Elizabeth Olliffe | Olliffe family tree / genealogy

BORN 1600

The name Olliffe crops up later, as a first name, looks like a misspelling of Olive.p://www.myheritage.com/person-1000109_197405311_197405311/elizabeth-winter-born-olliffep://www.myheritage.com/person-1000109_197405311_197405311/elizabeth-winter-born-olliffent-size: 14.3999996185303px; line-height: 17.9200000762939px;">Olliffe (/ΛˆΙ’lΙͺf/ ol-if ; also spelt Oliff, Olliff and Oliffe) is a rare Englishsurname of Scandinavian origin derived from the Old Norse personal name ΕŒleifr meaning "ancestral relic" or "heirloom".[1] Olliffe is a version of Ōleifr that has not been gaelicised unlike the Irish and Scottish derivations such as McAuliffe and McAuley. In England, themajority of people with the surname are descended from the BuckinghamshireOlliffes, the earliest traceable ancestors of which lived in the village ofBierton, near Aylesbury, in the mid-16th century.[2] The earlier origins of this family of Olliffes areunclear, however others in the country primarily descend from Ireland, particularly the Munster province. Certain Olliffe families immigrated from Ireland to the London area as a result of the Irish Potato Famine and others left the British Isles following colonisation settling notably in Canada and Australia.

FATHER Abel Olliffe 1572 - ??

MOTHER unknown

SPOUSE William Winter - ??

We have 1 ancestors for Elizabeth, none for her father Abel. Elizabeth lived during the reign of Elizabeth I. We have 2 descendents for Elizabeth. We have 783 people in this tree with 100 different family names, including 2 called Olliffe.

Elizabeth is 10x great-grandmother to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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