 6 February 2009]

Would certainly need more detail than that Years when these people were alive, Jessica's maiden name, etc. Are these people alive now? Were... [Wed 28 January 2009]

alfred lucas married jessica lucas in manchester, i believe jessica's family tree were on the titanic - they... [Wed 28 January 2009]

Looking for family I am looking for any of my family!!! My father Robert Lee Clarke was born in new york and passed... [Fri 2 January 2009]

Not sure there is a connection, but you never know By family tree database is down right now, so I don't have all the dates to hand, but the... [Wed 24 December 2008]

William Clarke Just found this genealogy site , the names and... [Sun 21 December 2008]

RAINEY Re: RAINEY hi - I'm Des Rainey , Auckland, NZ - I relate back in time to the Samuel Boyd... [Sat 20 December 2008]

bah family tree database is down again :-( Run out of disk space and it stops you perusing our family tree... will bring it back to life asap. [Wed 26 November 2008]

CLARKE Re: CLARKE i am searching for a brian r clarke that served in the united states air force and... [Sat 25 October 2008]

My family History Hi I am intereted in genealogy and have recently found out from my brother that he used to dance... [Thu 16 October 2008]

RE: F WINDEBANK I am looking for Alicia Carames Windibank. She is a distant cousin. We are both related to... [Sat 26 July 2008]

RE: Windibank family tree i have since discovered that richards father was richard widebank also, and was a banliff... [Fri 25 July 2008]

Cole Family, Cheriton Hampshire Sorry to be responding so late, I think all our Cole s that we know about so far were in... [Wed 16 July 2008]

mrs lesley dean hello, im interested in the surname cole from cheriton in hampshire. anyone have any conrctions?... [Wed 7 May 2008]

looking for biological mother does anyone know the where abouts of a sheila mary clarke who had a baby in feb. 1965 in... [Tue 29 April 2008]

Metallurgists blame Titanic disaster on rivets Slashdot has it here , I'll quote just a little to pad out my content: The team collected clues... [Tue 15 April 2008]

We have a Hazzard in our family by marriage But I don't know anything about the history of the family I'm afraid, good luck tracking them down. [Thu 10 April 2008]

HAZZARD Genealogy 9 April 2008 Dear Pauly: Has anyone that has posted or who reads this blog ever heard of a man... [Thu 10 April 2008]

James Moore Clarke Got an email from someone in the USA trying to trace Clarke ancestors from the UK. I don't think... [Mon 7 April 2008]

All OK here Ah no they don't really do they. They do if you go here first , will fix that from the main... [Sat 8 March 2008]

RE: Jack the Ripper exhibition tickets [list=null] no of these links are working [Sat 8 March 2008]

Hmm, I've possibly lost all the family tree records again Damn, this keeps happening! Fixed again now. [Wed 5 March 2008]

Jack the Ripper exhibition tickets This sounds good , there's a Jack the Ripper exhibition on at the Museum in Docklands . Not... [Mon 3 March 2008]

Ah yes we have Edward Windebank born 1820 here he is , click around from there. So are we cousins or WHAT? [Thu 14 February 2008]

Got lots of Windebanks here Search the site for Windebank , or dive straight into the family tree and search just our... [Thu 14 February 2008]

Windebank Re: Windebank My grandmother was Irene Victoria Windebank, born 1897 in Hambledon. Thus far I... [Wed 13 February 2008]

SAMWAYS Family of Dorset My SAMWAYS ancestors are from Dorset, places such as Chaldon Herring, Dorchester, Wareham,... [Mon 14 January 2008]

That was posted two years ago, I guess they're unlikely to find you again now Here's hoping though, you found this site by searching for the name so I hope someone else does... [Fri 4 January 2008]

RE: Windibank Hello my uncle is researching our familly tree, He has discovered a Mary Kate Windibank (who I... [Fri 4 January 2008]

Good luck with these I don't know that we have any family in that area, but hopefully other Clarkes will find this... [Thu 3 January 2008]

Family tree home Hi I am trying to find info on my G.Grandfather William John Clarke , who lived in N.S.W. in... [Wed 2 January 2008]

Just repaired all the family tree pages How long have they been broken then? Don't forget Doctor Who is aboard the Titanic on... [Fri 21 December 2007]

Double history Checked out the family tree things from Dad, we do have records going much further back now, to... [Tue 30 October 2007]

We have Tribes See [name=tribe]our Tribes here[/name] and search this site there have been lots of other posts... [Sat 13 October 2007]

Hi, my names Maxine Tribe.Im just looking into my family tree. Only information ive got so far is that i apparently have family members in Surrey. ... Hi, my names Maxine Tribe.Im just looking into my family tree. Only information ive got so far is... [Sat 13 October 2007]

I hope someone gets back to you Some of those messages were posted two years ago though, it'd be handy if you could post up a... [Wed 25 July 2007]

