Gertrude RAINEY (1921 - 1997)


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Gertrude RAINEY

BORN 11 FEB 1921 26 Fram St, Salford, Lancs (source: Birth Certificate)

DIED 16 MAY 1997 Gosport War Memorial Hospital, Gosport (82 Seaward Tower, Gosport, Hants) (source: Death Certificate)

BURIED 22 MAY 1997 Portchester Crematorium, Fareham, Hants

Known as Trudy.

Gertrude RAINEY's will

family tree chart - ancestors and descendents together, might have to scroll right a bit >> leave me feedback about it.

FATHER John William RAINEY 1888 - 1945

MOTHER Gertrude LYMAN 1891 - 1973




We have 6 ancestors for Gertrude, 2 for her father John, 2 for her mother Gertrude. We have 12 descendents for Gertrude. We have 786 people in this tree with 98 different surnames; 9 called RAINEY.

Gertrude is paternal gran to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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