Sarah Tribe (1824 - 1887)


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Sarah Tribe

BORN 23 MAY 1824 Midhurst, Sussex, England

BAPTISED 23 MAY 1824 St Peter the Great, Midhurst, Chichester, Sussex

DIED 1887 Widley, Cosham, Hants

BURIED 17 SEP 1887 Widley, Cosham, Hants

AHA the older children were baptised in Midhurst, so possibly the family moved there before the census!Sussex OPC database has the 1841 census for Lurgashall and lists a 20 year old Sarah Tribe living there at this time. There are a lot of Tribes, and this could be a cousin. The age is close-ish. Of co
That's more like it the 1841 Midhurst census has:urse, in the 1841 census the ages were rounded down...
Thomas Tribe 40, Blacksmith, address North Street.before this census. She would have been aged about 16 but did not marry James Cole Clarke until she was 25, so not sure what census she would be on...
Sarah Tribe 40 - this is Sarah Tribe nee Trower, the mother of this Sarah Tribe.y Kinch, a servant.
Thomas Tribe 12
Martha Tribe 10
Henry Tribe 7
William Tribe 5
John Tribe 2
John Tribe 20, Blacksmith
Not sure where the last John Tribe fits in, he may be a cousin, he's not listed in order, nor one of the siblings in Jan's research. It seems from this that this Sarah Tribe had moved away from Sussex
In the 1881 census Sarah is the landlady of the King and Queen Inn in Cosham and was living with her sons Harry and James (my great grandfather), Harry's wife Jane, a grandkidSabinus Irish, and Mar

Sarah Tribe's will

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FATHER Thomas TRIBE 1800 - 1874

MOTHER Sarah Trower 1798 - 1879


SIBLINGS: Thomas TRIBE - , Martha TRIBE - ??, James TRIBE , Mary Tribe - ??, Elizabeth Tribe - , Henry Tribe - ??, William Tribe - ??, Charlotte Tribe - , John Tribe - ??

We have 31 ancestors for Sarah, 29 for her father Thomas, 0 for her mother Sarah. Sarah lived during the industrial revolution. We can go back 12 generations to Edward Chrysnes - during the reign of Henry VIII. We have 17 descendents for Sarah. We have 761 people in this tree with 94 different surnames; 47 called Tribe. Tribe is the 2nd most common name in our tree.

Sarah is 2x great-grandmother to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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