RE: Huckle Family Tree... Please email me! [Wed 25 July 2007]

RE: Huckle Family Tree... I may have a connect. Please email me at or [Wed 25 July 2007]

RE: Huckle Family Tree... Just to let everyone know my email has changed to and or you can email... [Fri 11 May 2007]

RE: Always nice to see a result! Akin is a Huckle [Thu 1 February 2007]

RE: Windibank the following info is for all who are interested in the windebank s of wield . i was passed... [Sun 28 January 2007]

Another Harry Clarke on Ebay This signed copy of Faust just went for $600 - copies do go for thousands on ABE . I didn't... [Tue 12 September 2006]

Yep, I'm going to be in trouble Jim wanted it when I told him about it, I said hold on and see what it goes for and we'll know... [Tue 25 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay I see the book went for 67 [Tue 25 July 2006]

Bidding's started on Faust Faust, illustrated by Harry Clarke , a first edition I think from 1925. I love the pictures on... [Tue 18 July 2006]

I don't want it now, I can't afford it I went a bit mad pushing the price up for fun, and now I might get stuck with it, gah... As you... [Tue 18 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay Don't go mad bidding right now as there are 5 days to go, you will only push the price up. When I... [Tue 18 July 2006]

Harry Clarke on Ebay Just searching on a whim and I found this Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales , illustrated by Harry... [Mon 17 July 2006]

RE: Huckle Family Tree... I am Bruce Huckle from South Africa, residing in London, England presently. [Sat 24 June 2006]

RE: Windibank I am searching for the family of Mary Kate WINDIBANK, sister to Frank, who married Arthur WALKER... [Tue 25 April 2006]

free family tree online I found a free graphical family tree builder at [Thu 20 April 2006]

RE: F WINDEBANK am seeking information about Thomas Windebank, born 1774. Think he MIGHT be the son, grandson,... [Sat 4 March 2006]

RE: F WINDEBANK I have a connection to the windibanks James Goodall who m)Winifred Windibank is brother to Elias... [Wed 15 February 2006]

William of Orange family tree Not sure if / how any of those Windebank's mentioned fit in here, but just as an aside here's... [Mon 13 February 2006]

RE: Windibank family tree My grandmother, Mabel (nee) Windibank, was daughter of Henry Robert Windibank, born about 1854 in... [Sun 12 February 2006]

RE: Windibank family tree Elizabeth......please mail me, My Grandfather born 1918 was born in... [Thu 2 February 2006]

RE: F WINDEBANK [Mon 30 January 2006]

RE: F WINDEBANK Hi Stephanie I would love to swap details so that I can fill in some gaps. [Sun 29 January 2006]

RE: Huckle Family Tree... My Grandmother was a Huckle and Her family was from Chatham Ontario anyone with Huckle Family... [Tue 3 January 2006]

Shakin stevens family tree search I'am looking for shakys family tree [Sat 24 December 2005]

RE: hi just saw your message re nicholas.i note you have sarah noller as wife too nicolas jr.which is... [Fri 23 December 2005]

Always nice to see a result! Now let's see some more for my family! [Mon 21 November 2005]

RE: Huckle Family Tree... hey this is very interesting. my father in law is bill huckle and yes those mentioned are his... [Sun 20 November 2005]

RE: Hello, My 6th g Grandfather was Nicholas, born abt 1682 married to Elizabeth. I am decended... [Thu 3 November 2005]

RE: Windibank family tree Hi, My grandfather was also a blacksmith from Liphook, Larkfield,Broadbridge Heath. Hersham, [Sun 23 October 2005]

RE: F WINDEBANK hi my name is Stephanie Windebank daughter to Peter Windebank (1950-present). He's originally... [Wed 19 October 2005]

RE: Huckle Family Tree... You'd need to give more info than that really, dates and areas where they live as well as names.... [Wed 28 September 2005]

Huckle Family Tree... I am looking to find a family tree of HUCKLES My fathers name is Kenneth Huckle and is the son of... [Wed 28 September 2005]

Windibank family tree Sorry, mail add is [Tue 16 August 2005]

You didn't leave an email address there [Tue 16 August 2005]

Windibank family tree Hi, My greatgrandfather was also from Liphook and was a village blacksmith, my grandfather Victor... [Tue 16 August 2005]

Windibanks My father Peter Frank Windibank 1918-1986 had a family tree, since lost and I remember from my... [Tue 26 July 2005]

Dodger is a GREAT name for someone's mum! [Tue 26 July 2005]

Gillian Coles is the church warden. Her email is The names were recorded in 1970 that is the ones that could be read... Gillian Coles is the church warden. Her email is The names were... [Mon 25 July 2005]

Windibank My father was Peter Windibank 1918 - 1986. His father was Frank Windibank (died 1918) and his... [Mon 25 July 2005]

Clarke Family Hi again Thanks for your reply. I know I think luck was on my side when I found that stone,I was... [Mon 25 July 2005]

