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Margaret Crilley of Newry was my great grand aunt. Her brother William Crilley was my great grandfather. I am interested in getting some information on him and Margaret

David Hayes
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Margaret Crilley / Margaret Clarke

As a starter though have you seen these Margaret Clarke (nee Crilley) stamps? I don't have many more details about Margaret Crilley other than what is here. She's the wife of Harry Clarke and the sister of my wife's great grandmother.

Margaret Crilley

BORN 1888 Newry

DIED 1961 Dublin

Margaret Crilley's will

FATHER unknown

MOTHER unknown

SPOUSE Henry Clarke -

We have no ancestors for Margaret. We have 4 descendents for Margaret. We have 786 people in this family tree with 98 different surnames, including 2 called Crilley.


More Crilley genealogy / Crilley family tree info at

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