Hi Barbara,
I don't think we are connected but you never know. I have not traced all my Clarke's yet. You were lucky to see a headstone of you...
Hi Barbara, I don't think we are connected but you never know. I have not traced all my Clarke's... [Sun 24 July 2005]

Clarke Family of Wymering Hi I am doing some research on a Clarke family for a friend of mine and wondered if there might... [Sat 23 July 2005]

windibank / goodall goodall also links with the westbrooks of wield. judy [Thu 9 June 2005]

alice and arthur westbrook hi there i would be greatful if you contact me at the following i... [Thu 9 June 2005]

Elsie and Joan, oh yeah I know them! No not really, you'd probably want to provide a bit more info for someone to be able to help you... [Wed 25 May 2005]

family tree hi have you heard of elsie clarke and joan clarke. They we're relations of my father. [Wed 25 May 2005]

RE: Joan PENTONY Allan Contact me at for info on Pentony's Regards Ian P [Sat 30 April 2005]

RE: Windibank family tree There may be a connection somewhere as all our Windebanks were from the Widley/Cosham area.... [Thu 28 April 2005]

RE: Windibank family tree Hi I too am looking for a windebank connection richard windebank abt 1828 cosham,portsmouth who... [Wed 27 April 2005]

RE: Arthur Westbrook In researching my great-grandmother, Alice Westbrook (b 1869 of James Westbrook & Charlotte nee... [Sat 16 April 2005]

Windibank family tree If any of this is of help please do not hesitate to contact me:- My great grand father was James... [Fri 8 April 2005]

F Windibank There are windibanks connections in the goodall family in Hampshire Area [Mon 14 February 2005]

Folkestone RestauRANTS Our impartial guide to the restaurants in Folkestone , such that they are... [Sun 31 October 2004]

Re: Nicholas Windebank Nicholas Windebank born 1676 is in my family tree. He was my 7th great grandparent. Can anyone... [Sat 14 August 2004]

hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth. they had a son nicholas christened acording to th... hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth.... [Thu 29 July 2004]

Joan Pentony is from Clare's family tree Joan Pentony is Clare's grandmother (aka Joan Elliott ), there's a link to this message board... [Wed 28 July 2004]

Clarke Family Tree Check out this website and see if they are any of your relations on it. Please email me on the... [Wed 28 July 2004]

Hi Allan,
No Pentony's in our line.
Hi Allan, No Pentony's in our line. Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
None that I am aware of at this moment in time. Regards, Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

Joan PENTONY I'm looking for information on a Pentony family of Rathnally, Meath. John, born about 1820, went... [Fri 23 July 2004]

RE: Family Tree Hi Stephen, I know it sounds obvious, try working with what you do know. Work backwards from your... [Sun 1 February 2004]

I would try one of the other links on this site Good luck with your search, you'll need a bit more information than that to get started, you want... [Sat 31 January 2004]

Family Tree Hi looking to find out about my family, dont know much my fathers name is frederick my mother... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Mahon Family Tree Mahon Family Tree here... A work in progress. See Clare Mahon , the artist Harry Clarke , or... [Wed 29 October 2003] I used Paul Johnson's to process the output of... [Tue 28 October 2003]

The Sussex Weald There's lots of info on that area at [Mon 27 October 2003]

RE: F WINDEBANK Hi Vernon, I have some info on Windebanks in the Wield area which came from someone in Canada,... [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: F WINDEBANK Sorry I'm new to this message board stuff -- my e-mail is [Sun 12 October 2003]

F WINDEBANK Hello -- some of my ancestors were Windebanks Upper Wield Hampshire 1600's Vernon Maldoom [Sun 12 October 2003]

Sorry, I had a quick search couldn't find anything for that name though, and don't think there's a link to our family - Clark... [Tue 8 April 2003]

clark sorry Pauly,im just a little forword and hot for knowleadge. Forgive my spelling i wasn't the... [Tue 8 April 2003]

clark sorry I spell bad. do you have any info? If not thats o.k. i was just checking. Sorry if it's a... [Tue 8 April 2003]

That's probably Woolwich Not Woolwick... [Mon 7 April 2003]

alma clark hi my name is rhonda i am a first gen American. my great grand mother was Alma Elsey Clark born... [Mon 7 April 2003]

welcome to the board First ever post on this site, welcome to my "new" genealogy site... [Thu 9 January 2003]

Clarke Family Tree Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire,... [Thu 9 January 2003]

Not so daft, punk Merci Beacoup to Fabien , popEx's 50,000th punter... [Mon 22 January 2001]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Seabrook near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a code engineer, and I do mostly javascript, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you search here for pubs or other places it will only return tree pubbing / venues I have been to or will go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you want a more broader search Please do try tree on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and even international places...

As it turns out there are no pubs / venues regarding family tree anyway. Enjoy the posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please do let me know!

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